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Growing up Purrkins

I was just minding my own Bizness...

May 25th 2012 3:55 pm
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...then all of of a sudden I got borned!

Mumma says:
Welcome to the world my little precious boy - I've been waiting for you!



May 27th 2012 12:04 pm
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I gots to be a diary pick! Fanks diary girl!! I'm four whole dayz old now!!


how mush doo you fink I ways now??

June 4th 2012 1:25 pm
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I dubbelled my birf wait!! How mush doo yoo fink I ways now??
an if the Tabbees uv trout town send me a trouts - iz it ok fur me to eets it?
All sew...(this iz kine of em bearisin) Doo yoo fink my eers wil craul up on my hed too ware thay iz sposed too bee?


jest call me....

June 6th 2012 4:41 pm
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SKWINT! My ayes popped open,but not all the way. Hope I dunt need gwasses...


Wee Kittens

July 6th 2012 7:52 pm
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Wee Kittens will be ready to go to our new home on August 15th. Our mumma has been offered the oppurrTunatee to take us a week early so she can take us camping. What do you think of that??


Four Months old!

September 17th 2012 7:15 pm
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Claude and I will be fur months old on the 23rd! I weigh 7 pounds now and Claude weighs just a bit less than me.
We have adjusted very well to our new home(s). Mumma takes us to the Other House almost effurry weakend.
I do not like traveling and I furrowup in the catmobile almost efurry time we travel. (Claude poops in the car and furtunately mumma has a litterbox fur this - but YUCK!!!)
Now if we could just GET RID OF Miss Jeepie...she hisses and growls at us ALL the time. We try to be furriends, but she is just not having any of that.
Any one have any magic potions to make Ms Jeepie love us??
(or make her GO AWAY?)
Thanks fur any advice


2 Little Purrcats and How they Grew

October 17th 2012 7:11 pm
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Well Claude and I are growing like the Five Little Peppurrs!
We travel between the two houses every week in mumma's bloocar. (Claude stinks mumma and me out of the car every time! Peee-U)
I like the old house (grandmaw's house) better becuz Miss Jeepie is not there - she growls FURoshushly at us all the time!
Mumma said she got a door put over the stares at the old house so we can run around by ourselves and do more esploring.
I have seen mouses at the old house but did not catch one becuz I'z skeered of 'em. Mumma sez catch de mouse. Maybe Claude will... he's not skeered of nuffin.
I like the other house too becuz mumma taught dad the T word (TREATS) an when he sezz that we come arunnin!! FAST!! Dad gives us good treats too. Miss Jeepie eets treats too. But not as good as us.
Mumma sez that pritty soon some kids will be nockin at the door fur treats - bet I beet them to that.
Yur frend,


Third place!

November 17th 2012 4:27 pm
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Claude and I went to a cat shew and I got 3rd place!! Mumma was proud of both of us.
The Judging laydees really liked me...and I FLIRTED *blink blink* with them cuz I am so cute!
I liked the cat shew and maybe I will go agin!


Show time!!

April 14th 2013 3:15 pm
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Claude and I just got back from another show. We did ok. Claude is just a big SHOWOFF though... He actually flirts with the judges and I think he winks at them too.
The best part of showing, to me, is coming home!


Letter to Mumma

January 25th 2014 12:30 pm
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Dear Mumma,
Purrhaps you haven't noticed but it is WINTER. It is COLD outside. There is SNOW on the ground.
I therefur humbly ask WHY it was necessary to wake me out of a sound nap on my favorite chair and stick me in a sink full of WATER TO GIVE ME A BAFF?
I notice you didn't do the same fur CLAUDE - why is that? because he's BIGGER than you? maybe you just LIKE him better...
Or are you simply purrsecuting me?
Have you gone MAD? off your ROCKER? Sniffed too much NIP lately?
Please dear lady - THINK befur you ACT!
Thank you fur your attention to this matter.
Sincerely, from your former admirer,
Marlin Purrkins

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