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It's Soooh Embarrassing!!!!

September 4th 2013 2:25 pm
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On behalf of my secretary I would like to apologise for the fact that I never got to thank efurybody for my gifties and best wishes for my DDP on 27 August. She seems to think that she is too busy to deal with my fan mail.

So here it is.




Well I never

August 21st 2013 2:35 pm
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OMC I don't believe it. I never expected to receive such an honour - Cat of the Day. My mum is so proud of me. Do you know what SHE did to me today? Do you? Well let me tell you what SHE did and on my very special day when I should've been a pampered puss. SHE, put flea stuff on my neck. It stinks and anyway I don't have fleas. You would just think she could have waited until tomorrow, BUT OH NO!!!!!

I would just like to say a big thank you to efurybody for all my lovely gifts and good wishes today.

I am just going for a well earned sleep, that's if I can get the smell of that flea stuff out of my nostrils.


Update, Update

August 4th 2013 2:33 pm
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Thank you to efurybody for sending me good wishes and gifies for my DDP on 28 July and the previous one of 21 July. Me a DDP who would have thought it.

Mum as you know was over the moon when Freddie made a full recovery from his virus. What she didn't report was that a couple of days later Flossie picked it up but she was just a little under the weather. Mum took her to the vets and she has too made a full recovery.

Will life ever be normal?


Dr Freddie

July 27th 2013 3:07 pm
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Dearest Darling Catsters,

I am happy to report that Dr Freddie seems to have made a full recovery...... Yippeeee...................

Mum is cockahoop and it's been chicken for efurybody.

Mum speaking: I have been sick with worry. Freddie was really quite unwell. He didn't have any flu symptoms as in a runny nose etc. He was absolutely boiling all over and he was limping so he had the lameness. I have been giving him antibiotics for 4 days now and he has 1 day to go. He is so well at the moment I almost forgot to give them to him this evening. One more day. Freddie takes one look at the dropper and clamps his teeth very firmly shut. It's going to be a proper struggle to get them down him tomorrow but have them he must.

It has been delightful watching him chase his sister Flossie today she has missed playing with him and because he has felt so grotty he took himself up to a height where she couldn't reach him. Tonight they are both happier.

Thank you so much. I can't tell you what a relief it is to have him well again.


Oh My Oh My

July 24th 2013 12:49 pm
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Well, Well. I don't believe it - Me a DDP. I would just like to thank everyone for sending me their best wishes and for my lovely gifts.

The news is that Mum got Flossie's blood results for coronavirus. It came back clear so that's brilliant news. Mum is so relieved she was dreading the result of the test even though she knew at the back of her mind that it would be OK.

Mum is upset because Freddie has got a dose of Flu. Mum took Freddie for his shots last Thursday but yesterday Freddie got sick. When Mum picked him up he was boiling so she rushed him to the vet. He had a temperature of 104.9. Mum has never had a cat sick because they had their vaccine before and it's very upsetting. The vet gave him an penicillin jab which Freddie didn't like and he squealed when it was given to him. Mum had to take him back today his temperature has dropped only very slightly to 104.7. The vet gave her some antibiotic drops for Freddie which he has to have twice a day for 5 days. He has to go back to the vet on Friday.

Mum speaking: The vet assures me that Freddie is going to be OK, but I am worried sick. He is very tired and sleeping a lot. I have coaxed him into eating a little bit and I have been getting water into him by using a medicine syringe and putting it into his mouth. This is day 2 so I am hoping that soon he will start to get better. Poor Freddie, I feel really bad for him and like it's my fault for taking for his shots. I know this is daft because he has to have them but it's really awful. Flossie has had her shots too, but so far she is fine. She is rather sleepy this evening but doesn't appear to be running a temperature.

I am so sorry to have to relay bad news again.


Dr Freddie and the Little Munchkin

July 17th 2013 2:18 pm
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Mum says she apologies to all catsters who have been awaiting Flossie and Dr Freddie's pages. It's been a joyful and an awful couple of weeks. Flossie kept falling over and has been diagnosed with Cerebeller Hypoplasia. Mum thinks she is a delight.

