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My first day

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December 31st 2011 7:12 pm
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So I was roosting in my kitchen area at my cat home- Mary's Kitty Korner in Granby, ct and this weird looking woman comes in... The door between the front office and the rest of the cattery is part wood ( on the bottom) and fenced or cage on the top.

I went to the cage and she leaned in and did sniffies near my nose! Like pups do!! So I sniffed back. I could smell cofee, berries and something else...

Then she meowed!!! Just like we do!! She sounded kind of like my squeak...! So she came in and picked me up...and talked a bit. Then she went in back. She was picking up other kitties and bossing the bad ones around.

Later on, I was up in my bed and she came back and was patting me. doing blinkies, talking. Then she left for a while.. the next thing I know my human friend is cutting my nails and then takes me away from my bed... What the cat crunchie????

Then they bring me out of the kitchen and in to the forbidden area! I get put in a carrier. Then they talked and talked...
Next thing I know I am one of those boxes that move!

I cry a bit cause we are moving and I am squashed in carrier. But she talks to me and I settle down.

The car stops and she takes pictures and videos of me in the carrier. Then I go inside. I get let out... it's a huge house. I explore and find a liter box.. another woman human doing laundry. Smelled very nice. I walked up to her and offered my head for patties.

But then I started looking around in a frezy. I was running around looking for my shelter kitty friends and humans. Where were they? I yelped...

I hear..."Andy, it's ok honey."

She got some cruchies and wawa.... I didn't eat it but I sniffed them. Then she settled in on her couch. I hid down in the basement for awhile. But I am up with them now. I pulled all my toys out. I am still scared... I smell cats and dogs here but see nothing... So I am on edge a bit.


My Second day

January 1st 2012 6:30 pm
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Where am I ? It's strange... they haven't brought me back home. Sometimes I used to go home with people... Usually someone that works at da kitty shelter. So aren't I going back to my cage?

I wonder if I will stay here? I mean my cats and humans aren't here but it's sort of nice having peace and quiet. I roosted down in the warm basement all day today!!! My box was down here and I had some bowel movements to catch up on. They kept coming down to checking on me. But Finally the younger human did carry me up... I didn't fight her. I was far too curious. She put me on my catnip blanky with all my toys and we played. I got on the couch with her and purred. She was on facebook and I watched the cursor pop around. Too fun!


I'm back

January 4th 2012 3:39 pm
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So I am getting used to being alone. I don't like it when those bi-peds go to work. At the shelter I always had cats or humans around. It's quite different.

Last night I slept with the other human. I played with the human that brought me home today. We placed with fleecy. Fleecy is a long string of fleece on a pole.

I found these wonderful things called soda bottle caps. I have been batting them around. I have lost a fair few.

I will purr with ya later. I must go explore now.




January 5th 2012 4:31 pm
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Got ddotd. Most excellent. Mom is typing for me. We on a kindle fire. Its ok but I like her laptop better. I love laying down on the keyboard and hearing all noises.
So I were a little nervous in dis house cause I smell dogs and kitties. Ummm theyza not here. So either my nose has kicked the bucket or they hiding. So I will wait. Meanwhile I play my first favorite game. I jump up on something and toss items on da floor with my paw. Yesterday I broke a China thing in grandmas room. I could tell she wuz mad. So I snuggledup with her all night in da bed . I also wanted those other animals to know that da granny is mine. So I peed on a very small rug in her room.

The other human likes playing. She pats me, plays bottle cap soccer, gives me nip toys. Why don't those other animals come out and play with her? Very mean of them I think.


From the human

January 10th 2012 5:27 pm
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So Andy has been sleeping alot. I hope that little guy is ok. They say he's three. But I am questioning that. He is very spry and plays with his toys all the time. He climbs up on everything. Very kitten like.

But the funniest thing is that compared to Leo he is so quiet when he walks around. Leo was 25 pounds and a couple times when my mother was alone here she would hear what she thought was a person coming up the stairs. She almost called the police once. But every time it was tubby Leo.

Andy only weighs 8lbs. So we can't hear him. Well, when I go into the kitchen. Sometimes I turn around and there's that beast right behind me sitting on the floor. Yesterday he scared the crap out of me. I turned and nearly scrunched him... I said " Oh christ,,, Andy honey don't stand so close. Baby you scared me."

Otherwise, I like it when he snuggles with me on the couch. This morning he was laying in bed with me. All snuggled up. We were just laying there stalling. He was thinking probably the same as me. I don't want to get up and you can't make me!

Rignt now he is resting on the rocking chair. All of our cats have slept in that chair. Taffy, Ruskus, Leo and now Andy. And when my brother comes to stay with his Bicheon, Precious, She sleeps in the chair too.

I still think of Leo. Andy isn't anything like him. Even though he has part Bengal/tiger patterns. I call him half Leo. But personality wise they are completely different. Andy is also still new to us. And he has never lived in a house. So he is getting used to us and house hold life.

I am happy that I got an older beast. He's still a kitty and completely new to everything. So funny watching him learn. I feel bad though because he keeps jumping up to look in all the mirrors because he thinks there's another kitty.

