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hallergy time

April 4th 2012 4:53 am
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i haz hallergies. i getz shotz to keep them under control but even tho i just gotz my shot last week i haz been sneezin up a storm [thatz what moms sez. i hope she is wrong cause i hate stormz.] everyone hatez when i sneezez on them but i cant help it. sometimez i sneeze 10 times in a row. i had better eat a little extra today so i can haz enuf strength to get all my sneezez in. they say it is a seasonal thing so i am ready to try a different season.


psycho kitty

March 31st 2012 3:29 am
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i haz lived here 18 months and i still cant figure out willie. one minute he is growling at me and the next he is head butting me and actin all friends like. i getz so confuzed. every morning he getz moms up at 3 am to fill the food bowls for me then maybe later in the day he will push me away from the food. i thinkz he haz a splitz purrsonality. maybe he needs psychicatric help. but he iz getting better with me. i think he just haz to keep up his manly image and not show too much of his soft side. anyhoo earlier this week moms and dads took me to a different pokie place. i was poked and prodded and then stucked twice. but the worst part waz the man said he thought i was closer to 10 years old than 3. i sez you are as old as you feel and right now i feelz like a nap.


chillin with dads

March 27th 2012 4:17 am
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when i first came here i use to sleep with dads. i didnt know it waz the master bedroom or that willie waz the master. he soon set me straight on that. az i get more accepted and use to this place i haz ventured out more. the sunroom iz a great place for napz. and sometimez moms takes me into the master bedroom so i can lay with dads. willie gets all head buttie and actz like hez glad to see me but i knowz any minute he could decide to become the master again. anyhoo after we had chilled a while yesterday dads got up but i decided to stay on the bed to see what it felt like to bez the master. it felt pretty good. later the princess came in and we shared the bed. moms thought that was special. also it gives her an excuse not to make the bed.


on being the new kid

March 23rd 2012 3:54 am
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i have been here 17 months but i am still the new kid. some people think cats arent social but it is merely that they are slowcial. fitting into their little groups can be a long process requiring patience and purrseverence. i have plenty of both. to start with no one accepted me. they wouldnt even eat with me [which really wasnt a bad thing]. lucky was the first to accept me but she is pretty laid back and we look a lot alike only she is black and i am grey. willie iz slowly coming around. he probably doesn't pick on me anymore than he does the others. and i realize he haz a reputation to uphold. course shadow is the baby and didnt like losing her status but she doesnt hiss at me anymore and rarely throws a jab at me. i haz learned if you want to be accepted you dont start fights but you stand your ground if someone else does. dads lap will hold 3 catz in perfect harmony.


No more medicine--yay

March 19th 2012 3:57 am
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moms didnt give me any medicine today. didnt hurt my feelings. i think she felt guilty because i had been avoiding laps lately. and i luvz laps. laps are safe [usually unless you haz to share with willie] and warm and soft. and sometimes you get to share their foodz. ive had more than my share of medicinez in my short life. i weighed 4 pounds when dads brought me home. my coat was brown instead of grey. i didnt even have the energy to play. now i weigh 8 pounds--wow. my fur isz grey and i luv furballs and crinkle balls and just hangin out with dads. maybe medicine isnt such a bad thing.


i'm a survivor

March 16th 2012 4:51 am
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after hearing all day yesterday how great shadow iz i needz to vent. there i feelz better. if you were expecting more sorry to disappoint but I just aint a big venter. except when moms is giving me my medicine. i'm a regular rocky balboa then. i growlz and bat at the hand with the pill or whatever. this past week she haz been sticking this thing in my mouth and squeezin yucky stuff down my throat. dont like it at all. one day i fought so good we were both covered in the stuff. id rather have it on me than in me. and she gives this speech about blah blah doin it for your own good blah blah. okay moms is not a hater but i do catch her laughing at me sometimes when i lose the fight. i still luvz her tho but dont tell her.


Thanks for the purrs

March 11th 2012 4:43 am
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i want to thank all my catster friends for all the purrs concerning my latest health issues. i iz doing much better now. even willie is being nicer to me now. he getz mom up early to feed me and yesterday he was cleaning me [although dad says it is because of the stuff mom put on me for my dry skin]. oh he still gets growlly sometimes. he has mood swings worse than any woman. but one time when he was yowling at me lucky stepped between us to make peace. so maybe i iz finally being accepted. except for shadow that is. mom says it is a teenage thing and she will grow out of it. but as long as i haz a lap all is well.


A trip to the pokie place

March 7th 2012 4:50 am
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Hai, Alta here. Yesterday I had to go to the pokie place. I hadn't been feeling too good lately and mom and dad were worried. i was due for my snuffles shot and i haz this sore on my leg. i haz been pretty good about going to the pokie place and don't make a mess in my bed any more. for a few months when i first came to live here every time they took me there i would haf to stay. then i would fall asleep and something would be missing. do you blame a gal for being scared. i'm little and can't spare many parts. they took some blood and sed it looked good except for signs of infection. that means more medicine, fighting mommy, and trying not to get caught. trouble is i will leave no lap unoccupied. i also got a shot so i can breathe better. since i was almost dead when dad first found me i shouldn't complain about a poke here and there. i feel better now and am eating. now to go find a lap.

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