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Vinny's Adventures

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October 22nd 2011 9:56 pm
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Mom took Linus and I to PetSmart today for their annual Howl-O-Ween pet costume contest. I got 3rd place and a fancy certificate and a coupon good for $3 toward a toy (we picked out a catnip mouse). Mostly it was just a fun event. I was a jester, Linus was a pumpkin. We were the only cats in the contest. Mom thought it would be good experience for me too as she hopes to take me to some cat shows soon.


Daily Diary Pick!

November 1st 2011 6:17 am
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Wow! I'm a Catster Daily Diary Pick today! Thanks Diary gal! And thank you to the kitties who have read my diary and stopped by with congratulations.


My Cat Show Debut

November 6th 2011 8:38 pm
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Mom took Linus and I to the Janesville, WI ACFA cat show this weekend. It was my first cat show. Mom was very happy and proud of how well I handled and accepted being shown. I didn't seem too scared or stressed. I played with some of the judges. I ate, slept, used the litterbox, and played with toys in the benching area between rings.

The Kitten class was the biggest class at this show with 41 kittens. Several judges commented that it was a really tough class with lots of REALLY nice kittens, and that it was tough to pick just 10 for their final. Mom was very happy how well I did - I made finals in 6 out of 8 rings! I got: 7th, 9th, 6th, 10th, and 2nd Best All Breed Kitten. I also got 3rd Best Shorthair Kitten in the Shorthair Specialty ring.

Mom added several pictures, they're at the end of my Catster photoalbum.


I'm a Dreamboat-in-Training!

January 15th 2012 10:48 am
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Samoa has named me Dreamboat-in-Training #21 and I'm the first DIT named in 2012 I am so flattered and excited! Mom thinks I'm very handsome, and has high hopes for me at the cat shows. I will get full dreamboat status in 2014 when I'm 2 years old. Thanks Samoa!


Last weekend's cat show...

January 30th 2012 8:52 pm
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Mom took Linus and I to a CFA cat show last weekend in the Twin Cities. It was my first show as an "adult" (kittens graduate to the adult classes at 8 months old) and Linus and I were competing directly against each other. Linus and I were the only European Burmese in the show. It was a 6 ring show, and I got Best of Breed in two rings. Linus got Best of Breed in 4 rings. We each made 4 finals. I got:

- All Breed 8th Best Cat and 2nd Best Shorthair Premier
- All Breed 10th Best Cat
- Shorthair Specialty 3rd Best Cat and BEST Shorthair Premier
- Shorthair Specialty 6th Best Cat

I earned the title of Premier at this show, and we plan to try for Grand Premier. Premier is equal to Champion, but for cats that have been spayed/neutered. Mom would like me to become a Grand Premier like Linus. Mom will check online in a few days to see how many points I got toward my Grand Premier.

Only bad part of the show was one judge told Mom to watch my weight and said I could stand to lose just a bit of weight. GASP! Mom is talking about reducing my meals or switching me to a "light" food. I don't like the sound of that...

Mom also got some professional pictures taken of me by David Perez. Mom posted some previews on the last page of my photoalbum. the photos are unedited and we are waiting for the finished product.

Mom also posted a video of me in the cat show.

**update** I officially received 29 Grand Premier points at this show. 75 points are required for the title of CFA Grand Premier, so 46 more points to go...


Diary of the Day!

January 31st 2012 9:00 pm
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Mom and I got a very nice surprise today - I'm Catster's Diary of the Day! I'm so happy! I'm having a great month! Thank you to Catster's Diary Gal for picking me! Thank you to all the kitties who've read my diary and stopped by with congratulations!


Daily Diary Pick!

February 9th 2012 6:40 am
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Wow! I'm a Catster Daily Diary Pick today! Another nice surprise for Mom and I. Thank you Diary Gal! And thank you to the kitties who've read my diary and stopped by with congratulations!


Therapy Cat training

February 18th 2012 11:37 pm
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Mom wants to get me certified as a therapy cat with Love on a Leash - The Foundation for Pet Provided Therapy. Therapy pets have to be at least one year old. Per LOAL's website, therapy cats should have an affectionate, laid-back, steady, calm personality and a tolerance for the unusual. Therapy cats must be able to tolerate sights and sounds that are unusual, petting that could be different or hard, or any number of other things that are out of the ordinary.

Mom thinks I'd make a good therapy cat, and plans to pursue getting me certified once I'm a year old. My first birthday is March 28. More information on therapy pets in on LOAL's website Love on a Leash


This weekend's cat show...

April 15th 2012 7:22 pm
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Mom took all three of us to an ACFA cat show in Chippewa Falls, WI this weekend. It was my first ACFA show as an adult, and I was competing directly against Linus for Best of Breed (we are both European Burmese). I did great! I got Best of Breed in 7/8 rings and made five finals! I got 2nd, 5th, 8th, and 8th in the All Breed rings, and 4th place in the Shorthair Specialty ring. I'm also now a Double Champion Alter in ACFA. It's the end of the show season too, when the competition gets fierce. Mom is so proud of me and thrilled with how well I did.


First Therapy Cat visit

May 12th 2012 6:07 pm
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Mom took me to the nursing home today for our first therapy cat visit. It went okay. I was a little scared and unsure of the new surroundings, smells, and noises I wasn't used to. It wasn't like a cat show hall! After a while, I relaxed some. I let several residents pet me. I sat with a lady in a wheelchair, a lady in a recliner, and and with a lady in bed. I behaved pretty well, I was a little unsure about everything, but didn't mind the attention. Everyone thought I was gorgeous too. They couldn't believe how soft I am or my pretty amber eyes too.

Not sure when my next visit will be. Probably a couple weeks. Weekends are Mom's main availability. We have a cat show next weekend too.

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