I thought I would want a kitten 6wks - 1 year. It's easy because you can train them and help shape them. I had Leo on our sleeping pattern for the first three years or so. Then he became all independent and older. Andy does sleep at night sometimes. But I think he has been playing mostly. We can't hear him though. And Leo was more trusting. Andy has been abdandoned and I think abused. He still backs away from us sometimes.

But otherwise, We are having fun.

TTFN... or as leo would say Meow with you later.

What will Andy's sign of be?

"Tommorrow is a Mew Day!" Hee hee.


So da zombies are back

January 11th 2012 5:45 pm
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Today I noticed that there was zombies flying around outside. So mama and I designed a tin foil hat to protect my brain. Da zombies like kitteh brains cause weza smart. Iz not sure if dey eats them or use dem in brain transplants. Cuz da zombies r stupid.

So I wuz superior zombie fighter before. But when I came to da kitty shelter. There wuz no zombies there. So I had to resort to being just a plain kitty. But now Iz super hero.

The human has this real cool recording... Something about Chakras... and healing.... I fell asleep immediately to it. I was all snuggled up right beside her. I can get as close to her as I want. She doesn't even care... most people are like ugh kitty ... pleaz.... When she got home from work, I got up on her tummy.

I resting in my rocking chair now. I had to kill zombies before. So Iz tired.

January 13th 2012 6:34 pm
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I wuz holding two zombies in detainment... waiting for my boss to come gets them. He took forever. The zombies are claiming that aliens aren't putting tracking devices up da humans noses anymore.

They went on and on about how they are now tracking human children through something called flash or jump drives. I serious. So when mommy came home I came up on da couch and asked for cuddles cuz the zombies made me tired. I mentioned this to her and she started laughing. Then proceeded to tell me that one of da students today tried to open his paper from his flash drive and all of these alien symbols printed out. crap... so I don't know what to believe.

I should have just killed those zombies.... then I never would have known. Now iz scared. I wasn't even on duty today... and I go in at 3 tommorrow...aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


mommy interviews the small cat

January 17th 2012 7:07 pm
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Andy: um iz not small. I three.

Mommy: You are small and a baby.

Andy: Yeah, I still a baby. I got squashed today and you knocked me off the table!

Mommy: I am sorry that the granny scruched you. Is the paw ok? You are so small and light and underfoot all the time. You follow us around all the time. I didn't mean to make you fall off the table kitty. But you have to stay off the table.

Andy: (Looks at paw) Yeah, it ok. I like going up on the tables and counter. That's where I find all my treasures to play soccer with.

Mommy: Oh you mean like the grape tomato? Which is probably rotting where ever you shot and lost it.

Andy: Hee hee....oh yeah... when I bite it to carry it down. Tomato guts oozed out! But I have lost all my toys mommy.

Mommy: Tomorrow, beast, I will look for them.

Andy: Goody... check under the hutch. Hey, I saw many zombies today.

Mommy: Uh huh... beast I saw you sleeping in your rocking chair earlier.

Andy: I was not sleeping on duty mommy. But dose zombies make mez tired!!

Mommy: So how many did you kill today?

Andy: Well, I think three and then my tazer gun died.

Mommy: Oh...

Andy: Hence, the nap on the rocking chair.

Mommy: Do you have a sword like the others?

Andy: No, it too heavy...sometimes I use poison darts. I shot them through a big wood straw. I like those... But I lent it to one of the cats from Africa.

Mommy: Baby have you seen the zombies take a kitties brain?

Andy: Hell no, although I saw some chasing a horse. They suck da brains out. They evil... I would like to get them all off the earth! Make it safe for all!

Mommy: Good for you beast. But remember its always good to pace yourself so you don't get run down.

Andy:(sighs) I guess. But it's so fun.... chasing dose zombies. Dey think wez so stupid. They are invisible in dere spheres flying around. But don't they know that the spheres make a buzzing sound when flying? Idiots.

Mommy: Yeah but zombies aren't the smartest.

Andy: Oh. dat not true... they just don't roam around groaning. One that we were tracking was like unabomber smart...

Mommy: Really?

Andy: Yeah,,, he were tough to take down but we did it.

Mommy: So what are you doing tommorow?

Andy: Sleeping!

Mommy: Good let's start now. I am exhausted.

Andy: I get da soft blanky!!!

Mommy: Whatever....


from da human

January 18th 2012 7:00 pm
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My baby has thirteen cheek whiskers...and five eyebrow whiskers. I don't think any of my other cats had that many.

He also has a little thumb up high on his paw that is black. Does anyone know what those thumbs are for?

The little guy has been nuts... running all around. Playing, and stealing all our stuff. batting it around. Although its still bitter sweet and only three months since Leo went missing. But I am happy that Andy is here with me. I still think about Leo and wonder where he is.... I hope he's not too pissed off with me....

I can't wait until the weekend where I can just roost with the boy!


Mez watching movies on computer

January 31st 2012 5:16 pm
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I think that squirel from Ice age is goofy. I wuz watching him for a bit. Then mommy was watching some english show on netflix. Now wez watching Dragons: Myth or fact.. from History channel.

Iz on vaccation from zombie hunting. I over did it last week. I slept all weekend with da hooman on da couch. It was wonderful.

I hope da hooman gives me canned food tonite... She might...
Then its snuggle time....for night nights.

Meow with ya later.

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