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Grooving With Grazie

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If mamacat ain't happy...ain't nobody happy

March 10th 2015 11:00 pm
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We finally get in to Catster. Mamacat wanted to upload new photos of Grazie and Vinny. Nope, denied. She is not pleased by the fact that her photos (regardless of the file type) won't upload. So we will stop by another time, when mom has lots of spare time to fiddle with Catster's dysfunctional technology.

We'll catch everyone another time.

a purrplexed Grazie


Celebrating my October 9 Gotcha Day Anniversary!

October 8th 2014 11:59 pm
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Where does the time go?! Just 365 days earlier, I was chillaxin' in my spacious dorm room up at the SF SPCA, eagerly awaiting that special day. I remember the day was a Wednesday, 10/09/13.

I woke up, ate breakfast, and played and played the morning away with a new lady who traveled a long distance just to visit me. Next thing I knew, I was packed up and zipped up safe and sound in my special airline carrier. After a coolio ride to SFO, we chillaxed for a while in the Sunset reading lounge. Then, I found myself leavin' on a jet plane (Virgin America, no less) and headin' south (just like a snowbird) for America's Finest City! (SAN, of course!)

Now it's October 9 a whole year later! I am luv, love, loving my funtastic life in the Southland. To celebrate, mamacat came home from work carrying a shopping bag stuffed with new toys (yay! I like new toys!!) and with her car stuffed (more like, jam-packed) with a super-cool, brand new, really tall cat-tree-house just for me. I set up my new and much much taller (6-foot high) perch in the dining room in front of my favorite southwest-facing window. Now I while away the day waaaaay up high and watch the world go by.

Grazie is Groovin' the Good Life as a laid-back dude cat, chillaxing just 7 miles from DustytheDogcat's favorite North County beach! :D


My most amazing half-year journey

May 8th 2014 11:41 pm
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What a half-year it's been! And it's zoom-zoom-zoom'd by zippity-quick. Let's see where that half year has gone!

October 9, I packed up my toys, said adieu to the City by the Bay, and hopped a special flight on Virgin America to my new home in the sunny Southland -- San Diego, to be exact. It's been like a fantastic half-year pawty all for me.

Soon after arriving in my new home, I celebrated 'Christmas in October' just for Grazie when my new pawrents purresented me with a super-duper cattreehouse, all for me! I sit up high on my purrch and watch the world go by out on the street, waaaaaay down below. I zoom up and I zoom down my special cattreehouse every single day.

I enjoyed my first Thanky-giving hanging out in my special round bed tucked into my extra special mancat cave under the dining table. Yep, uh-huh ... this little redheaded mancat is a superb watchcat from that under-the-table hideaway. I keep a keen kitty eye -- actually two -- on everyone who comes and goes by. I met my hooman brofur on Thanky-giving too. I was a wee bit not too sure of him at first. He's soooo tall at 6'4" and towers waaaaay over my ginger mancat head. But soon I came to realize he is a really cool mancat of sorts. He plays and plays and plays with me when he's here, visiting me at my house. I even sat on his lap and surprised the heck out of everyone.

Chrissymas was great! I got a ton of pingie-pongie balls to bounce up and down the loooooooong hallway. I love making up my own running and running and jumping and jumping type of pingie-pong game. hee-hee.

I've found my true calling over the winter and spring --- I'm a sun lover! I'm a sun lover! I lay this way and that way and upside-down way and make sure I get sunshine all over every part of my mancat fur. I am one lucky ginger mancat to have so much sunshine to enjoy every day. Yep, I'm a sun lover and I just can't get enough of it.

I got special purrsents on my third birthday, April 5. Cat dancers! I LOVE CAT DANCERS!!! HOW DID MY PAWRENTS KNOW?! We play and play and play and play with cat dancers up and down the hall and all around our ginormous cathouse.

I celebrated a special Easter weekend with my pawrents and the SF staff of my brofur, Guido the Italian Kitty. It was sooo fun to see Guido's staff and eat snickie-snacks straight from her hands. Just like old times. And I got a special purrsent from the staff too ... my other favorite toys: rubber tube snake toys in a rainbow of colors! While the pawrents were out and about having a lovely dinner, I spent my time scouting out those brand new rubber tube snake toys. Hee-hee ... I had them scattered all over the dining room when the pawrents returned. We four all had a lovely visit. I enjoyed seeing my former staff again, and I let her and everyone know, I am a SoCal beach boy now. You can come visit me any time you want, as long as it's down here in the land of the sun!

