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Six Things I Hate

July 29th 2008 8:15 am
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I was tagged by my good friend, Milagrito to list 6 things I hate. They are:

1. Company! I do not like people in my house that don't live there. I usually hide for a very long time.
2. Aluminum Foil! Yikes the way that stuff sounds when it gets ripped off the box. It sends me running.
3. Plastic garbage bags! Same as foil for me- just not liking the sound when they get opened or shook out.
4. The Doorbell! It means company has arrived.
5. Landscapers! They have the noisiest mower and weed eaters that I have ever heard. They also yell a lot.
6. Cat clothes, hats, fancy neckwear, etc.! We are cats, not kids. If I am sleepy then maybe my mom can get a pic of me wearing something but never think I like it, OK? Nope not me. It's not anything a cat should allow to happen.

I am tagging any of my furriends who feel like doing this list. I know we get lots of tags so I am not going to name any cat in case you don't want to do it. I hope some will though.



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