She was very weak when she came Mum couldn't work out why she was crying all the time. Then she realised that she wasn't eating. Flossie hadn't learned how to eat from a bowl and was starving. Her mother hadn't given her any milk for nearly a week. Mum immediately laid Flossie in her arms and hand fed her kitten food which she gulped down like there was no tomorrow. Then the next day Mum bought her some kittern replacement milk. She was only 1lb 3oz but Mum has managed to fatten her up a bit over the last couple of weeks and now she weighs a healthy 2lb.

Freddie seems to be a picture of health.

They have pages

Dr Freddie

Mum will put some pictures and videos on asap.


Dr Freddie and the Little Munchkin

July 5th 2013 2:09 pm
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Mum is absolutely delighted. The little Munchkin is going to be OK it seems.

Mum talking:

Thank you all so much for your good wishes and prayers. It seems they may have paid off. Flossie went to the new vet this morning who took bloods. She is so small he couldn't take enough blood for everything so she will need some more tests soon. I had shot lots of video footage for him of Flossie when she was really in good spirits and when she was having a really bad time.

The good news is all her blood tests done today came back negative. Then he told me that he had watched Flossie with interest and had seen her have her episodes and seen her running around and playing like a normal little kitten. He said she was well coordinated but that she did have a high stepping gait and that her head did wobble sometimes. His conclusion is that she does indeed have Cerebeller Hypoplasia which he did not think yesterday. He said he doesn't feel the need to give her an MRI scan at least not for the time being. He wants to see how she goes.

Watching Flossie when she is having an episode is just pitiful but to see her determination is just something else. It makes me cry. I do not mind that Flossie has a disability, it will be a privilege to be allowed to look after her.

The vet said that the best medicine for Flossie will be her brother Freddie. He said that as she chases him her coordination will grow and that as she grows and gets stronger she is likely to improve. He said that he knows that the brain in affected cats has a funny way of rewiring itself. He knows a lot about CH. I am so grateful that he does. He said she is "a lovely little thing" and all the staff at the vets made a fuss of her. When I arrived to collect her the receptionist was cuddling her and making a big fuss of her. She offered her a home if I needed to part with her. Noooooo way, but very grateful for the offer.

So Freddie is going to now be forever called Dr Freddie because he will be looking after his sister who he absolutely loves. I call her the Little Munchkin. Hence Dr Freddie and the Little Munchkin.

When I think what could have happened to her if I hadn't have asked for them both. My God it doesn't bear thinking about. I had never heard of CH. Just like I had never heard of FIP before darling little Alfie had it.

I firmly believe that she is in the right home. I made a promise to her yesterday morning before I took her to the vets that I would do everything within my power to look after her and I fully intend to keep that promise while I have breath in my body. She and her brother are beautiful and I love them, but this sweet little furbaby already holds a very special place in my heart.

Over the weekend Dr Freddie and the Little Munchkin will be given Catster pages.

How can I thank you all, I really don't know, but this is the best news.

The best news ever.


Flossie & Freddie

July 4th 2013 3:37 pm
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Thank you to everyone who sent me lovely presents. Mum and Dad got me 2 kittens I don't call that a present oooh nooo.

On a more serious note Mum is having another kitty crisis. She think's she's cursed. Flossie and Freddie came home on Friday last week. Freddie runs all over the place, but Flossie walks funny and then falls over a lot. Mum had a look on the net and thought the Flossie might have cerebellar hypoplasia which upset her but she decided that she would just love the little girly anyway. She would be very happy and she would be lavished with love and attention. So far so good.

Flossie has been wobbling around all over the place and falling over, but she has coordination good enough to use the litter tray and she can climb the scratch pole a bit awkward but she can do it. Then last night she seemed to be paralysed and mum had to put her into her bed. 20 minutes later she was running around the bedroom with Freddie so mum was reasonably happy and went to sleep. This morning Flossie was just as bad again so Mum took her to the vet. He doesn't think it's CH but it is definitely neurological.