And I top off my 6-month journey by checking into Catster. Lo and behold, I discover I am Cat of the Week for May 5-10, 2014. WOW MEOW!!! How cool is that! What a fabulous fantastic way to celebrate my amazing half-year journey! Thank you, Catster peeps for choosing this humble and very lucky little mancat for your purrfectly special honor.

And thank you to everyone who dropped by and left pawsome messages and giftied me with Rosettes galore. I am one blessed, humbled, and honored little mancat. My dear Catster furiends --- you are the best!

Time for this groovy little ginger-and-creme mancat to call it a night and get mamacat tucked into bed. Gotta make sure she's up and out, cuz I might need more toys or something next time she visits the pet store. hee-hee.



Creature of Habit Seeks Change

October 11th 2013 6:36 pm
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Well well well - I been purrrpondering how to tell everybody what's gone on at my house, and I hopes it helps yur pawrents with making the hooman decisions if they ever has to do it.

About 4 weeks ago, me and my big brofur Guido got into it - yesiree a real rocking Man Cat fight. We always been close purring brofurs, never a hiss fit, always brofurly love and he always let me win our daily wrestling matches too.

This fight was a real bummer for all of us (our momma too) and we boyz lived separated for 4 days. Our momma reached out to our local marvelous Cat Behaviorist to get re-intro ideas. So 4 days after we boyz living separately in the house, we were introduced again, and I just didn't like it. I changed I guess, yesiree I simply can't tell anybody what happened, but I changed and disliked my big brofur now.

Our momma made a ruff and tuff decision: to surrender me to our San Francisco SPCA where I came from 2 yrs ago. Wasn't easy for her to drive me there but it's a good place where I'm being worked with to get a lil more social and grounded and the goal for my Ginger self is to get re-homed where I am the one and only kitty. Yesiree that's what the goal is.

Brofur Guido is now an only kitty and living with our Momma - I hear thru the cat-vine that they got those water drops coming out of the eyes cuz they misses my lil wild child self. But I know for sure, I'm in a great place, I'm safe and the wonderful Staff & volunteers here are working alot with me to get me ready for adoption.

I heard something groovy! They say I got 3 things going for me: I am yungun at 2-1/2, I'm real CUTE (hee hee hee) and I'm a ginger which is a little popular here.

So furiends - I just wanna share my story with all of you because you never know when your creature of habit self may be seeking a change and it's OK. Yesiree it's really OK.

Groove on!

ON October 9th my new MomCat flew on a Jet Plane from San Diego to San Francisco to adopt me at the San Fran SPCA! Yesiree and then she and Me flew together on the jet plane home to San Diego where I now have my forever home with a Momma and a Poppa! WOWEEE! I'm so so so happy and the jet plane ride was so so so neato.

PS... are you curious as a cat to know who's house I moved to?


Hey! It's Time To Say ...

August 6th 2013 1:14 pm
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Well well, my lil orange self got your attention, didn't I! MOL. I been crossing my paws so much and praying that the Treat Fairy will send down some bushels of Greenies & Party Mix to me. But nothing showing up yet.

I tried to place a real order at 1-800-YES-FOOD but I didn't have a credit card. Then I sent my brofur to the store to buy my favorite treats in bulk and he came home complaining that he'd forgotten his MasterCat card! Shucks oh no.

Then I went online and my paws tried to place an order at "All You Can Eat Treats" but they said I had to be 18 and hey, I'm only 2!

So, back to crossing my paws again and hoping bushels and buckets and semi trucks arrive at my house loaded with my favorite Party Mix & Greenies.

Got Treats?


The Years Accrue - Hey I'm Turning 2 !

April 5th 2013 8:19 am
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Neato Neato Neato! Today I turn 2, and it's something my lil self has never done before so it's good to try stuff, cuz if you don't try stuff then you don't know if you like it.

Oh boy - Neato Neato Neato! I know I'm gonna love this birthday cuz I'm having a party at a venue, maybe at the zoo where I can party with all my anipal buddies, friends like YOU!

