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our 'Foster' has a go and say 'hello'!

February 5th 2012 8:11 am
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Dear Kit-tahs,
Our foster Delilah, who is curled up at the moment between the pillows on MY BED now has a page.
If any of your parwrents are seeking another Fur, please, please step forward and lay claim!
I will be hones tand say that while I don't much like sharing my home, my bed, my pawrents attention...she is not an intolerable room mate. She's...I could choke here...well, Pleasant.

Yes, Pleasant.

She will remain with us until the 'right' home is found.
Some furs have asked 'oh, Natalie, why don't you just let her stay?'
WEll...she is staying....til the right home is found. I'm not kicking her out, nor are my pawrents.

That said...why? The RB is WHY! he's a brute. With a new cat here he becomes....RBish.

He's a very territorial cat. he takes out his aggression at having another added to his small space by picking on the two weakest clowder members he has access to...the BUB or Bella. Not always, but he has 'odd moments'.

Mommy and Daddy keep Delilah in here. the Cat From Hell-Samoa, how could you name it a Dreamboat in Training?-it visits. The Cat from Hell and Delilah the Foster play! Sometimes they spring right over my head.

I don't like that.

Now, Delilah could only go to a home where she would be loved, have stability, and be cared for forever.

That said, any wonderous families in range of the this area...please speak with my humans.

She even appears to have permanently borrowed my favorite Stinky Sock toy.


Natalie the Natcat, Tiny Face, Tiny Paws, Wallaby legs


No, Mommy, we don't need cat number seven, and it's not a- lucky number.

January 30th 2012 8:32 am
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'Our' Foster, Delilah (who mommy prefers to call Lila, she feels it is a sweeter name for a sweeter cat, isn't it just so sweet?) went out to be 'shown' on Saturday. Daddy had to take her over to the volunteer who was taking her out to the place they were showing.
Mommy had school. Mommy called Daddy from School-'did you send Lila with some food, I don't want her to get hungry.' And Daddy says 'yes, dear, I sent her with two cans'.
And mommy called after her second class and said 'Honey, why don't yiou call and see how she is doing. It's 12 and make sure she's not scared or may need to get her.' And daddy dutifully called and told Mommy 'Lila' was fine.
When Mommy came home with Daddy in the early evening (they had to do the mound of laundry that had been breeding in the corner-it's apparently like rabbits in that way) Lila's transporters from the rescue still had not called. Mommy called them and they told her they were doing a home check for another kitty and would be home soon.
They finally got called at 5:30pm. Lila got bought back here a bit after 6. She was a little scared at first, but not terribly so. They told Mommy that 'Oh, she's so sweet and friendly! We won't have trouble finding her a home!' and I thought Mommy would cry when she told Daddy this.
OK, Kit-tahs. This....this is just what worries me. You see, my Human Mommy loves this Cat! She loves all cats, but is growing especially fond of this dappled black and gold feline that I have to not as bad as I feared. Do I like it? I would not go that far. It Eats MY FOOD! IT EATS ALL THE TIME!

But it doesn't trouble me.

But you must understand, my good Kit-tahs, our home is small and cozy. I reside in the bedroom. Occasionally the Cat From Hell gets in here. (I can't figure out why after I posted in my Diary why that Jackson Galaxy hasn't come to collect it.) It's gotten out quickly enough...this morning it smacked mommys hand hard...and she took it by it's scruff and got it has already annoyed me...

But this cat doesn't annoy me...much. But realistically, we just are a very small space with alot of cats in it. It can be found a home....a good home! I've tried to have this conversation with Mommy...but do you think Mommy listens? Daddy is fond of her too....I have explained to Daddy that if she stays I will no longer speak to him. But Daddy has said that he's very very fond of t his little cat too.

You see how the pawrents are.

The truth is this little feline is not an unpleasant little cat-truthfully she's quite alright, I guess. But I feel she needs her own space, her own home. She can have that.

I fear, kit-tahs.

And the practical is that vet care is dear, and my pawrents...sigh....6 is enough, really. And I'm sure those of you with multiple cats understand this all too well...

