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The life of 2 Clinic Cats

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See you next week!

June 9th 2011 11:44 pm
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We're enjoying the feather on a stick toy that the staff bought us!!! Its a lot of fun, the staff keep playing with us when they aren't too busy.

We've been practicing Musical Chairs at work, practicing if we ever have a game of musical chairs with Finney! We be's takin over the two chairs in the back of the Clinic. The food provider takes Blade to work with her and gets up to get milk ready for the little one, and we steal her seat. She doesn't like it very much! We suppose since its food time for the little fur we shouldn't get in the way but its just too much fun. We can't resist.

The food provider won't be in for the rest of the weekend. She has taken some time off to go camping. One of the staff accepted in taking care of Blade for the weekend for her so he'll still be around a bit.

See you next week food provider, We'll Miss you!!

We want to apologize to Lacy in advance... We know you are having a party on saturday but because the food providers gone the staff won't let us on the computer. We are sorry to miss it, but we will be at the next one. have a good one.

Love and Purrs,
Simon and Tony


Super Busy!!

June 6th 2011 2:18 am
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This weekend has been super busy!!

Friday a little duckling came in again, except this was one lonely duckling where as last time there were more. Ugh but the staff put him in the highest cage, all we could do is watch him from afar. One of the staff raised Simon up to the cage to see what he'd do and he tried to stick his face in as far as he could but he said he still couldn't reach the little duckling.

Also a young foster kitten came in, the foster parent noticed blood in the poop and it had vomited as well. The kitten was in very bad shape and refused to eat any food, the temperature was also super low. The normal temperature is usually within the 38C but the kitties temperature was 34c. Which is very low!! She was also very skinny, like she weighed a lot less then she looked. The food provider tried to describe it as picking something up expecting it to be heavy only to find it was half the weight expected... Make sense? Anyways the kitty stayed overnight and went home to the foster parent in the morning.

Later another kitten came in. It was an older kitten maybe around 10 weeks, he looked a lot like Blade. Someone found him in a ditch and called the SPCA to come get him. He was incredibly vocal. He looked like he wanted a lot of attention. He was also super hungry and loved the food the food provider gave him. T'was funny the next morning one of the staff called the food provider freaked out because she thought the food provider forgot Blade at work. She had to explain that it was just another kitten that came in more then twice his age.

On Saturday when the food provider came in she came into another SPCA dog that was having a lot of trouble breathing laying out on the floor in the back. We took x-rays and found that the dog had what the dr called pneumothorax, it is when the chest gets filled with air around the lungs. The dr took out 3Liters of air out of the chest!!! Wow, where did all that come from? The dog felt so much better after that and was breathing normally for the rest of the night. Apart from that he had some big gashes on his legs which will need to be flushed and stitched but the SPCA only likes us to the minimal treatment in some cases so do the rest.

The food provider had to stay 2 hours late to help with a surgery come in. A pitbull attacked a small dog. Had large gashes to the neck that needed surgery to close up. The food provider left when it was all done although there was still another patient coming in... There was still another staff in and most everything was cleaned up from the surgery so she thought it should be okay if she left. She was exhausted...

Also there was a guinea pig that came in in the middle of the evening. Was found beside a dumpster somewhere in a box. We felt bad for the little guy but happy that he was here safe and sound.

The staff bought us one of those feather on a stick toys and we've been playing with it too. The staff set it up so that it is on our path to our cages so that we can play with it. Other times the staff play with it with us.

We've got to get some rest now, who knows what tomorrow night will hold.

Take Care and stay healthy,

Simon and Tony


Update on food providers kitten

June 2nd 2011 3:41 am
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The food provider came in with the kitten again tonight!! I was sleeping on the cat scale and they wanted to weigh him, so instead of taking me off they put him on here with me. I licked him and they all thought it was cute so I stopped when they pulled out their cameras.

They were all debating on how old the kitten is. When he came in they said he was 2 weeks old but they are now thinking he is older. He has been gaining lots of weight and is getting a little chubby. According to internet sites since his ears are open and he is walking around a little he is about 3 weeks.

Anyways, one of the staff took him home cause the food provider says she has a busy day tomorrow and can't bring him with her. The other staff is very excited to take him home, she is one big cat lover too!

The first thing we heard after she left (through text) was that the kitten pee'd all over her, MOL. Well it had been 3 or more hours since he had gone last, but they were supprised because they've been helping the kitty pee and poo all this time.

The food provider is sitting at the computer missing him and looking at pictures of him...

