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Percy's Tale

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I'm 4 today!

April 8th 2014 8:19 pm
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My mom told me I was 4 today and scratched my enormous face this morning. "I'm 4 what," I pondered. Is she speaking english? Although it would be quite a gift to the human race if there were 4 of me, there can only be 1. Perhaps she was referring to my feet, there are 4 of them. I've never thought about them much, but they are nice feet. They climb trees and catch mice...they are amazing actually. But, she said "today." I know I had 4 feet yesterday. I'm pretty sure I've always had 4 of them. As I sat bewildered by my mom's fragmented sentence and sudden burst of affection, I figured it out when I went to my catster page. There were gifts for me left by my wonderful friends. Gifts to celebrate 4 years of a spoiled and happy life. My birthday. The day the earth was blessed with my existence. I sat and opened all of my gifts, and I'd like to thank everyone openly and publicly for your love and kindness:
FRIDAY's family gave me a photo and a forever diamond,
MANGO's family gave me a forever crown,
SYDNEY gave me shrimp,
PLATELICKER gave me a ladybug,
SAMMIE's family gave me a blue ribbon,
SMILEY & LUIGI gave me shrimp,
NORMAN DB #93's family gave me shrimp,
CREAMPUFF gave me a cupcake,
MUGSY's family gave me big hugz,
KIBBLES' family gave me big hugz,
BIG HARRY's family gave me big hugz.

Thank you all! I know a man is supposed to keep it cool, but I've got big tears of happiness. I've got the best friends in the whole world. *hugs and kisses and headbutts*


Mom is distracted

March 14th 2014 5:24 pm
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Mom is distracted. I've tried to persuade her with my charms, but this time there is no room for her red-headed prince charming to make her swoon. The poodle has undergone a transition, apparently. We have not seen her amongst the household since Wednesday morning. I kind of enjoyed having my own space, but Mom said she underwent surgery yesterday morning. Bear with me, friends, the unthinkable has occurred. They removed her eye. The blue eye. The eye that started shrinking. The weepy eye. Gone. The humans took it. Mom thought she would be coming home last night, but she bled. She bled alot...too much. Mom saw the whole thing, as she works at the clinic. The poodle has to stay at the clinic over the weekend to recooperate and heal. Mom says she will be home Monday. Eye swollen and sewn shut. Head cone. I'm a bit frightened to lay my eyes upon her. I'm scared of Monday. Yet, if Mom perks up to have that poodle back, then I will muster up the courage to gaze upon it. I will try not to be sickened by the catastrophe of her fate by being thankful that I still maintain my handsome vitality. This I will do for you, Mom.


Thank you Catster Headquarters

February 13th 2014 9:29 pm
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The news that catster was shutting down was news that I never expected to take so hard. My heart shattered because perhaps I had grown to take for granted all the friends I had made and all the support I received when I was in need. Then, suddenly, it was going to be gone, and I can't even describe the sadness I felt. Thank you, Headquarters, for hearing us. Thank you for keeping the community that you built. Thank you for allowing us to keep our memorials for the souls who shared our lives and were suddenly taken from us. Thank you for the opportunity to nurture our friendships. Thank you for our home. Thank you, Headquarters.


Black Friday

November 30th 2013 9:56 am
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The humans made a vow to stay away from the large stores this Friday, because they said it was Black. I looked outside and it looked just as normal as any other day, so I really don't know what these people are talking about. I just nod and go along with it. Well, for people who were just gonna buy some groceries, they had a LOAD of stuff! They bought stuff for this tree in our living room they put up! Yeah, you heard me - tree in our living room! And they put lights all over it too. Mom also went to the fabric store because she was bragging about getting this great deal. She got a whole bolt of fabric for $13 and says she is gonna use it for the bottom of a quilt. Well, it all made sense as soon as I saw the fabric. There's orange kitties all over it, orange kitties like ME. Mom, you don't have to pretend you got "a great deal." I know you worship me, and it's a little embarrassing that you feel the need to justify it with "a sale." Then, she proceeds to say she went to the shelter! Ok, that hit below the belt. Looking at other cats! She says she wanted to remind her kids that there are still others in need. I can read between the lines!