If anyone cares to view the 'foster',she is listed through Cats in the Cradle NY and the petfinder site is here:

If, any of you, dear kit-tahs, are in a position to add another to your clowder...I will vouch for that she is a pleasant room-mate and you must understand I would have never thought you'd hear me say that....

Sigh...back to enjoying a nap,
Natalie the Natcat, Tiny Face Tiny Paws, Wallaby Legs


Dear Mr. Galaxy-if you want the 'cat from hell', he lives- here.

January 25th 2012 9:41 am
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In case you had lost him.
He's here. This morning he got in and was under the bed.
It's worse, even, then the RB.
One can avoid the RB. He's not too bright.
This...the Cat from lurks under the bed.
It's not the BUB.
This is a long, slender black and white thing that appears like some mutant ninja and sits up on it's hinds and goes at me.

I am a MAU! I lay my ears back, scream my death scream, and extend all my claws and HISSSSSS!!!
It...the clown faced Cat from Hell mimics me and does the same. It's not my size-but it's a wiry thing about 3/4 grown now and it is growing by leaps and bounds.

Mr. Galaxy, I don't know how it got here. I know you're in Cali. But it is here-it must have got away from you when you were on hiatus. We don't have premium cable here so I guess it presumed you wouldn't know it had gotten here. But yes, it's here.

Are you coming to get it?

I am a Natcat! I am already being expected to cope with a Foster. It's annoying. I don't want it here. But at least it minds it's business, except when it stealthily jumps up on the bed and sticks its face in my food dish. It says 'rrrrpt?' and tries to look pleasant.

It, hopefull, will be found a 'home'.

The Cat From Hell, however, is another matter. It's all yours.

I would like it if you would come and get your Show's Title, right now.

I presume you have the air fare.

P.S. You better bring a tranq. dart. It can be fierce. After all, it is the Cat from Hell.

P.P.S-You needn't bother Momcat with this missive. In fact, it's better if you don't. I'll get you in and out quickly.

Cordially Yours,
Natale the Natcat Tiny Face, Tiny Paws, Wallaby Legs


'It's' still here, and Mommy is cleaning, I, of course, am- supervising!

January 21st 2012 11:08 am
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That 'cat' is still here. It's on top of Daddy's dresser. I made a point of after using my box,, boing over and yowling at it. It was on MY windowsill too, I could smell it!

Mommy should put it back in the cage where it belongs. Secondly, get it out of here!

However, Mommy says 'Well, Natalie, you did't like the cage, did you? Can you imagine how she feels, losing her people, her home, and being in a room where she's not wanted by you?"

Oh, don't think you'll guilt me out, dear human. I don't guilt!

Mommy has been cleaning in my room. She's taking a break now to take dictation for me. She's changed the bed clothes, bagged 6 bags of laundry to go to the laundry mat, and will soon sweet and dust in here. I'm helping by supervising.

One has to, because it hasn't been done in some time. You know yourselves how hard it is to get good help!

and now, I think, a nap!

Natalie the Natcat Tiny Face, Tiny Paws, Wallaby legs


Is there no end to it?

January 20th 2012 1:55 pm
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'It' is out IN MY ROOM! I just saw 'IT'. That foster black cat with gold specks. It went away for awhile last night...I sighed with happiness....thought it was gone for good! Well, they bought it back. It was out gettine examined and tested and having shots.
Now it's walking around and purring. I'm truly miserable.

It's trying to take over.

We can't have that!

I heard mommy say 'oh, I wish we could keep her! She's so sweet!'

I may...just may....have to challenge her to a smackdown to show her who's boss. And next to Sweets, I have the fastest smacky paw in the east.


Just too much-an Usurper to my Throne...and my room!

January 17th 2012 9:45 am
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There is an intrduder here. Mommy tells me to be patient, to be 'nice'. where being a Natcat or Wallaby Legged Cat states I have to be 'nice'.
Especially, especially when I get put into Ruffys carrier (larger than mine) and that little beast is allowed to run loose in the room for an hour at a time.
I don't like it, not one bit. I yell, but those humans just say 'come on Natalie, it's just for a little bit, she's caged all day and needs some exercise.'
As if this should appease me.

