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Heads pounding, ears ringing

April 3rd 2013 12:09 pm
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Today was our least favorite day of the month (other than flow's arrival) - alarm test day. First the tornado siren went off as usual (still creeped out by that even in great weather) and then the fire alarm like a minute or 2 later.

Mom took some ibuprofen about 20 minutes before they went off and is still dealing with a minor headache. Her ears are very sensitive to sudden loud noises and now concerts are starting to seem louder since she doesn't go to them as often as she once did.

In a real emergency she'd have quite a time getting the Thundershirt on me so today I just wore my harness and then she clipped the leash and grabbed me and darted to the door. That will be our method of escape in the case of a real fire emergency (with ear plugs in her ears of course for the smoke detector, fire alarm and the fire truck sirens & horns too). The fire department is awesome at getting here in just a couple of minutes so we don't have to worry about a fire spreading too far.

My carrier is so big and cumbersome that its awkward to maneuver in tight spaces like an apartment stairwell so it's best for us to just get out with my harness & leash, though she probably wouldn't let me out of her arms.

She's trying to start her business and now worries about how to handle this alarm & siren day - probably put a notice up that no work on the first Weds of the month.




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