Ya can't undo turning 2, but truth is I outgrew 1 so 2 is next on my To-Do list. It's not cuckoo to turn 2 but it's for sure, something ya can't undo.

So cheers to 2 and thanks to you for making my day so wahoo yahoo cool!


Pet Peeve On Easter Eve

March 30th 2013 5:43 pm
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NEATO! It's Easter Eve and I've got a pet peeve: found out I'm on window purrtrol tonight which means I won't be snuggling with the Staff. But I will be wide eyed and kinda bushy-tailed while I'm watching for The Easter Bunny to arrive.

I heard that's the junior man-cat's job here in my house and next week I'm turning terrific TWO so I'm still considered a junior man-cat. Well, at least I'm not being called a smitten kitten any more!

I got my Ray Ban Bunny Night Vision Goggles all polished up so I'll be seeing him with no problem thru my windows. And I heard he has a passion for carrot fashion so I got bags of baby belgian carrots in my window sills just sitting and waiting for his hippity hoppity self to hop on over.

Now, since I'm in charge tonight, I've been told I can make the Execucat decision as to if I want to invite The Easter Bunny into my house and that could be a flip of the hare decision after I see him thru the window 1st. I'm a little worried bout the 2 big front teeth of his not being able to munch neatly and he may make a mess and then I'd have to be cleaning up after him, and that could be a hare-oh-wing experience cuz I'm kind of a neat-nik.

Check in with me later and I'll tell you if I invited him inside!


Hooray For Today!

February 19th 2013 12:15 pm
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Oh boy oh boy - today February 19th is the 1 year celebration of my finding the greatest FUREVER home! Oh yesiree, I got out of Stanislaus County, out of YOLO County and out of the San Fran SPCA just 1 year ago today - HOORAY!

Still working on training the Staff and they seem trainable but they just don't get it why I don't wanna be picked up and cuddled and told how cute I am. Hey I'm a Man Cat and those huggable hugs and cuddly cuddles are for the girl cats! Sheesh, when are they gonna get it?

To make my special Anniversary even more special, that fabulous Miss Samoa bestowed the royal loyal honor upon me, of "Dreamboat In Training". Pinch my paws, am I dreaming? This is like being Knighted by the Queen at Buckingcat Palace!

Neato neato, yesiree life is neato. And having YOU as my furiend makes my 1st year more super dooper neato!


Follow The Fa La La Fun Path With Me - To a Tree!

December 18th 2012 9:35 pm
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Oh my gosh my golly! My little Man Cat self is seeing stuff like Holly! Hey - it's my 1st Christmas in my 1st furever home so this is neato super dooper cool, yep by golly it is.

Been following the path in my new cool home and it led me to something called a CHRISTMAS TREE! As my big brofur Guido the Italian Kitty says "Holy Cannoli!" It's something to behold before my former feral cat eyes. And the Staff decorated it just special for ME! Yep they did - cuz I heard the Staff say they went to a special designer store called La Target and bought boxes of special designer plastic ornaments so I could knock them off with no purrroblem.

Yep - and more Holly By Golly great news! I got the Staff trained really good in just 10 months so when I knocks about 23 ornaments off nightly, bam they're back on the tree in the morn. Yep it's real and gonna be my nicest most loving special Christmas in my whole life ever.

I sure hope your Christmas is nice and not naughty, warm with no storm, and full of funny too!


Grazie from Grazie !

October 10th 2012 8:53 am
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Holy sardines! Am I dweaming or did I overdose on Tuna wheels and seeing things that aren't there? I cannot believe my simple self has been honored with Catster's CAT OF THE DAY on Tuesday 10/9 and not sure where to start saying Grazie (that's Thank YOU in Italian) for all of your fab cards, prezzies, good wishes, sunny rays of concats and more.

Yesterday I purrpondered what life was like for me 17 months ago - living feral on a farm near Sacramento and bam, here I was now on Catster's home page showing off my Man Cat at Work meowscles and my MCAW hard hat! I'm purrroud to be a Man Cat and even more purrroud to be honored by Catster.

Grazie - yesiree, a huge GRAZIE from me to YOU who made my day so furry special.

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