I am not amused. Nor am I happy.

Will someone please step forward and adopt this feline intruder so I am have my space back!

Hmmmph! It's a rude rude situation!

Natalie the Natcat Tiny Face Tiny Paws, Wallaby legs


Dear Kit-tahs, I've been trying to tell them...

January 11th 2012 11:31 am
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Well, Kit-tahs,
I had the most delightful pmail from Big Harry! And do you know, Big Harry believes we may be Egyptian Maus. Well, partly, anyway. I'm a Natcat. And Harry is a Harrycat. But our ancestry is obvious.
Hmmm. I didn't know this, no. I thought perhaps I had Abbysinian ancestry. But Big Harry pointed out that we have many Egyptian Mau traits-and they do come in orangey colors. And they don't meow, they tell you what they are....which is, apparently what I have been trying to tell them when I see, I don't 'meow'. I say 'MAAAAUUUU!!!' I've been trying to tell them!

Have they listened?
Well, what do you think?

Maus are noted, by the by, for having a 'flap'. Also known, dear Blizzard, as a 'Mousepouch.'. Yes, I have always had this. Look at my after surgery pics and it's pretty visible.

Well, so we are descended from Egyptian Royalty. But then, aren't we all my dears, aren't we all?

love to you all!
Natalie the Natcat, Tiny Face, Tiny Paws, Wallaby Legs, Mau Meow.

PS.- Mau means Cat in Egyptian as per the website.


Has everyone seen the lovely picture Big Harry Made?

January 5th 2012 8:09 am
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Hello, Kit-tahs,

Well, I just wanted to let everyone know that my good fur friend Big Harry has made a lovely picture of He and I! It is a precious picture!
Big Harry and I have similar looks, and we have always wondered if perhaps somewhere in the history of Felines if Kangaroos were not descended from us. I, being the smaller cat, more resemble a Wallaby, but my handsome Harry is certainly the King of Kangaroos!

And he's such a dapper dresser, and like me, likes to hide and keep his ears warm!

Do, my good furs, check out the lovely picture on his page, and now, yes, on mine.

With Purrs,
Natalie the Natcat
Tiny Face, Tiny Paws-Wallaby legs.


Happy and Healthy New Year to All! BEING ELDERWISE!

January 2nd 2012 6:22 am
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Greetings, Kit-tahs!

Ah, yes, I am feeling a great deal better! I had a diatary indisposition. However, this morning-how glorius! I was able to use my box to it's full advantage, and Mommy and Daddy-not to mention myself-are very happy!

Mommy has removed my dry food. She feels that it might have contributed. I assured her it was the over-indulging of this time of year. Just now I'm resting-it's warmer than it has been here, and Mommy has lifted me to the top of a large box so I can get some light and a slight breeze.

That pesky annoying kitten was in here. I hissed, I smacked, I spat. It was to no avail. It simply wasn't afraid at all. It smacked and poked at me. Mommy said he wanted to play! Hmmmph! No respect! Finally, after she left him in here far too long to my liking, she put him outside in the other room. When he was in the window, watching the squirrels it wasn't so bad. But then he came over and began to poke and prod and stand up on his hind legs.

Boystuff, I suppose!

I want to wish all of you a Happy New Year. I, myself, beleive I shall wait and celebrate the Chinese New Year. I hear tell they have good things to eat that time of year I'd much enjoy, and frankly, it sounds like much fun. Til then, I shall take it easy.

For all of you out there I've come to know and love, I wish you much prosperity, good health and happiness. Remember, we, as Felines, are special!

And I name the New Chinese New Year-The Year of the Elderwise!

So, from your Natcat, I send purrs of much love and grattitude for knowing all of you!



Feeling better-and 'Dear Natalie the Natcat-a letter- answered from me to a human

December 30th 2011 7:49 am
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Hello Kit-tahs!
I am feeling better! I believe that the other day I had some something to eat that disagreed with me.

I will now be answering a letter I recieved from another Elderwise Kit-tah who has a very disgruntling issue!

