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Things couldn't be better!! and DDP!!

October 3rd 2011 9:01 am
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Ingen is found! All is now right with the world! This is such exciting news, we have been worrying about her! Mom wishes she could have helped more but living up here in Canada there is limited things we can do, but we purred like crazy!!

I am DDP today too!! Woohoo! Thanks diary girl for picking me as one of the diary picks today! We're gonna spend all day with Mom to celebrate!

Mom put new pictures up! Hehe, I'm getting big aren't I?! All the pictures are at the end of the photo album cause Mom doesn't have the time to renumber ALL my pictures to put them in the beginning, MOL.

We've found out that Catnip is some awesome stuff! Mom spreads some fresh catnip on our turbo scratcher every once in a while and we love it. The first time we had it Moppie jumped the fence that keeps us in Mom's room!! I always jump the fence (every chance I get) but Moppie never did! This was a big surprise to Mom! She didn't believe it at first, MOL.

Mom's talking about wanting to get us halloween costumes. We have a feeling that lots of cats will get the same one as Mom wants cause all petsmarts have it... We'll see though! She hasn't told us which one yet.

Oh and I can't forget to tell you how mean Mom was to me yesterday! Do you know what she did? She put a harness on me! I was trying to figure out what was going on, I couldn't get it off and I don't like moving with that thing on. Mom says I looked all hunched over. She thinks I'll change my mind when she brings me outside. I'm not sure about that, if outside is as cool as it looks I'd much prefer to be out loose!

I would love it if you would all add Merlin(previously foster kitten) and make them feel at home! We have more info and the link on the last diary. Thanks to all those who have already. You are awesome!

Now... Time to cuddle up with Mom!!!


My start on DDP Thank yous:

- Thank you Buddie...Always Loved - for the lovely message you left me!
- Thanks Sleeper and Samhain for the congrats on the DDP!
- Thanks Gleek for the conrats and sending friend requests to Merlin and family!
- Thanks Tate for the awesome pumpkin you left us! We love it! Maybe Mom will open it up and we can jump inside?!
- Thanks to the Bushfurs too for your congrats!


The Foster kitten has a new account!!

September 26th 2011 7:18 pm
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The foster kitten (now Merlin) has now been transferred to his new owner's account! Please make them feel welcome and befriend Merlin's two new cat brofurs. We are super happy to welcome them, and hope they love it here as much as we do!

On another note, if you haven't seen my video I attached on my last diary your welcome to watch it! It is of my all my kitten moments, it took a while for Mom to get around to editing it... Now it is up! We hope you all like/liked it.

We're doing great! Mom did end up putting the covered litterbox in our room. I'm breaking it in!! MOL. All those walls will be covered in my pawprint smudges! At first Mom wasn't very nice and didn't let us go in there!! We'd have to wait outside of it looking for a way to get in, Mom would come pick us up and push us through the front door and we'd go in. Well lets just say she gave on us finding our way in and removed the door! Finally I can go in peace! MOL. We don't mind it now, but there is still no door blocking our entrance.

Guess what Stewie did today? (Our doggy brofur) He started playing with OUR toys! And Mom let him! It is my favorite toy too, I left it on Mom's bed last night so I'd know where to find it and Mom threw it off the bed and Stewie went to play with it. MOL. Mom says he selectively likes playing with toys, only when he wants to. Anyways I tried taking the toy back, but gave up and let him play with it. He was bouncing all ofur the place!

Anyways Moppie and I are both doing well. Not too much new ofur here. Mom says we need to get vaccines soon again but she hasn't made the appointment yet.



September 23rd 2011 8:30 pm
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Mom has been video taping Moppie and I ever since she took us in. She recently got a video editor and finally has gotten a video together! This video is just of me from 2 weeks to 8 weeks. Moppie is not in it but Mom will make some with both of us sometime soon.

Video of Blade growing up!!

We hope you like it!!

Merlin's new owner has inspired Mom to Clicker train us! We haven't started yet, but she's going to look into it a bit more. it sounds like fun!


New toys and DDP!!

