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All I Can say is Meow

Last night was buffet night!

November 18th 2011 8:00 am
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When my mother and father arived home last night from the store something told me that they had bought an suprised meal for the three of us so I trotted to greet them at the door and my instinct was so right! It was sooo delightful! The training is working!


Help HuMan ZoOMies!

November 17th 2011 7:31 am
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Oh my! Help me! I need a human trainer or something! My momma has the zoomies she is jumping up, and down everywhere wanting attention from me! I can't take it anymore! Does anyone knows a good book that can help me train her?

Help me ASAP!



November 16th 2011 3:34 am
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Today I got really lucky all the begging worked! My mother finally allowed me to sleep on her bed! There is nothing that makes me happier than laying with her while massaging her soft tummy, then getting my ear scratched. If it was for me everyday would be a day like this. Outside the birds are chirping, and the dog is behaving really well.. so the house is pretty quiet. I need to sleep as much as possible so tonight I will have the energy to party! MWAHAHAH! I am such a innocent devil!


Macchia will never marry me...

November 15th 2011 2:24 am
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Hello Catster Now I finally understand Macchia isn't in love with me. I have tried so hard to get her attention by trotting around behind her, pawing her, trying to lay next to her while she sleeps, but NOTHING she rejects (ignores me) everytime. If I could I would cry like a human at the moment, but cats do not cry. I guess I need to change pages in my life, but my mommy and daddy are not going to adopt a female cat for now.... So I decided to find myself a virtual kittie girlfriend! Okay I want to write something about me I am beautiful, beautiful, and may I repeat beautiful! I am neutered so no online virtual kittens!


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