Dear Natalie the Natcat,

I have read here that you are an Elderwise kitty, and hoped you could help us.
We are several kitties who have been so happy with our Human. She's been kind to us, and fed us good things, given us lovely scritches under the chin and by our ears. She has always evidenced to love us.
However, recently, she has another male human she calls her 'boyfriend'. He actually told her that he doesn't want all of us! He has commented on our litter box habits, and complained about our fur!
We were here first! We love our human, and need her to take care of us! What should we do?

Concerned in Catsterland!

Dear Concerned,

Sigh. Once again the Elderwise are called upon to Educate hapless 2 legged humans.
I shall address this to your human. Please show it to her. I have gone to some trouble having my human mommy put this into 'english', the language they speak. It's a bit more primitive than feline, so do forgive me, dear Concerned. And rest assured, my Magick surrounds you, as does your own, even now! For you are Magickal-all Felines are!
With love,
Natalie the Natcat, Elderwise

Dear Concerneds Human Companion,

It has come to my attention that you have aquired a 'boyfriend'. From what I am to understand, the 'boyfriend' does not properly worship your cats as you do.
I want to remind you that we have been worshipped before the Pyramids of Egypt Stood. It is our right and our Due.
I would also, in a kindly fashion, like to point out that obviously, dear person, your Cats are your 'family'. They are your 'friends'. Unlike some cruel humans, we don't comment on when you have indulged over the holidays. We don't criticise your clothing, lack of it, or make fun of your Hello Kitty fuzzy slippers. We don't care if you order a pizza at three am and eat it while indulging in 'Spartacus' on Netflicks. Indeed, we keep you company, as many of us enjoy pizza, and are rooting for those lions. We offer you purrs and kittydances when you're not feeling well, give you rough licks when you're crying, and understand that sometimes a paw on the hand or shoulder....bestowing the Power of the the best thing we can do when you're feeling lonely. We frisk and leap high to cheer you from a depression, we groom you when you're wistful. We play with you, and encourage you to eat well, so we can, too! We allow you to care for us, a divine chore once regulated to priestesses and High Priests. We graciously share our most wonderous gazes, blessing you with mysterious infinity. We leap into your lap and life...and ask so little in return. Affection, responsible health care, clean water, nourishing food, and devotion.
The person typing this for me, was wise. She based the choosing of her life's mate on the decision of a small grey and white cat named Bella. When Bella curled up in my now Daddy's lap, this was a 'go'. So wise of her, don't you think, to understand that Bella KNEW!
And we do KNOW! We are blessed with instincts that sadly, many humans have buffered and put away. We SENSE good, we SENSE when there is someone we KNOW will be good. We are, you see, Sensitive, intuitive creatures. We choose our people. And we KNOW when our people choose people if they are worthy of them, and of the Felines who you have been choosen by to Attend, love and Grow with.
Dear Human, your Felines speak to you without words, but with the most poinant communication. They can, if you listen, bestow much wisdom.
And I will try to 'affect' human reason, which for me is difficult, I admit.
Why, Dear Human, would you want a person-any person- in your life who did not open their hearts to the very Guides that have trusted you to understand that you are treading paths together that will bring you wisdom, love, and growth! And oh, joy! For we love joy!
If someone is telling you unpleasant things about us, then, really, they are commenting on Important parts of you, too! Would you dishonor your own life by so even considering their human words? For as such, they are without Honor.
Dear Human, listen not to words, but to what your Feline's instincts are telling you. For if you can't trust your own, so long subdued, trust that we KNOW!
A 'boyfriend' who asks you to remove us, or limit us in your life....that is no 'friend'.
If you are asked to remove us...soon you will be asked to give up other less wonderious things you enjoy, people you love and care about, and perhaps things you treasure. And all too possibly, Dear Human, when this Destructive person has finished, you will have little left. And would you so wish someone who would do this to be a part of your life?
Dear Human, heed me. Your life is to be filled with joy and learning. A true 'Friend' will welcome us and marvel in us....the Wonder of Cat.
To accept less than is not fair to you....or to those who love you, and who's lives and Souls so cleave to you.

Consider carefully.
With Wisdom incarnate,
Natalie the Natcat, Tiny Face, Tiny Paws

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