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The Big Monster

May 12th 2005 11:19 am
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I have not added anything to my diary in awhile. I've been real busy with watching birdies, chipmunks and squirrels since the windows are all open now. I also get lots of catmail these days and there are only so many hours in the day what with nap times and all. 8) Anyway, I have to write about the ugly, stinky monster I saw yesterday. I was having a leisurely nap atop our cat tree. Suddenly I hear all this growling and squealing! I look out the window to see a big ugly monster standing on my street. A guy gets outta the monster, grabs a bag laying on the ground and tosses it right in the mouth of the monster. It kind of has a long trunk down like an elephant but with a big bin attached. That's where the food goes. Then it growls real loud and raises its trunk up and over it back. Then the weirdest thing as it threw up the food into its own back. Now my mom tried to tell me it was a garbage truck but I never heard a regular truck squeal and growl like that. I had heard this before a lot but this was my first good view of it. I'm going to be watching out for that monster every day from now on. And oh does it ever stink!



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