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moma- ivey

July 2nd 2011 7:47 pm
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HI everfurrone, I am not sure if you all have heard about
moma ivey but she is here at my house, word around here is that she is staying in the guest bathroom for now MOL like a guest ooh or is she a resident, we do not know yet, but she is safe and eating and the fleas are gone from her! She is writting a diary if you get a chance go check it out and see if you wanna be friends with her, she has met a few kitties. Thanks to all my friends for making her a part of the catster communitity. Even if she gets her furever home in another home we will keep her page up to date as we hear about her or she might be in our and dad are talking.
tiny tot out.


Moma Ivey!

June 30th 2011 7:59 pm
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Yea!!! Moma Ivey is safe and doing ok, you wanna know how I know? Cause she is here! Yep staying at my house right now! She is out in the kitty pad lock cause we cannot get close to her until the vet checks her out and they will do that on this Saturday! I am so happy she is here! Well really I am not sure yet but mom is really happy and that makes me happy too. I don't know if she is gonna live here furever yet or not you can see her here moma ivey.
Maybe she will write diary tonight too or maybe tomorrow after she if feeling more settled.


Purrs for my fur mom please!

June 21st 2011 10:19 pm
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Oh mom and I are worried about my fur mom. Moma talked to the care giver of our old colony the other day and Ivey my fur mom needs purrs. See the lady that took care of us had to leave when she lost her job and she lives with family now, but she goes by her old apartment when she can and feeds the kitties that are left there from the colony and my fur mom is one of them. The care giver told mom that Moma Ivey looks really thin. No one is feeding them ever day now oooh and moma Ivey is already so tiny. She is built like moemoe and she looks a lot like Alley did. Moma wants to go get her but little boy cannot take anymore cats in the house. We want to help her so bad. She is so sweet the caregiver told mom that as hungry as she was, she grabbed a bite and the turned back for luvin from the caregiver. :(
She has been fixed, and a 5 yr rabies shot(moma did that for her but sadly couldn't keep her and all of us and her two kitties) but she is soo hungry and she wants luvin so bad. She is ok as an outside stray as long as someone was feeding her....just makes us so sad for her. The residents living there are mad when the caregiver comes by to feed them, the cat lovers have moved out.
love your moms and dads it's soooo gooood to have a luvin home.


Hey My DIARY GOT PICKED! and BooBoo is furry upset

May 28th 2011 11:40 pm
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I am so happy to be a DDP today, it took away some of the sadness of missing my mom. So many of my friends stopped by with gift cards and pictures and lots of kitties congratulated me. I love it here in this community of kitties and kitty luvin humans!
Yup she still has guest and they were home again late tonight and she still made time for me to love on her, I gave her another nose rub I don't do that often and yet twice in two nights I did. I must really be missing her. Hey Blizzard, Booboo got lots of extra treats to make up for mom being gone. She is too upset missing you right now to let mom love on her.
tinister out.


losing moma to guest

May 27th 2011 11:32 pm
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Yea she has some out of town guest so she has been gone a lot lately and when she is home well she brings in strangers, I am kinda scared of them (ok run and hide scared of them) and so tonight after they all went to bed very late,she found me and laid on the floor with me to give me kitty luvin it was so comforting, it was like I could not stop rubbing purring and marking her I nose touched her and rubbed my face all over her. I think it will be good when they are gone, even though I know she is enjoying them, I really miss her.
tinister out


we made a mom sandwich

May 25th 2011 11:27 pm
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Yea we sandwiched her. See this is how it happened. Mom came home really tired and laid down with dad on the bed to rest for a little while, she even got under the covers. Then callie got up there with them said hi to dad and went to lay so close to mom's back that mom thought she was trying to crawl inside her skin. Callie doesn't like to share my mom's time, but I was already on the bed so I went to lay next to mom's tummy. We are both so heavy we had her pinned in under the covers. IT was a sandwich so we tossed in some purrs and kitty massages and then I stretched out and touched my paw to her nose and she began to stroke my head and oooh I Purred so loud, then as callie massaged her back, mom reached back and begin to stroke her neck and ears. It was so great but mom didn't sleep much she just rested for a little while. I guess maybe it was a mom burrito cause we had her all rolled up in the covers, maybe we should have trimmed her nails while we had her all wrapped up. MOL


I had to be given up that frst got cha day.