Mum talking - As you can imagine I am devastated, she is such a beautiful kitten and she hasn't been here a week yet. I wonder what I did to deserve such cruelty but my main concern is for Flossie. I want her to be well even if it means she has a disability. Tomorrow she will be having blood tests for just about everything. The first set of tests will be back in about 2 hours for Leukaemia etc, and some will take 10-12 days. One of the tests is for the corona virus which is an indication of FIP. The very thought of it turns my blood cold. The vet said that depending on what the blood tests show Flossie may need an MRI scan but it would be very expensive. I have insurance for both Flossie and Freddie but the policy is only a week old and won't cover anything other than accident for the first two weeks so I will have to fund it myself. I'd been saving all year for a holiday but decided that I wanted to stay at home this year so the money is there and I can't think of anything else I would prefer to spend it on.

I am so sorry to have to ask for your support and prayers again, but that horrid fearful dread is with me again.

I am totally smitten by these two beautiful furbabies and I am terrified that I am going to lose another one.



July 29th 2012 2:17 pm
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Well it was a week before Mum even realised I had the honour of DOTD. You see WE that is me, Dave, Buzz & Boo were all at the cattery while Mum and Dad were taking their yearly holiday. So while they were floating on a boat we were stuck in the cattery having our own little holiday. They've been back a week, but do you think I could get Mum to take dictation "Oh No" she's been far too busy. Hmph!!!!

Anyway I would like to thank all my lovely friends for so many lovely gifts

I got:

Ice cream from Tabatha
Flag from Alley cat Angel, Callie Dreamette #17, Littleboy, Booboo kitty Angel, Skids Kitty, Tiny Tot, Tiny Mighty Moe, Moma Ivey, Freckles & Kitty Kitty.
Ball from Gumpy Sweet Boy
Ice cream from Art Blakey
Rosette from Tony, Anna, Greystone, Sammy, Stormy, Cleo and Ashe who looks lime me when I was young
Baseball from Grace
Rosette from Smiley Cassanova
Lovely congratulatory email from Buddy Always Loved &
A wonderful picture from Manytoes which is proudly displayed on my page.

Mum is trying is having a hard time letting Buzz & Boo out into the garden. The first time she did it Buzz escaped through a hole in the fence and ended up crying in the neighbours garden, and you know what she is like, she was terrified. Those poor kittens are just dying to go out in the garden and she has them on harness and leash and they so hate it. Oh well!!!


My Birthday

July 2nd 2012 2:24 pm
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Well Mum now officially calls me the "Old Boy"! The cheek of it. I can still do all the things I used to do. I am still king of the cats round here. They are all wary of me and it's just the way I like it. Fourteen years old - a mere kitten. MOL.

I would like to thank everyone for all my lovely gifts. You have all made me feel so extra spawcial. I got lots look:

A cupcake from the family of Alley Cat Angel, Calie Dreamette #17, Little Boy, BooBoo Kitty Angel DG #28, Skids Kitty, Tiny Tot, Tiny Mighty Moe Moe, Moma Ivey
A Summer Beach Ball from Smiley Casanova
A kite from the family of Cody, Pumpkin, Ginger, Jingle’s, Buffy & Elke
A Summer Beach Ball from the family of Skylar, Mrs Murphy, Rusty Dreamboat #39B, Skittles Dreamette #10, Ivan, Percy , Porter, Roni, Maedia & Daisy
A shrimpy from the family of Milo Blue Eyes, Smokey Joe Angel Dreamboat #9, Timmy DBIT #72B, Zig DBIT #22, Sam DBIT #23 & Mallee
A Summer Beach Ball from the family of Whitley, Jezebel DG29 & Charlie

Do you know Mum almost forgot my birthday then she got a message from Catster. She still gave me a worming tablet ON MY BIRTHDAY. I spat that out right after I pretended to swallow it, but SHE spotted it go flying through the air and she gave it to me again ON MY BIRTHDAY.

Things have settled down a lot here. Mum still missed little Alfie but she is a lot happier and little Buzz and Boo make her smile. ALRIGHT FOR SOME. They are a bit of an inconvenience to me. I just tolerate them to make her happy and that big Dave - well he ain't no match for me. I like to keep him in his place. They all need to learn some respect for the Elder Statesman of the family.


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