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Rebel with Neatly Trimmed Claws

April 11th 2011 3:44 am
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Oh, furiendsd, it os so hard toi type food todayu. I meean type goood today. Bit I willll do myu best.

Mum tolds me htat i have ti have my pedicure. But my pedi's arent sssick so why do htey habe to be cured?

The vet preson, i mean person saids htat my clawds were so very very longh and he cut lots off. it dose feel betttter bit my toes doen't wirk rihgt.

He tride to giveeee mee a tabblet adn i tried to takwe his hand off in trade.

Adn he told Mum i haev a heart murmurmurmur (i dont knwo when to stop typign that - likee bananananana.) Mum saids not ot worrry - she wil take verrry goood cares of me.

I hoope i typ bettert omorrow. i have to practise usiong my new toes.


Here's the catch....

April 10th 2011 1:31 am
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I was pacing back and forth in front of Mum when she was sitting on the sofa. She took the hint and put her legs up and put a nice soft blankie over them so I hopped up to take a lap nap. When I first met her, she did tell me that she makes good feline 'fur'niture, but I thought she was going to build stuff for me. I had no idea that she meant that she turns into feline 'fur'niture!

I had a nice nap and then when I got up, I went to jump down and one of my kitty claws caught on the blankie and I fell in a rather clumsy way, although I did try to give it a little extra flip so it would look like it was on purpose, but it didn't really work. Mum tried to make me feel better and told me I am an acrocat, but I was still mortified.

She said that I will be having my pedicure tomorrow and my nails will be nicely trimmed so that she won't have reason to call me Velcro Toes any more. It will be nice not to catch on everything, but I must admit, I find the prospect of a pedicure particularly perturbing. :(


The tables continue to turn...

April 8th 2011 11:37 pm
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Okay, so it was like this...

Me and Mum sat down to have a discussion about why I shouldn't walk on the table. I thought I had her on my argument that the kitchen floor is my table and she walks there but she said that the difference is that I walk in my litter box and she doesn't dip her feet in her toilet.


That being the case, this is the deal I have proposed:
She may walk on my table if she first dips her feet in her toilet...

....but then she has to lick them clean!

And I maintain that as long as she walks on my table, I will walk on hers!

I have spoken.


What a day!!

April 8th 2011 12:41 am
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I had so much fun yesterday when my cat-a-blog was honoured as Diary of the Day! I loved meeting so many new furiends and love all the messages and gifts I received! Mum helped me try to keep up, but if I furgot to thank anyone, I'm very sorry! I typed as fast as my little toes would go, but it was hard to keep track!

I look forward to getting to know all of my furiends and will keep updating you here so you can learn more about me and my adventures with my new humans.

And for those of you who are waiting to see how the previously mentioned table issue works out - stay tuned! Mum said she would let it go since yesterday was such a special day for me, but she said that 'it will be discussed' in a tone that said she really means it. But truth be told, I don't think she can win that one!

Thanks again - everyone!


Me-WOW! My Cat-a-blog is Diary of the Day!

April 7th 2011 3:07 am
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I'm such a happy kitty - and very surprised by this very nice acknowledgement! I hope lots of kitties enjoy what I've written so far.

*Does kitty happy dance which is only done when no one is looking!*


Turning the tables

April 7th 2011 12:27 am
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It seems my new mum doesn't want me to walk on her table. But I keep trying. She said that it's not an 'appropriate' place for kitty feet so I asked why that was so. She explained that the table is where she eats so kitties shouldn't walk there. So I pointed out that my 'table' is the kitchen floor and she has no problem walking on that! Ha!

So now I'll see what she has to say about that!

I'm waiting.......


The Horror!!!

April 5th 2011 11:35 pm
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I did not get to write in my Cat-a-blog yesterday because I was too busy sulking and Mum was too busy saying how sorry she was. Can you believe she tried to put a necklace on me??? I need no adornment. I'm purrfect as is!

She claims that it's for my safety. I haven't ventured outside yet and she said that she wants me to wear a necklace with my phone number when and if I do - just in case. She said that if people see a kitty with a lovely necklace, they will know that he's not a stray and that he is a homeowner. And if I wander too far and furget the way home, a nice human could call her if I had my phone number with me.

I told her I'd prefur my own mobile phone. Surely that would show the world that I am a homeowner. And I could call if needed.

And of course she had to ask which of my pockets I intended to carry it in. We have a name (in my native language, known to some as Catese, Catch, Meowish or Purrican) for humans like that, but it would not be polite to use such language here.



The Hunt is On!

April 4th 2011 12:25 am
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Mum went out yesterday and came home with bags and bags of food - all for me! She must be an amazing hunter! She said she is determined to find my absolute most favouritest food and will continue hunting until she finds it.

I like the way she thinks!



April 3rd 2011 2:52 am
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Well, Dad thought I don't purr. Mum noticed that I do, but so very quietly, you can only feel my purr, not hear it. We had a long talk about this. I finally admitted that by purring so softly that my humans can't hear, they try all the harder to get me to purr and I get more cuddles. I was a little disappointed in myself for admitting that because now she's on to me. But she assured me that I will still get lots of cuddles, and extra ones as she tries to find the little vibration purr I make.

She told me that people sometimes do the same sort of thing and that they have something called a poker face so no one knows what they are thinking. I guess I have a poker purr. ;)


Rainy faces

April 2nd 2011 12:48 am
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I know my new mum still misses her Suzy who went to the rainbow bridge last month. When she thinks about her, it makes her face rain. She has told me lots about Suzy and she particularly misses when Suzy slept in her lap when Mum would lie on the couch and read. I thought maybe I would do that and it would make her happy. I settled in exactly the way she described... and her face started raining! I didn't want to make that happen!! But then I noticed she was making one of those big smile faces at the same time, so I guess it was all good.

Maybe I should have looked for a rainbow!

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