May 21st 2011 12:19 am
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Yea it was a strange beginning my life with mom. She found me dieing with my eyes infected so bad I could not open them. My furmom was so thin she could not really feed us well, and I was the runt. I was smaller than mom's palm, and she took me into her palm then got me all cleaned up and helped me open my little eyes, and then she loved me and took me home with her, me and alley. It was only for one night, because we would not drink the kitten milk she bought or eat the kitten food she gave us and so she gave us back to our fur mom...........I was so happy cause you know it was really scary to leave. Then a few days later she got all of us including my fur mom, then while my siblings learned to eat kitten food she bottle fed me. I couldn't breath, I couldn't see, my tummy hurt a lot and she kept forcing me to eat and putting yucky stuff in my mouth, ears and eyes, oh I cried and she did too, I was losing weight and dieing again. She made me sit in the bath room while she showered (the steam was supposed to be good for me) then she held vick's cotten balls to my nose, I cried and she did too then she forced me to eat. She loved me she prayed over me, she begged me to live and eat. I wanted to live and I tried to play and I PURRED all the time but she could see I felt awful. I was a fading kitten over and over. Everyday she wondered if I would be gone when she got home. She called me tinytot cause I was so little and could hardly walk. Now I make a joke of the name tiny. Yea my gotcha story isn't real glamorous but to mom and I it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I love her so much I don't want to leave her side and it makes me sad when she goes away, I usually hide till she gets back. I am so furry glad she got me TWICE. If she had kept the first time I might have died, if she hadn't taken me the second time I might have died. So you see why I love her so much? needs purrs and prayers

May 20th 2011 10:28 am
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Hi everfurrone we just read about please stop by if you get a chance needs purrs and prayers. This is the 2nd day to stay at the vets :(
please feel batter

Oh no I don't know why the links did not work if you read this and can repost it with the link properly that would be great. Patch really needs some catster suppport.


I am kinda like a busy body

May 12th 2011 8:46 pm
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MOL I like to hang out where mom is and I like to have her stuff mine all around. So the other day I was on the bathroom counter while she got ready for work and then I started looking through her make up bag, and took off with one of her hair things. I took it to my play room where I had my shoestring and playglove already stashed. When dad said "hey tiny dude what's up" I gave him a friendly tail and moved back to the room with mom. I was really busy so I went and got her anklet (the little braclet thingy she wears on her ankle) and put it with my stash. Tonight I was cleaning off the night stand by the bed. Moma said I will alwasy have a baby face and that makes it so easy for her to forgive me for taking her stuff. ok Gotta run busy busy busy.


Easter week end is over. Our surprise maybe tomorrow.

April 24th 2011 9:06 pm
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I hope everfurryone had a good Easter we been readin some diaries today, catching up on what we missed while we were off catster with computer problems and it sounds like a lot of kitties got some ham and even some easter eggs with catnip and cat treats, how cool is that. We had to say home by ourselves (with a cat care giver just checking in on us) while mom and dad had easter in the country with that's a fine way to say I love ya to the kitties....Mom and dad came home last night and I have been following mom everwhere. She left this monring for church and I looked down from the top of the stairs at her with a real deprssed look, but she went anyway. I keep running in to give her kiesses and head bonks, it makes me so happy when she is home with me. Callie said we get a surprise and she thinks it will be here tomorrow, Moe cannot know about it mom is doing it to make up for missing her DOTD and also cause we never got any easter are we orphans? It's furry exciting I can hardly wait to see what we get.

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