September 18th 2011 6:38 pm
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Mom went to the store and got us some new toys!! She said I was hogging the other one and it wasn't fair for Moppie. So she got 2 of each so that we have our own, that is fair right? Well I'm not quite so sure... I am playin with my new toy and he is playing with his, I growl and walk over to him and smacky paw him for looking at me. He isn't allowed to look at my when I'm playin with my favorite toy!! That doesn't mean I don't love him, I do, there is no doubt about it, but it is MY toy!!

I am a DDP Today!! Thanks diary girl for picking our diary today! Thanks to all our furiends who are always awesome and and always here for us.

Thank you Simba, Rex, Max, Bugsy and family for the pirate flag!! I know it wasn't for the DDP but I wanted to send out our thanks to you!

Unkie Milo, thanks so much for the pirate flag you gave me! Love you Unkie Milo ♥

- Thanks Tate for the delicious cupcake!
- Thanks MILO, Smokey Joe, Sam, Timmy 'n Ziggy for the fancy blue ribbon.
- Thanks Sleeper and Samhain for the big red heart. Looking forward to pirate day too!
- Thanks Unkie Milo for the Awesome picture you made me! I will put it up ASAP. ♥
- Tink thanks for the delicious ice cream!

Thanks for all the comments, I love reading comments all of you leave us!

Its super cold here. It was good weather for so long in a row and it is back to rain rain rain... We don't mind since we don't go outside but Mom says it is cold and we agree that it isn't as warm as normal.

We're gonna hand our diary over to Mom, she has a question to ask your Moms...

Mom: Almighty, so I was hoping that this wasn't going to happen... At work ringworm has been going around with all the humans, and I really didn't think I was going to get it. But I think I may have...

So my question is do you guys have any experience with ringworm? Is there any way I can keep Blade and Moppie from getting it? Is it hard to get rid of on them if they get it? I am not super worried yet as it is only in the Beginning stages on me so they don't have it yet, but from my understanding it is very contagious. And since my kittens are always in my bedroom which is where I spend half my time I'm thinking the likelihood they'd get it would be fairly high... Please any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks ♥


Lovin attention!

September 10th 2011 3:01 am
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I miss having Mom around! Whenever she comes in the room to bed or for whatever reason I beg her for pets. I love her so much, she calls me her rumbling purring machine. I kept her up for a while last night so she didn't fall asleep for a while, MOL.

I realized I left you hanging a while ago. I said we were getting sick with what the foster kitten had. Which isn't necessarily a lie, it is possible we or more likely I have the feline herpes if that is indeed what the foster kitten had. Which we don't know... My eyes were watery and still are a bit but not nearly as bad as before. Before I had one of those wheezing/cough/sneeze things like the foster kitten had but I have had none since so I am good to go for now. I feel as good as ever! Although Mom did see me drag my butt yesterday and is coming up with crazy thoughts... she wasn't supposed to see that! Oh well, if I don't do it anymore she'll probably think it was just her imagination.

Mom wants to convert our non cover litterbox to a covered one. She wants to know you guys's opinions on the switch or covered litterboxes in general. Mom says she likes it open because it is easier to clean, it's easier to get into, etc... but it smells, and the walls have bits of litter and nasty specks getting on it... Are most cats fine with the transition to a covered box?

If you remember Mom got us two new toys!! They are awesome! By far they are my favorite. I bring one wherever I go, and the other one I play with whenever I can't find the first right away. And no matter what Moppie says they are Mine not his!! Don't let him steer you wrong.

Anyways I'm making Mom stop here because this diary entry is keeping us from getting our food, and we all need to get to bed. Moppie wants me to add that he will write his entry later today (for us tomorrow since we are going to bed). Anyways, hope everyone has a fury good day!


I have my best friend back!!

August 29th 2011 5:43 pm
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Moppie is finally doing better!! For those who haven't been around he has been super sick for the past week.

Mom let him out loose yesterday to see how he was feeling and he started playing! That is Mom's decision to say he is better now. Now Moppie and I can play all day and night, we have a lot of time to catch up on!


Lonely without my BFF Moppie

August 25th 2011 11:14 pm
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Last night Moppie was at the vet and I was here all alone! I don't like being alone... I want my best bud Moppie at my side at all times. I looked out the window and saw Mom and him coming home.

