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Black Cats Matter

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New teaser toys!

January 17th 2013 11:38 am
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Mom went ahead & ordered refills for the Litter Genie so she won't need to worry about running out. She also ordered a couple cat dancer teaser toys so we've been playing hard for several minutes. It's as much fun for her to watch me spin, somewhat flip, jump & dance to get the cardboard wire one. I like the long rainbow one to roll around with. Best of all it came in a box!


Lazy weekend

January 12th 2013 11:44 am
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Mom and I are enjoying a lazy weekend together. It's bitterly cold out and she'd rather stay in and stay warm than go out and risk catching the junk that's going around since hoomans don't seem to stay home when sick. We're just hanging out watching tv, checking out stuff online and we'll watch a few movies. She'll probably download some songs on iTunes too.


Mom is gonna be fine

January 8th 2013 7:44 am
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She spent 4 hours yesterday getting tested & checked out thoroughly. She had to wait almost an hour on the doctor to enter the room so that's mainly what made it so long. Thyroid is acceptable level and there is nothing medical causing the daily fatigue other than these short, dark & cold days. She felt a little rough since getting home last night from everything she went through while there but is starting to feel better.

At least it doesn't take so long when I go to the vet. I have to get the annual shot in a couple of months.


Mom's so tired

January 5th 2013 4:52 pm
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She thinks her daytime fatigue is a result of the winter weather being hard on her weak thyroid. She feels all her energy is spent digesting food that isn't quite helpful to her and staying warm, leaving her tired, forgetful & unable to do much of anything all day long. She doesn't feel right until the later dinner time.

She scheduled herself an appointment with her doc on Monday afternoon for a thyroid check up. She has several of the symptoms so she's pretty sure it's that. She was born with underactive thyroid and constantly needs to take medicine every day just to function, which she hasn't done well the past couple weeks despite medicating.


Happy Mew Year!

December 31st 2012 2:08 pm
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10 years ago tonight mom was at a concert in Nashville, TN (Kenny Chesney with Keith Urban & Montgomery Gentry) for a New Year's Eve party and wandered downtown after. Barely got in the door at Tootsie's. She was just 20 so couldn't legally drink but still says that was the most fun New Year's ever.

Tonight will be a quiet night at home. She's staying in with me cuz it's too cold to go out and she doesn't wanna play bingo for hours with the neighbors when Taylor Swift is going to be on tv. She'll sneak down before it and find me some party gear, still has her hat & horn from last year. She's gonna make herself a frozen pizza & enjoy her wine coolers. We'll do a little greeting message on the new web cam once we have our party on.


Good-bye pretty tree

December 29th 2012 1:38 pm
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Mom decided to take down all the holiday/seasonal things and put them away 'til next time. Once she snipped all of the zip ties holding the lights to the center post of the tree everything went quick & easy. The pantry is over sized so the smaller things are in boxes along the top shelf while the tree is stuffed into a small coat section.

She's gotta get more bags so she can vacuum up the rest of the needles off the fake tree. She swept some of them and picked some others up by hand.



December 26th 2012 11:15 am
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Mom got a few new movies, some warm & soft socks (she's wearing the blue pair now) and spending $ to get us some things.

For cat themed gifts she got an ornament of a black & white kitty playing with a red ball of yarn to hang on the tree and a magnetic photo frame to display my handsome face on. It's a blue frame that says Purr-fect! on top and a red star magnet (holds the photo to frame) that says Meow. She found a great photo of me lounging in the window before the mishap with my ear so she's going to purrint it out and get it on the frame tonight.


Home Alone

December 25th 2012 9:44 am
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Not only is this the title of the movie mom and I are planning to watch later tonight, she's getting ready to head out and leave me home alone for a few hours (no more than 6-8 today). She's leaving me food, water, treats and litter box access and putting weighted stuff at the doors so I won't shut myself out from anything.


Plan B

December 24th 2012 6:55 pm
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Mom is staying home with me tonight. Her mom notified her that she was sick and wasn't going to work. Hopefully tomorrow they can still get out to the cousin's.

Mom worked so hard on making the cute Christmas cupcakes with red Santa cupcake papers & picks. Pillsbury holiday funfetti mix & frosting w/ sprinkles plus the red & green sugar crystals in her cupboard.

Since its just the 2 of us tonight she made her food & ate, got the dishes cleaned up & showered. Next up on the movie playlist is Ratatouille so technically there will be a stirring mouse in here tonight, MOL! Sometimes the 80 channels of cable can get kinda cheesy with replaying the same movie over & over on marathon.

Mom got 4 more cards today and a little more spending $ but probably won't get to go shopping now 'til 2013.


Christmas weekend

December 22nd 2012 7:57 pm
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Mom went to her grandparents' apartment to spend some time with her hooman family today. She has a lot of spending $ so when she goes shopping after Christmas she's going to get herself some new footie pjs and since my kitty cubes are on their last leg she wants to get me some new ones, maybe a newer bed. I like my bed now but it's coming apart and the stuff inside is getting out.

To-meow-row mom intends to catch up on housework. She prefers it to football and online discussions about football. She'd like to go visit her cousin's kitty since the cousin will be away for the next few days. She got a hint that kitty needs a few new play things, so mom is going to pick a few things from my basket of old toys I hardly play with anymore and only a couple of crinkle balls & what an online friend sent for me. I have so many things so mom likes to share a little with the other kitty. I hardly notice since I have so many things.

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