Not much in tonight. Only one patient coming in and leaving again. We'll see if anything else comes in but it is unusual for furs to come in past 3am but it does happen on occasion. We're just hanging out with the food provider then, enjoying the peace and quite.

Sorry we haven't been doing a good job at keeping up with everyones diary's lately, the food provider hasn't let us on because she's been busy. We've been reading as much as we can but only commenting here and there. Hopefully we'll get some more time soon and we'll catch up more.

We need to help the food provider clean now, so we shall be off. But maybe we'll be back on later if their is spare time to catch up on some more diaries.



May 30th 2011 12:44 am
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So much commotion at work tonight!! ok, maybe not the commotion your thinking of. Well the staff are all smiles and whispering about something. What's going on?

Then the food provider comes rushing in and guess what they handed her? A KITTEN!!! Okay so they must have been in cahoots with each other. This is a two week old kitten and was supposedly almost run over by a lawnmower!! So at this point the food provider said she'd foster it and maybe depending on different circumstances she 'may' adopt it... Okay so she admits to have a week spot for animals in need, can you blame her?

The food provider took the kitten and a bit of kitten milk home with her and will be taking care of him 24/7. She is planning on making a page for him and adding pictures tomorrow.

He is a little orange tabby! Any name suggestions are welcome. :)


Busy day

May 24th 2011 1:07 am
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What a busy day today!! It is Victoria day up here for all you kitties that don't know. Anyways, holiday means we are open 24 hours and all the calls that go to regular clinics get forwarded to ours so we tend to get more patients in on those days.

So we actually have about 15 cages here at the clinic. Well actually minus 3 that are filled with towels and blankets, and well minus 2 that are our cages. And 2 other cages are high and are only used in special cases... So lets say we have 8-10 cages. I suppose that doesn't seem like too many but its not very often that there are tons of patients staying for a while.

There were 6 patients there when the food provider left, 3 of them were SPCA and 2 were patients that needed to be monitored and on IV fluids all night, and one dog that just got out of sedation to clean out its big dog bite wounds. The staff were answering calls all day and there were a couple in and out patients too. As well as a domestic bunny :) the food provider had fun talking to the owner cause she has two bunnies herself.

Oh and before I start talking about patients, when I say SPCA that is our local shelter (is it called that in the USA?... can't remember).

SPCA #1: Someone found a little kitten on a trail somewhere. Someone must not have wanted to deal with her anymore.. These people picked it up but noticed that she wasn't acting normal. She was wobbling back and forth with difficulty walking. Head shaking. They're thinking she has neurological problems. She wouldn't even eat normally, she maybe didn't have any depth perception but couldn't get at the food unless it was put in her mouth. The food provider said her heart broke when she saw this kitten, she'd love to adopt it but wouldn't have any idea if it could live a normal life or anything close... She has never owned a cat herself but feels horrible for what fate this kitten may have.

SPCA #2: Orange tabby cat extremely dehydrated underweight and had also vomited. Very nice kitty but maybe due to not feeling well. Dirty ears and just didn't look like she had anyone to take care of her.. but she did have a tattoo.

SPCA #3: Dog that has beagle colouring but reminded us of a corgi with short legs... anyways this dog had a collar and tattoo so will likely find its way home soon.

The food provider brought her dog Stewie today!! We kinda laughed at him because he had to be in a cage most of the day, he didn't look like he enjoyed it at all; he was scratching the cage door and wanting out. The food provider even gave him a bully stick and he flat out ignored it!! Later she let him out because no clients were coming in and out so he got some time to roam around and help clean. We then got put in our cages because of the surgery to clean the dogs wounds. They don't like having us out because they seem to think we'll make the area un-sterile.
Anyways its nice having Stewie hanging out with us, but we know to give him his space. Almost wanted to get a picture of Stewie and I (tony) together. We're practically twins don't you think? Next time...

The food provider is secretly thinking of taking one of us home. Hopefully me!! for only a day. She'd like to see what it would be like to have a cat at her place, to see if it would be ok or not... She says that getting to know us more and through catster has given her a deeper compassion for cats, one that makes her want one herself. ;)

anyways we are off. Oh and the dryer is now fixed here so no more escape attempts... darn, mol. Take care, and Stay Safe!!


2 squirrels and a baby bunny!!!

May 21st 2011 3:50 pm
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Ok so only one survived but its exciting to have many little wild furs visit our clinic. The first squirrel came in, the shelter couldn't keep him overnight so they asked if they could bring him here. He was healthy and they say he was tame, they suspect he may have been kept as a pet. But the food provider didn't want to take the chance of opening the door and possibly having him get loose.

