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April 26th 2013 2:29 pm
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The weather is finally reasonable so mom has the window is open. Kitty like! She's going out of town just for tomorrow night for her brother's birthday party. She'll be home Sunday. We'll step out maybe Monday so I can sniff around outside on my harness. She needs to get her bike out of storage yet anyway.

She got her newest Taylor Swift merch today and just purchased her stage pit ticket to see our idol in September. She had to call her mom at work to put it on her card but she's paying her back. Now she has to sell her original floor seat, which she'll probably do on ebay in August. She'll have to pick up her pit ticket at the box office on her way into the concert. She'll be close enough to touch!

A nice picture book arrived a few days ago that she created online as a gift. Now she's waiting on the magnet to add it. There are several packages on the way to her. Plus her preordered CD & T-shirt combo shipped, the CD is released this coming Tues.

She's also been busy with business things. She got an e-mail that they already have the computer end of things (desk, computer, router, ext hard drive back up) and ordered the software. She designed & ordered her business T-shirt through cafepress. She set up her business cards & mouse pads on Vista Print & downloaded her legal agreement form on legal zoom.

She should have everything together and good to go by Memorial Day. She's already been moving things around in the living room to make room for the new corner desk. Once they have everything together they'll bring it to her. My role is restricted to supervisor.


Oh-MEOW-gosh scary tornado sirens

April 18th 2013 5:55 pm
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This is weather safety week (ironically it is snowing today) and today they sounded the scary tornado siren twice. It's too cold for a tornado now but a warm up is coming soon.

For the early one mom and I spent a few minutes hunkered down in our bathroom. She hunkered down like a school kid over me in the dry shower stall and when it was over we resumed normal life - and she gave me treats.

The 2nd one was an hour ago. Mom had me in my Thunder shirt and had the harness on over that with the leash attached. Mom grabbed me and we took a short trip in the hall to the exit stairs (elevators wouldn't work in power outage). I've never been out of our apartment without my carrier so I wasn't sure what to think. We stayed in the landing between the 3rd and 4th floors (5th is the highest floor) and I hid on the stair under her legs. I tried going back up to the door but the leash wouldn't let me. She coaxed me back down and put me on her lap where I started shaking/purring so much she could feel it. We came back up and she gave me more treats.

The phone rang a few minutes before the drill but mom didn't know the # so ignored it. She will not talk on the land line in nasty weather due to lightning causing many problems in her past. We are glad the drills are done now (there's a fire drill coming at some point) and hope that there are few if any tornadoes. I like to sit in the window and watch and she's not going to let me when we have warnings.


It's offishial - mom owns her own business

April 17th 2013 4:39 pm
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Mom met with the work force lady early this afternoon. They approved the business plan she's been slaving away at the past couple years so now the fun begins. She tweaked the shopping list for the purchaser (they want the receipts and that's fine) so soon there will be more new things coming in BOXES. Yay, boxes for me to play in! She'll assemble her small corner desk without my supervision but I'll probably check it out when it's finished.

Mom offishially has her own small home based digital design business! She's not ready to open yet though, the software upgrade is expensive and the free trial is only good for another week. This is why she's plugged free pagelime editing into her latest web site creations, when they go online she can edit them after the trial is up. She'll have the full version eventually so will keep the files safe.

My role is office mascot (ah hemm masCAT), stress and comic relief.


Purrs & head bonks to Boston

April 15th 2013 7:17 pm
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I've never been there but mom was near there about 10 yrs ago on vacation one summer with her cousin and their grandparents. They went to Cape Cod and it was just so awesome. She and her cousin got a whole beach day on their own. Had I been around and on the trip I probably would've tried making the beach my big litter box hahaha.

Anyhow we were watching tv just after 2 pm central this afternoon and we didn't get much original programming because they cut in with the breaking news of the explosions at the marathon. Thankfully we don't know anyone there because mom is not a long distance runner. The closest thing we've ever heard bomb wise is either a sonic boom or fireworks.

