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Sweetie's Hopes and Dreams

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Lots of little Kitties!

July 24th 2014 7:29 pm
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So Sven and Heidi got homes. Now we have Dodger, Oliver and Addy (from rescue last week of June); Oscar, Thumbalina and Gabby who were rescued from a dog three days ago; and two unnamed little very feral boys that we got yesterday. Mom said she was gonna stop taking fosters, but they seem to come just the same. Most of them (just not the two little ferals) are ready for homes and up on Petfinder. Hoping some of them find their furever family this weekend. Meanwhile Dad bought a truck. Don't know why, he just wanted a truck. Humanz sure are funny.


DDP Fort Me and Little Babies!

May 31st 2014 12:16 pm
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What fun!! DDP for me and the four little ones. Steph tells mom that they will be named Heidi, Jule, Sven, but did not have a name for the fourth. Mom decided she be Button. So, when mom gets home we'll see who has which name. They are all healthy, eating and playing.


Kitten Season is On!!!

May 24th 2014 7:51 pm
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Mom and Dad brought home four adorable kittens tonight they rescued from the Kalas colony. They be about five weeks old and need some socializing for they all look just like me - black!!!!Mom thinks it's gonna be a big kitten year.


Little Ziva Progress

April 10th 2014 5:23 pm
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Well, with all the stuff goin' on 'round here mom missed both my burthday and my gotcha date. That be okay cause I'm much happier in the out of doors. Mom really happy now that Tawny n me be coming around regular again like we used to. She still plottin' to get Tawny fixed sometime. Baby Ziva is still up and down with her URI. Mom thinking she may be one of the snotty-nose-forever kitties. Postponed her fixin' date for the third time. She very happy and playful, but not adoptable with the snotty nose. Can't bring more fosters in either with her snotty nose. Meantime Dad has fallen in love - again! She play fetch with him and is a buddy to Phoenix. Stay tuned cause I have a feeling she's gonna be gettin' a page soon and become another of our furever kitties.


Purrs Needed for Ziva!!

March 23rd 2014 2:48 pm
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Little Ziva was doing so well. She was going to get her girl-surgery next week and finally be ready for a furever home. Then suddenly something went wrong. Mom woke up and went to feed her this morning and she be weak, lethargic, just laying there. Of course these things happen on Sunday when our vet not open. She called Benfield Vet at Petsmart and hurried her out there. She be one very sick baby! Fever of almost 106, congestion. Dr. there think she have pneumonia. Sad news, but we trying to beat this. Because she's been sick most of her life, we wonder if she will every be well now. Purrs and hugs needed for our sweet little foster.


Me Burthday Yesterday

March 4th 2014 7:25 am
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Well, my burfday be very cold, very snowy and icy. Not the kind of way a feral kitty wants to spend the day. Mom made sure that Tawny and I had lots of good food. We just hunkered down and waited it out. This morning the sun be shining and there are yummy cardinals at the buurd feeder.

The little foster kitten be doing better, nose still snotty and she on her second antibiotic, but she working her way into the dad's heart. Ha! Maybe there be a new kitty page here sometime soon!


Mom Brought Home a new Baby!

February 22nd 2014 8:09 pm
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Mom went to assist Dr. Stacey in the year's first TNR round up on Thursday and guess what happened. There be this little girl who was too young to fix, and very sick. Terrible upper respiratory infection. So, mom brought her home to help her get better. She a cute little all black kitty (looks like me!!) About 12 weeks old. Right now she is very congested and has infected eyes as well. Not eating well because she can't smell her food, but she is very much a purr baby. She been named Ziva.


I am home!

February 12th 2014 7:55 pm
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I heard that Linus and Lacey were gonna tie the knot so I decided to come home and celebrate. Two days ago, Mom coming home from work and I was sitting in the front lawn - my beautiful black kittihood easy to see against the white snow. I just sat there. She walked up and said Hi. I meowed once, then ran to the bushes. No doubt it is me. After over a year I be back!


They went home for Christmas

December 15th 2013 4:14 pm
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All home for Christmas. Chloe, the last kitten went to her furever home this afternoon. Mom and Dad have a much quieter house now, and a little empty, but there are plenty of full sized kitties still around. And me? Mama to the homeless I am ready for a long winter's nap!


New Homes!

December 8th 2013 5:37 pm
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So many stories for our little ones!

Vicky and Miah went to live with mom's daughter and grandchildren who played with them all the time at mom's place. They all playing together furever now.

Tink - the first baby to go to her new home. She lives a few blocks away and is coming to visit us over Catmus when her furever mom and dad go on a trip.

Leah - the second kitten to go! She lives about 30 minutes away where she was an early Christmas present. Her family says she loves to play the piano.

Tiny Tim - the littlest kitty went to live in Indiana with a lady who know all about kitties. His new mom emailed us to say he is growing like crazy and is super heatlhy.

Holly and another little foster named Holly now live in Cincinnati and are doing very well.

Belle went to live with mom's sister in New York (baby who went the farthest). She was very brave on her 14 hour drive and has a new kitty friend named Roxie.

Wicket and Charles went to live in Louisville yesterday where they fell madly in love with their new mom instantly.

So, Sylvester and Chloe are here. Sylvester moves to West Virginia next week and Chloe will go live with her new family in Indiana the same day.

Our wonderful season of kittening is just about done for now. It has been a fabulous year!

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