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Happy Mew Year!

December 31st 2012 2:08 pm
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10 years ago tonight mom was at a concert in Nashville, TN (Kenny Chesney with Keith Urban & Montgomery Gentry) for a New Year's Eve party and wandered downtown after. Barely got in the door at Tootsie's. She was just 20 so couldn't legally drink but still says that was the most fun New Year's ever.

Tonight will be a quiet night at home. She's staying in with me cuz it's too cold to go out and she doesn't wanna play bingo for hours with the neighbors when Taylor Swift is going to be on tv. She'll sneak down before it and find me some party gear, still has her hat & horn from last year. She's gonna make herself a frozen pizza & enjoy her wine coolers. We'll do a little greeting message on the new web cam once we have our party on.




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