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High Rise Cat

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Go away winter! HISSSSS!

April 14th 2013 8:46 pm
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Mom is going crazy. She's been shut in without her bicycle since November last year. It is now mid April and the snow will NOT STOP COMING. HISS!

She's been researching apartments back where she grew up (GA). We're stuck here for quite some time but she went online and found a few pet/cat friendly places. She needs to be within walking distance of a Wal-mart/outlet area as she doesn't drive and of course wants to be safe living alone (just the 2 of us). Some places have a balcony. I would be wearing my leash & harness and not left out on it unsupervised.

She'll have to fly south at some point and see some of the places in person since she hasn't seen enough photos, mainly just floor plans. Yes there are bad storms (sometimes tornadoes/hurricanes) there but they do not last for 6 freaking months like the snow up here.


Waiting on Walda

April 9th 2013 6:15 pm
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Mom ran to the local stores earlier today and got more food for us so we're ready to weather this nasty storm. We're getting several more inches of snow, possible thunder snow. We're just gonna cuddle & watch tv/movies together providing we don't lose our electricity.

The caretaker is coming to clean up the kitchen sink drain sometime this week and tomorrow there's a required safety thing for fire & tornado stuff. If the weather doesn't warm enough the risk of tornadoes will stay down.

She's still supposed to have a business meeting Friday but that might change depending on the roads.


Awards night

April 7th 2013 3:14 pm
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Mom has washed all the dirty dishes in the sink and just put in her online order to the local Pizza Hut moments ago. Tonight is the ACM awards (country music genre) so we're gonna watch to see if Taylor can 3-peat Entertainer of the Year.

Mom thinks I deserve the entertainer award because when I do funny things she bursts out laughing & giggling. She has a busy week ahead, but we should be able to share a bit of playtime & lap time.

Pizza should be coming within 15 minutes, she ordered just before 5 pm and it's about a quarter after. After that she's gonna get more comfortable and set up to watch & record the awards & show me some love before the show starts. I tend to interrupt when she watches movies.


Heads pounding, ears ringing

April 3rd 2013 12:09 pm
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Today was our least favorite day of the month (other than flow's arrival) - alarm test day. First the tornado siren went off as usual (still creeped out by that even in great weather) and then the fire alarm like a minute or 2 later.

Mom took some ibuprofen about 20 minutes before they went off and is still dealing with a minor headache. Her ears are very sensitive to sudden loud noises and now concerts are starting to seem louder since she doesn't go to them as often as she once did.

In a real emergency she'd have quite a time getting the Thundershirt on me so today I just wore my harness and then she clipped the leash and grabbed me and darted to the door. That will be our method of escape in the case of a real fire emergency (with ear plugs in her ears of course for the smoke detector, fire alarm and the fire truck sirens & horns too). The fire department is awesome at getting here in just a couple of minutes so we don't have to worry about a fire spreading too far.

My carrier is so big and cumbersome that its awkward to maneuver in tight spaces like an apartment stairwell so it's best for us to just get out with my harness & leash, though she probably wouldn't let me out of her arms.

She's trying to start her business and now worries about how to handle this alarm & siren day - probably put a notice up that no work on the first Weds of the month.


Meow! I've been pranked!

April 1st 2013 8:03 am
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Mom rearranged my food & water so now I'm eating where I was drinking and I'll be drinking where I was eating.

We're gonna watch the Twins home opener on tv and I hope I don't fall off her lap again like I did last night. She had fits of giggles after I did.


Happy Easter

March 31st 2013 9:27 am
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Mom and I are just sharing a quiet day at home. At some point this afternoon we'll be watching Hop on DVD.

She has been so busy working hard and wrapped up her business plan so she's waiting to discuss when to arrange the meeting.

The apartment inspection was pretty good, just a couple little things. The shower head replacement was the best since mom never really felt as clean at the end of the shower with water just trickling out of the lime destroyed shower head.



March 19th 2013 8:16 am
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The blizzard yesterday shut down UPS, so they just dropped off 2 boxes with new things for me! Mom got me a squeaky mouse, leash & harness set and a couple of training aids (ssscat refill and a noise spray to make me stop doing what I shouldn't be doing.

I'll try on my harness after my nap. Mom will make sure I have lots of treats and take it slow just like when I learned to wear my collar.

Mom has been shopping online a lot lately so there will be more boxes to come!



March 15th 2013 1:59 pm
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Mom has been busy on her computer the past few days. She's wrapping up the last sections for her business plan and gives up on applying for work.

She also made several bows for our furriend Luna the Fashion Kitty and will be sending them probably just after Easter for her birthday. She picked out some beautiful tulle & ribbon. I had the pleasure of watching her make them with her bowdabra. I almost got to wear one, ha! She doesn't know how they stay on kitties' heads so all she can do is hold one to my head to make sure the size is ok.

Mom spent Weds night online to see what Taylor Swift's set list is from opening night and played each song as it popped up on Twitter. She was pretty excited since she's going to a show much later in the tour. She took a look at the photos but has refrained from watching video, so there are still mysteries to come Sept 6th. She already has a plan of the new Swift tour merch to order in August and probably upgrade from 18th row to the stage pit with her rent refund.

Tomorrow night is the opening night of Kenny Chesney's tour. Mom is also going to see him so she hopes someone will update so she can listen to the same song being played while she browses for the newest merch. Shipping is free so she might order a couple things.

She also got some stuff ordered recently from petco and petsmart via their web sites. I'm getting a harness & leash and a squeaky mouse to play with. She also ordered a refill for the ssscat and a waterless thing to correct behavior issues.


Ugh what a day!

March 6th 2013 2:07 pm
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It started out like any other day. Mom got up, took her prescriptions and gave me my food. We played together a while until my energy was worn down, then cuddled through the scary noisy tests of the tornado siren & fire alarm. She was petting me and saying its ok its not real just a test good boy.

Then after that I was still lying in my bed while she was getting things together to head out. I assumed she would be going alone as usual but nope, she put me bed and all in the carrier and took me to the vet. AHHHHHHHHHHHH!

I was due for the annual distemper shot and to try to figure out why I've been going pica lately. Mom's gonna put me back on Purina indoor and see if that helps.

Mom is considering getting a leash and harness so I can safely explore the apartment backyard once the snow is all gone and the weather is good. The screened window is great but she doesn't mind getting a safe way for me to go out a couple times a week - never in the rain.


New stuff

February 27th 2013 11:07 am
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Mom took advantage of a recent deal from the Taylor Swift online store. There were $25 tote bags with a free beach towel, so naturally she picked the one with Meredith the kitty on the bag and it came with a giant beach towel covered with pics of that kitty. She also added a pillow of Taylor and Meredith. I checked out the new things purrrsonally while mom snapped away with her camera taking photos and videos but I still prefer the box it all came in.

I do like the tote bag. But not as much as THE BOX!

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