Yes he has been in the same room all day but its still lonely. He's been super tired and just sleeping all day, plus Mom has had in in a cage most of the day so she can monitor how much he eats, drinks and all the goings in the litterbox. Lets just say he has been boring today.

He is out now, and fast asleep next to stewie. I want to play!! How can I play with out him? ... Well Mom's playing with me but its not the same.

and can you believe Mom is feeding him!! I told him a million times he is not allowed to eat without my permission. Plus he gets the one on one time with Mom as she feeds him, the time I miss greatly from when I was a tiny kit. As Mom fed him I swatted Moppie and hissed at him to set him strait.

Please purr for him to get better though, I miss my best friend...



August 19th 2011 7:44 am
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Mom's efforts at keeping us healthy has failed... We are now sick. I have had runny eyes for two weeks now and just had my first wheezing cough attack this morning. Mom is sad that she failed at keeping us healthy.

She admits to putting the foster kitten in with us last week (after my eyes were already runny), thinking he was all better. But she says she saw him have two wheezing coughing attacks the other day, so she's not so sure anymore.

We'll be going to the vet with Mom on Sunday. We'll talk to the doctor. Maybe we'll talk to the dr tonight but its a different doctor.

Mom always claimed the foster kitten had a sick sounding purr which did continue, but nobody believed her... The doctors told her that his breathing sounded fine... So now we have gotten this sick sounding purr. Both me and Moppie.

The dr had told Mom last time that it was likely an upper respiratory infection. Possibly the feline herpes virus.


Love Bug Tag and vaccine update

August 9th 2011 9:15 pm
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Tagged by Darian *Little Man*. Thanks for tagging us! ♥

1. Meow! Are you a noisy kitty or a quiet kitty?
I cry for Mom when she leaves and I have always cried for attention. But otherwise I am fairly quiet. Mom doesn't hear me meow until she leaves the room. I don't purr as much as I used to but I do every now and then.

2. Litterbox! Cover your business or let some other kitty cover?
Yes, always. Moppie doesn't do a good enough job so I have to cover his too.

3. Happy! Favorite Daily Routine?
Playing with Moppie. Sniffing Mom's Nose!

4. Hiss! Least Favorite Routine?

5. Ding-Dong! What do you think about visitors to your house?
I love people!

6. Friends! Do you like other animals?
Yes. Moppie is my bestest buddie efur, but Stewie is okay too.

If you haven't played yet, consider yourself tagged!!

Moppie and I went in last week Sunday for our vaccinations! We got our vaccines done this time! It went well, we really didn't notice anything. They just said we were done and sent us on our way.

I'm not sure if Mom is imagining it but she says my eyes look a little red. She says I seem fine otherwise. If its true we would assume it's from the vaccine.

Mom noticed that I am not as cuddly as I used to be. Although I do always come up to her and say hi. I climb up to her and touch my nose to her. It is my way of communicating that I love her and miss her when she isn't around. When mom tries to pet me all I want to do is play, and because I like to use my teeth Mom usually stops petting me for a while.

Moppie and I still play like there is no tomorrow. Mom says we sound like a stampede in her room!

We're getting older though! We almost look like adults now but in a small kitten body! It's such a wonder growing up, and even better with a best friend at your side!

Oh and how could I forget! Mom has us covered with trupanion and we just got our tags in the mail! We both have our fashionable trupanion tags on now! We'll try post some new pictures in the next day or two.


Look! Oh, look at that, no THERE!!!

July 28th 2011 9:04 pm
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Oh my Cat! I found out that things on the computer screen MOVE!! Look at that thing, it is moving, oh and that is flashing. WHOA what just happened? Where did that go? WHERE DID CATSTER GO? Oh good, it is still there. MOL, at least it was Moppie's diary I kept refreshing the page on.

I like laying on the keyboard, it is comfy, both Moppie and I both do. But this makes being on the keyboard more exciting. And to add to it Mom joins in and is like, "where did it go? What did you do? NOT THE CAPS LOCK AGAIN!!! UGGHHH BLADE!" There is so much excitement of walking across the keyboard, you never know what will happen.

Mom bought cat grass... that's fun to.

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