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The Life of a Over-aged Cat

My Thoughts to my Dearest Friends,

March 27th 2013 11:23 am
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To my Dearest Furiends,

I write this to you from high above, sending loving kisses your way. I will miss you all dearly as I have passed on. All of nine lives have been spent happily with my family and finally, I reach the kingdom of my maker. I still have laundry baskets, except they are made of gold and the warmth never leaves, however I still miss the plastic ones from my home. My siblings who have already pasted are here to play with me everyday, yet I still miss my family. Even Bobo the dog is in my thoughts. Breakfast is now served as early as I would like and there are large echoing rooms for the early risers to meow in at the mornings. It is still not the same as my hallways in my home. Everyday however, this life is becoming better and I feel happier. One day I know I will see my dearest family. I feel as if my diary would become untrue if I continued to have my mother write it for me. This will be the last entry of "The life of an overages cat". I am very sad to say so, but forever goodbye and kitty kisses to all my loves :)


Oh Christmas tree

December 9th 2012 3:55 pm
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Lately I have been into song writing:

O Christmas tree
O Christmas tree
I love drinking your water
O Christmas tree
O Christmas tree
How I love chewing your branches
O Christmas tree
O Christmas tree
I love climbing your branches
O Christmas tree
O Christmas tree
How I adore the sounds of the breaking ornament
I do this every year
It brings on unhappy cheer
O Christmas tree
Oh Christmas tree
You haven't looked well lately

-Tally (A.K.A. Kitty coolness Kat)


The Prank

May 27th 2012 4:50 am
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Another warm Florida morning, I lie by the door sunning, This is the life. My little sister Princess is laying beside me, it feels so very nice. I can jusf feel the warm sun on my back. Then, someone walks through the door, it's mom. She bends down and pets me and doesn't notice Princess running out the door. That little kitty! Mom starts to shut the door, when I realize my responsibility to take care of the hyper young cat. Before mom shut the door, I snuck out and looked around for Princess. As the door was closing, I watched a blonde/orange ball of fur jump into the house. Mom doesn't even notice!!! Then the door shuts, and I the 22 year old cat, is left outside. If mom found me outside, I would be in big trouble. I had to find a way in without her knowing. I ran on the backporch. Bobo the doggy or should I say monster came out through the doggy-door. Hmm, could I go through the doggy-door too? Wait, I'm too old to jump...but I had to try. I pulled myself through the door and I noticed how hard it was. I could hear mom inside calling for me, and princess! There she was on the couch laughing, this had all been a joke on me. How could she prank me again! I guess the little clown will never stop...but if she does, it will be a miracle. I went back to the door, and scratched it with my paws. Mom came to the rescue, she took me in her arms and cradleled me back and forth. Come on mom. Im not a baby. She told me never to do that again and for my punishment I didn't get my daily treat. Princess cackled when that happened. Any ideas on how to deal with a little sister/prankster?


Laundry Love

May 2nd 2012 6:12 am
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I was heading to get a mid-morning treat when I smelt something heavenly. I hurried to the laundry room only to find. That what I had imagined was waiting inside. I stared at that white basket from heaven itself. Mom had done Laundry! As soon as I lay on the fresh, clean clothes, I slowly drifted off to sleep. Who couldn't? That wonderful basket full of wonderfulness inside, was more than a kitty could ever dream! I felt like I was on a cloud. No, it felt better than that. Ooh La La. Mom came in and didn't look very happy. She tried taking me out of the basket, but I growled. She then tipped the basket over and I fell out. Well, I'll see the laundry next time mom washes it, and I will go back to sweet paradise :)


Who is this furry creature living with me?

April 28th 2012 1:14 pm
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Today I was lying on the couch, minding my own business. I was only taking my daily seven hour cat nap, when a wet sniffing nose rudely interrupted my beauty sleep. When I open my eyes what do I see, an obnoxious lab puppy that lives with me. That Dog looks at me with those puppy-dog eyes that melt mom's heart, but I don't fall for such as this. You know, being the oldest and wisest. He begins to lick my face, how do I put up with this. I threaten him and what does he do? He starts checking my well-groomed coat for fleas! Fleas? Are you kidding me? I don't have fleas. I slapped him on the nose and shut my eyes, hoping he will leave. Next I feel him nudging me quite hard. Does he know who he's messing with? I have ruled this house for 22 years and I won't put up with this. Another slap should do the trick. But he only begins cleaning out my ears. I've Had Enough! I bite his snout, he whimpers and pouts and leaves finally! Ahhhhh Peace and Quiet, for now at least


A Wonderful Breakfast Treat

April 23rd 2012 7:05 am
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Woke up at the crack of dawn. House was quiet. Great to hear my meows echo throughtout the house. I Meow louder and louder until it sounds like a scream. Mommy gets up and FINALLY pays attention to the QUEEN! I insist that I need fresh food in my bowl, even though its completely full. She sighs and pretends to pour the food. Making me happy. She goes back to bed, and all is quiet. After my wonderful breakfast I head back to my Care Bear Blanket where I fall asleep and have Sweet Dreams of food and catnip!


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