Mom doesn't like loud things and figures that bomb would've done major damage to so many in earshot of that. We are keeping to ourselves and she is still attending her 2 concerts and maybe a MLB baseball game but will be very aware of who's around and of any suspicious looking things.

Mom has a relative down in GA having serious health problems that require surgery this week and was transferred to another hospital.


Go away winter! HISSSSS!

April 14th 2013 8:46 pm
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Mom is going crazy. She's been shut in without her bicycle since November last year. It is now mid April and the snow will NOT STOP COMING. HISS!

She's been researching apartments back where she grew up (GA). We're stuck here for quite some time but she went online and found a few pet/cat friendly places. She needs to be within walking distance of a Wal-mart/outlet area as she doesn't drive and of course wants to be safe living alone (just the 2 of us). Some places have a balcony. I would be wearing my leash & harness and not left out on it unsupervised.

She'll have to fly south at some point and see some of the places in person since she hasn't seen enough photos, mainly just floor plans. Yes there are bad storms (sometimes tornadoes/hurricanes) there but they do not last for 6 freaking months like the snow up here.


Waiting on Walda

April 9th 2013 6:15 pm
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Mom ran to the local stores earlier today and got more food for us so we're ready to weather this nasty storm. We're getting several more inches of snow, possible thunder snow. We're just gonna cuddle & watch tv/movies together providing we don't lose our electricity.

The caretaker is coming to clean up the kitchen sink drain sometime this week and tomorrow there's a required safety thing for fire & tornado stuff. If the weather doesn't warm enough the risk of tornadoes will stay down.

She's still supposed to have a business meeting Friday but that might change depending on the roads.


Awards night

April 7th 2013 3:14 pm
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Mom has washed all the dirty dishes in the sink and just put in her online order to the local Pizza Hut moments ago. Tonight is the ACM awards (country music genre) so we're gonna watch to see if Taylor can 3-peat Entertainer of the Year.

Mom thinks I deserve the entertainer award because when I do funny things she bursts out laughing & giggling. She has a busy week ahead, but we should be able to share a bit of playtime & lap time.

Pizza should be coming within 15 minutes, she ordered just before 5 pm and it's about a quarter after. After that she's gonna get more comfortable and set up to watch & record the awards & show me some love before the show starts. I tend to interrupt when she watches movies.


Heads pounding, ears ringing

April 3rd 2013 12:09 pm
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Today was our least favorite day of the month (other than flow's arrival) - alarm test day. First the tornado siren went off as usual (still creeped out by that even in great weather) and then the fire alarm like a minute or 2 later.

Mom took some ibuprofen about 20 minutes before they went off and is still dealing with a minor headache. Her ears are very sensitive to sudden loud noises and now concerts are starting to seem louder since she doesn't go to them as often as she once did.

In a real emergency she'd have quite a time getting the Thundershirt on me so today I just wore my harness and then she clipped the leash and grabbed me and darted to the door. That will be our method of escape in the case of a real fire emergency (with ear plugs in her ears of course for the smoke detector, fire alarm and the fire truck sirens & horns too). The fire department is awesome at getting here in just a couple of minutes so we don't have to worry about a fire spreading too far.

My carrier is so big and cumbersome that its awkward to maneuver in tight spaces like an apartment stairwell so it's best for us to just get out with my harness & leash, though she probably wouldn't let me out of her arms.

She's trying to start her business and now worries about how to handle this alarm & siren day - probably put a notice up that no work on the first Weds of the month.


Meow! I've been pranked!

April 1st 2013 8:03 am
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Mom rearranged my food & water so now I'm eating where I was drinking and I'll be drinking where I was eating.

We're gonna watch the Twins home opener on tv and I hope I don't fall off her lap again like I did last night. She had fits of giggles after I did.


Happy Easter

March 31st 2013 9:27 am
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Mom and I are just sharing a quiet day at home. At some point this afternoon we'll be watching Hop on DVD.

She has been so busy working hard and wrapped up her business plan so she's waiting to discuss when to arrange the meeting.

The apartment inspection was pretty good, just a couple little things. The shower head replacement was the best since mom never really felt as clean at the end of the shower with water just trickling out of the lime destroyed shower head.

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