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Unequal Rules

August 19th 2005 7:03 am
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The other day I made a long, daring leap onto the plant stand. I know you will find this hard to believe but I knocked a plant off the stand. Yikes! I get in big trouble for that. It fell and hit the cat bed so the pot didn't break and the plant was fine. Very little mess to clean I might add. But my mom was still kinda upset with me.
Well the next day my mom was walking by the same plant stand and a vine hooked on her shirt. The plant flew off of the stand and the pot broke into a million pieces! OK maybe not a million but a lot and you get the idea. Dirt was everywhere. It was a huge mess. My mom should have been mad at herself but I never heard one word. So I ask you, is this fair? I think I need to protest the unequal rules that seem to govern this place. Or maybe leave the plants alone. Oh no, though, could never leave them alone. What's a cat to do?



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