Next the Night SPCA (hes the one that works throughout the night and deals with emergency calls for the shelter) he came to pick the squirrel up and asked if we'd take another squirrel in exchange, MOL. Well, he didn't quite phrase it that way. This squirrel wasn't doing so well and was on the way to another place but he wasn't sure if it would survive that long. This squirrel must have had babies somewhere by the looks of it.. So we took it in and hoped his condition would improve but unfortunately after an hour or two she passed away. When she came in her temperature was unreadable (VERY low) and was on her side breathing deeply. She was also covered in fleas so that must not have made her feel any better...

Next is the baby bunny... We seem to get a lot of those. Did I mention any baby bunnies in past entries? I may have started after we had them. We had two baby bunnies come in one day after the other about a month ago (or so). One was healthy, the other one we tried to revive but passed away. But todays bunny was not in good condition at all and we decided to put him to sleep right away so he didn't need to suffer. We'll post a picture of the healthy bunny from a month ago. They are just so cute!! Oh and of course they look fun to play with ;).

Simon was most interested in the squirrels this time, I (Tony) was having too much fun with the new turbo scratcher. The food provider decided to put a towel under it cause i'd run into the room and jump on it and it would skid half way across the room!!! It makes a horrible sound when it moves on hard floor. The food provider took it home in hopes to put a grip of some sort on it. And after I was finished playing I went to Simon's cage and had a good nap on his bed, his bed is so much nicer then mine!!!! What makes them think he deserves the bed and not me? Anyways that is one of my hideaway sleeping spots now.

A list of our 10 favorite sleeping spots:

1. Catscale in the cat exam room

2. The printer

3. The staff's chairs. Especially if they get off and are planning on coming back.

4. Simon's Bed (My spot during the night, Simon doesn't sleep here except during the day)

5. Upfront on the cat bed by the window or on a chair upfront

6. On files in which the staff are using

7. Oh and I can't forget patient's cages!! One of Simon's favorites!

8. Under the couch in the Dr's office (my 'secret' hideaway)

9. The staff's laps

10. Cupboards that we open and slip into (we don't sleep in cupboards very often, but we love opening them!)

Hugs and Purrs,

Tony and Simon


Relaxing Night for us here!

May 19th 2011 8:28 am
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We are getting our manly rest tonight!! Well I suppose we do every night...
Not too much exciting happening today, the only patient is a dog in the back who we think has IVDD which you’re welcome to look up if you want to know more, but it is basically a serious back problem. He is in pain and has been whining off and on throughout the night. The Dr. has put him on pain meds to help him with the pain for now; he will then be transferred to their vet where they will discuss further testing.

Night time is our resting time, so we are just hanging out. I (Simon) am up front watching all the cars go by, and Tony is in the back hanging out with the food provider on the chair next to hers. Mornings is when we start getting active again. We run from the front to back and all over again. We are visiting the turbo scratcher every now and then and playing with some toys that are along our path.

An hour until feeding time... Well sooner if we are good enough at begging the food provider. But she mentioned that the hungrier we are the more we play so we’re not sure if our plan will work.

Look at the sun streaming through the windows!!! I believe I picked a good spot to sit. It’s gonna be a nice day today here. We over heard the food provider mention that she just planted Catnip at home; we are going to get FRESH catnip. How exciting is that?



May 17th 2011 6:03 pm
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We LOVE our new Turbo Scratcher!!! We went to investigate it as soon as the food provider put it down, we were drawn by the intoxicating smell of cat nip of course. We first tried out the ball and found out that it comes back when you hit it, then we notices that the middle is the perfect scratching surface. Who said we don't need something to scratch?! After we checked it out and played with it for a while we went for our night snooze, when we woke up in the morning we played with it again. Of course we'll have to get used to having it around because then we will go to it more often. The food provider still caught us scratching the furniture but she said she doesn't expect that to stop right away or completely for that matter.

We both took turns playing with it. But of course I (Simon) own it therefore I get to choose how long Tony can play with it for. Of course he was a little jealous that it is mine and tried to hog it for a bit but I stared him down and ran after him. Later he actually dared to jump and attack me!! The food provider said he did the traditional kitty-cat pounce where he crouched down wiggled his butt and jumped over the turbo scratcher and onto me!!! I guess I'll need to set him strait next time.