An HONOR to be among a great group of friends

September 1st 2013 3:53 pm
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I'm ashamed to say it, but that mom of mine has been too busy to keep me around here with all my friends. She has been running around trying to get school shopping done, kids registered for school, and then has the nerve to go to the Oregon Coast for a few days. She says she is not getting any group pawmails still, and feels disconnected with catster because of her busy life. I tell her I don't have time for her thin excuses, but I was so overwhelmed to have her home this morning, I couldn't resist jumping up on her lap and kissing her chin with my sandpaper tongue. As if this moment of cherished intimacy wasn't enough, she got a personal pawmail from Bailey. My tail began twitching with delight when she said I have been chosen as Orange Kitties Rock kitty of the week! Then mom gave me kisses, but it wasn't sandpapery, so I had to kiss back and show her how it's done. I purred to mom that being chosen for recognition by your friends is by far the most important honor one can receive. I'm beside myself and close to tears! Thank you Bailey, for making me kitty of the week and for the wonderful picture so I can remember it forever! And thank you Creampuff, for giving me a crown. The 2 prettiest girls on catster have made me feel like a king! I would say that about mom, but she makes me feel that way everyday. It is an honor to have such wonderful friends. I love all of you.


Mom time is the best time

August 10th 2013 10:53 am
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Well, we had some strange happenings last night. My sister Lily has been missing, which has concerned mom alot, but she keeps her poker face on, making all of us cats think nothing is wrong. So, the humans kept hearing a cat jump on the counters last night, but no cats were in the house except Mort, who, like always, was sitting with the boy human. Mort also became very vocal and needy. The boy asked mom if she thought that cat jumping sound was Lily. Mom just looked sad and said, "I don't know." When Zane died, we heard running up and down the hallway at night, and we still hear faint barking every now and then. Mom did not want to think that could've been Lily saying her goodbyes, she wants to stay open to the possibility that she is alive and happy somewhere. Well, this morning I made it my duty to demand mom time. We furbabies fight for mom time on a daily basis, and since my breakfast nook smelled so flower garden fresh, I sabotaged mom's coffee time and sprawled across her lap. I pushed my face into hers and gave the gift of slobbery kisses. She was pleasantly surprised that I smelled like pine trees, rather than my usual aroma of garden soil. The poodle watched this display of affection from across the room wondering why she didn't get that kind of attention. "Well Genius," I answered, "maybe it's that smell of road kill that puts her off. Would it kill you to freshen up once in a while?" Mom scratched me all over. I even invited her to rub my enormous belly without lovebiting her. You're welcome! These are the moments I live for. The moments when I know that mom worships me, and she realizes what a lucky lady she is to have me.


My secret shame

August 3rd 2013 5:51 pm
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This morning, something happened. Something that may change the way all the neighborhood cats see me. I have a secret that I don't want escaping, but moms have a way of telling the world every intimate detail of one's life...without a clue as to the impact to one's manhood it leaves. I'm ready to tell the world my secret, so I can get past the shame. Mom has given me no choice at this point. Here it is...I am forced to eat my food in a kennel. It is a large dog sized kennel with my own litterbox, fit for a king really. But, admitting you must eat in a kennel is like saying you are forced to eat in a high chair. I am in this predicament because I refuse to stay out of the other cat's food bowls. Hey, I'm a big mancat that wants it all, what can I say? The life shattering event was when mom decided to clean it today. Not just clean it, but drag it outside to the porch with two cleaning agents, a broom, and a roll of paper towels. Thanks for being subtle, mom. I watched in horror and shame from under the blackberry bushes. I couldn't show my face. The embarrassment was too great. She was scrubbing and sweating and dodging wasps that smelled the floral cleaner. Now the whole feral community knows that I dine in a floral scented kennel. Thanks mom. Let me just scrape what dignity I have left off the floor.


Insanity or sheer genius?