The food provider said something about me being greedy. Not sure what that means exactly but she said it has something to do with the fact that when I see tony playing with something then I want it too. Tony was playing with a hacky-sack and well he's not allowed to have fun, so I had to go take it from him. He isn't allowed to play with my toys right? Well he gets away with it sometimes, being lazy and all I have to pick and choose my fights.

Last night there was only one kitty guest and he was only there for a little while. I hissed at him to show him who's boss because he told his owner that he wanted to come into my territory!! Well the food provider threw me out of my territory... how dare she. Oh well I suppose that is life in a clinic. Tony and I went out to stalk after him later on, it is fun to follow our guests around, MOL. It's a fun game because they have no idea what we'd do to them.

Its almost dinner time... Now where is the staff who feeds us?!


Tony Scared the Food Provider!!!

May 14th 2011 2:43 am
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So do you remember at all how we mentioned the drier was broken at work? Well if you don't we'll mention it again. So long story short until it is fixed the hose from the drier has to go outside, therefore we need to open the door. The staff first put us in our cages at first because they didn't want us to get out, but have lately been putting a blanket in between the door so we can't get out. The food provider especially put the blanket as high as her neck and a broom in front too.

Well Tony decided to go hide behind/under the couch in the Dr's office. The food provider noticed he wasn't around but thought he may be in the office because the Dr was in there taking a nap. But when he got up the the food provider went in and checked the office but Tony was no where to be seen!!!! She started freaking out and the staff called him and searched every room high and low. He was no where. She was hoping beyond hope he didn't get out, but went out to look for him anyways. She put me (Simon) in a cage and opened the door in hopes of Tony to come back. After an hour or so Tony comes trotting out of th Dr's office. The food provider was so mad/frustrated, but I could tell she was relieved he was not gone. As you can tell she had one tough night. She said tony never sleeps in there and never stays in a hiding spot for so long, it was odd for him... anyways its okay now, but she still is getting over the stress.

Well we had a good night ;). The food provider washed all our bedding and our litter boxes all nicely. We now have a super clean cage to sleep in tomorrow.

The food provider asked the staff if we could have a scratching post, but they said no. So there is no chance that work will buy us a scratching post or anything at this point. They say it would make the clinic too crowded and will look messy. Maybe they'll change their mind some day...

The food provider is thinking of getting the turbo scratcher (thanks Zach for suggesting it!!) It is small and looks like a lot of fun. But like the other things she has bought for us she will only bring in when she is working and when not too many staff are around. But is wondering if it will be too loud for night time when the Dr is sleeping. We can play with it a little farther away but we don't know how loud it is... The food provider is such a dork she'd buy one anyways for her future cat, MOL.

Oh and we promised Blizzard we'd check the ferret's file to see how he'd ended up. Well according to our files (care calls to patients are done one day later) he's doing a lot better, still not 100% when we had called but much improvement from when he was in.

Finney we enjoyed your party. Even though we technically couldn't be there, the food provider was contently checking her phone for catster updates, MOL.

Simon and Tony


Silly Staff!

May 10th 2011 10:37 am
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There was a ferret at the clinic all night! And the silly staff put her on ground level, MOL. We tried to stick our paw in to fish him out, the food provider was going to try take a picture, she said it was cute. But we pretended to loose interest when she tried.

All the pets in tonight were pretty serious cases... One hit by car, one vomiting (and couldn't really walk without falling over) and the ferret who had very low red blood cell count. So there were not really any happy ever after stories tonight unfortunately. A lot of those stories happen after they leave our clinic anyways...

But! The food provider brought us some toys. We have such a nerdy food provider, MOL. She went out and bought a catnip toy for us, and one of those stands with a spring and a ball on top..?!? anyways we loved the cat nip toy, but we're not sure what to do with the spring toy. She also brought us yummy treats because the treats that we used to have are finished. But the reason the food provider is such a nerd is cause she has no cats of her own but is shopping for us clinic cats. We're not complaining, MOL.

The food provider feels bad that we don't have a scratching post. We scratch all the chairs and the staff gets mad at us. She says that they shouldn't get mad at us if they aren't willing to buy us something else to scratch... She may not be willing to bring it up though, she is newest to the clinic and does not feel like she is able to be open with some of the other staff... We'll see. We sure hope we could get one, maybe one with a perch on top!

Oh and we forgot the other day that we took a picture of that x-ray of the dog that swallowed the tennis ball. Would seeing that interest you? We're gonna post it, if you like seeing that kind of stuff we will try post some more often. Since it isn't really a picture of the animal I see no problem with it since it could be any animal in the world for all you know. ;)

Thats it for now, Ta Ta!

Simon and Tony

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