July 7th 2013 10:36 am
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Well, that mom of mine is up to something. She has been working all summer on our house, and things are slowly evolving into good things. But, she's been doing something a bit curious. She brought home a glass box. It is a plain old glass box, and she was so excited over it. She put it next to her bed on the desk. Then, she put tiny little blue and green rocks in it. It kind-of started looking like a fancy litterbox to me. Why would mom put a litterbox by her bed? I understand how curiosity killed the cat now. To exhaust all my ponderings, she went and filled it with water. Can you believe that? Filling a litterbox with water! She submerged a black thing in the back of it and plugged that into the wall. If this is a joke, it's beginning to lose it's humorous side. Then, she turned on a switch, and the whole box was lighted. I couldn't wrap my head around this new desktop phenomenon. Mom came home with pet store bags the next day. She pulled out 3 plants and arranged them in the blue rocks. It was looking like a garden in that couldn't be nibbled by me. Now she crossed the line! She had fallen off her rocker, AND was torturing me while in the process of her untimely decline. She wasn't finished either. She pulled out a plastic bag with something moving in water. She put the plastic bag in the water garden for a while. When she finally took the bag out, I had to get a closer look. The things moving around were fish! OMC, mom just redeemed herself, going from unthinkably crazy to supercool genius! I mean, there are fish living in my house! Two of them are orange, like me, and two are orange and black, like Bijoux. Mom says they are called goldfish. I know the real truth. She just wanted an aquatic version of me. She can't get enough of me. Just another exhibition of her devotion to me.


Thank you, friends

June 1st 2013 10:59 pm
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It seems like I'm always saying thank you, but that is probably because I have the most wonderful and thoughtful friends in the world. Today is my Gotcha Day. I happen to feel this is the one day that is greater than a birthday. This is the day that my mom became my forever mom. I was such a tiny kitten, and mom just lost her beloved orange cat 4 months earlier. I was extremely scared, and mom was kind of second guessing herself, wondering if she made a right decision. She thought I was unhappy, so they got Polly from the shelter, and we played our hearts out. We had so much fun, and I wasn't scared anymore. Now I own the place. Mom saw me climbing a tree today, with the sun shining in my copper eyes, and was overwhelmed with gladness that she was lucky enough to have me in her life. It's those little moments that make life better, the moments when we lock gazes and remember how much we love each other. I love her despite the fact that she doesn't eat meat, and she loves me despite the fact that I break the handles off her coffee cups. Our love knows no bounds, and that is the beauty of my Gotcha Day. I want to thank my friends for thinking of me today: Platelicker gave me a forever crown, Uboo gave me shrimp, Big Harry & family gave me shrimp, Tiger Edward Bush & family gave me a blue bird, Jax & family gave me a heart, Rex & family gave me a ladybug, Smiley Cassanova sent pawmail, Jezabel & Charlie sent pawmail, and my friends at Cat & Dog Plaza made me a picture. Thank you all!
With love and a big heart,


Happy Mother's Day, I love you

May 10th 2013 10:26 am
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I don't know what possessed me. It's a beautiful May morning, the birds are singing, the sun is shining, everything screams to me "I need to be outside." But I saw mom sitting on her chair, drinking her coffee, contemplating which overwhelming task she is going to tackle today. She thought about working on the kitchen flooring, or cutting down some out-of-control blackberries. "Maybe I can do both today if I time it right," I saw her thinking. Well, I suppose I had a moment to reflect on someone other than me, and I was moved. Mom has gone through so much lately, she lost Zane in February, now Foxie is getting real sick, and she is going through a divorce. She works 10 hour days to keep me fed well, and is working real hard to clean up the house and yard. She has been so busy, the least I could do is stop and say "hi." Then it suddenly occured to me that it is Mother's Day weekend. Ok mom, move your coffee cup! I'm coming up! She was a bit taken aback, as the fragrance of dirt wafted to her senses. I adamantly licked her face with my sandpaper tongue and may have produced a slight concussion with the exuberance of my headbutts. I sometimes don't know my own strength. She scratched up and down my spine and my tongue made it's appearance, hanging out like Harry Potter's wand. I flopped over, stretching over mom's lap and up her arm with my head on her shoulder, arms across her chest kneading the other shoulder. Yes, I am enormous, but I will not allow that to handicap me out of a good lap rub down. She had red hair flying and scratched my chin so vibrantly that my head went back, mouth gaping open. My purring had reached the point where a high pitched squeak was accompanying it. She smiled at me, my arm still extended across her chest because a nail was attached and and hanging from her shirt, me sprawled out with my tongue sticking out like a drunken sailor. She resumed drinking her coffee and looking at me like I was the best thing since dried catnip. I love this lady because she chose to be my mom and she always makes time for me even when she has no time to spare. And I don't even have to question if she loves me, I know it. Happy Mother's Day, I love you.

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