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Zach's confessions and secrets

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Turbo Scratcher Tournament at 6 AM

January 26th 2014 5:38 pm
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Yep, you heard me right. Gris and I was going for the gold at 6 this morning. Mom said "really? At 6?" Mom pushed the Turbo Scratcher under the edge of the dresser and went back to bed. 2 Min.s later she wakes up to plasticie spinning noises again. She looks and Gris had pulled it out from under the dresser. Mom laid there and then said "Okay okay okay!"

She picked it up and started walking with it. We panicked! And started following her hastily. She then placed it on the kitchen floor and said "now have your tournament." Boy did we! Minutes later, Mom comes back in. Cranks up the coffee pot and says "Thanks guys"

So long story short...we wound up having a great Sunday morning. And Mom also said it's crazy how everyone acted like it was a brand new toy once I moved it. Even Zoe got in the action.


PARTY AT ZACH"S POOL HALL!!!!!! Sunday all day and all- night!

December 27th 2013 6:34 pm
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Be there or be square!!!!!

We haven't had a party in a while, so Skylar and I decided to tie one on this weekend.....(bow ties, geez catnipaholics) anyway, can't chit chat long. Mom spent all my time up, trying to save that extra dollar bill, on Ebay tonight.

Love ya lots!See you there.


I've been a good boy, I promise

December 8th 2013 7:33 pm
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Okay, so I have been good to Diamond lately. She has been kind of quite and I've been kind of like chill. I have realized the kit Daphne has taking a shine to her. They play and play. And then sleep together. Daphne even has a bite or two of Di's food every night. Mom normally woundn't let her but It's so dang cute.

Speaking of Daphne, she is sooo sweet and loving and yet a pure hellion. Rowdy as rowdy can get. Oh and she's learned where our toy box is now, so you can Imagine the mess she makes.

Gris is even getting a little rowdier too. He broke into the bathroom vanity and dragged three rolls of toilet paper out. Then shredded them.

Zoe is getting fat, but she's healthy. No itchy scratchies at all, not for awhile.

Well, that's how we have been. Just the same ol same old.



October 20th 2013 4:32 pm
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I sat down to write my diary and ...........Blank. Writers block. There's really nothing to say.

It was cold this morning but mom hadn't turned the heat on yet. She's kind of apprehensive about it because of Zoe peeing in the heat vent. Of course she hasn't been doing that this year (so mom thinks).

The leaves are starting to turn and the birdies and squirrels are very active. Makes for good watching. Gris takes his window in my room, Daphne has taking to the front window, Zoe in the back bedroom window and I still love sitting on the kitchen table looking out the back door.

Have you been watching the wildlife? Is it good where you are? Watcha see? Diamond said she seen three deer out at grandmas' today. She said she wanted to chase but they would have kicked her butt.


Thanks for all my friends and Daisy is still ith us

August 31st 2013 1:09 pm
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Ellie and Daisy have worked out a deal between them that least that's what her name is right now.....can use Ellie's page for her own. Ellie was fine with that. So check it out. She has put up pics and has wrote a diary questioning her new life.

Thanks for all the rosettes and gift pics. I am honored. I wish I had time to wish everyone individually but I don't. After all it's Labor Day weekend and we have partying to do!

Love you all
Zachery Tristen


Stranger in our bathroom......not again

August 25th 2013 5:47 am
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Yep you heard me, there is a small stranger in our bathroom. Mom said she will post her picture on Gris's page ( since they are closer to age) Mom swears she didn't mean to bring a a little cat home. She actually says the little kitty just walked up to her in the front yard. Mom is checking lost and found signs and the paper. The little one most have lived with someone because there is like zero wild in her. just cute nd snugglely. She says if the kitty lives with a little human then she needs to go back home,otherwise she is so sweet and cute with her unique markings that that reminds everyone of Diamond, that she just might be able to stay.

So far Gris is taking the baby being here hard. Zo is being nonchalant, DI is curious and me turns out to be I love raising babies. I found this out when Gris came to live with us. Kittens re cute with their constant exploring and jumping.

So go check out this little babies pic.....if ther is no response, no other mommy claiming her I guess she'll get her on page in a week or two.


Vaca time.

August 11th 2013 7:05 am
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We hate vaca time, it always either takes mom away for a long time or she runs in and out of the door for days. This year mom hasn't packed any bags, but one same one. She says her and Diamond are going to work on their tans at the lake for the weekend and then she is all ours for the rest of the week.

We want to help mom get in the catnap type mood? But how? Zoe said she can clean the house but we don't know where mom hides her cleaning supplies. Gris said he could rearrange all the stuff (junk) laying on the guest bed in my room but he doesn't know if he can keep himself from destroying some of the Christmas ornaments and I kill Christmas ribbons. So we decided not to help her that way either.

We could redecorate the house with our toys? We could open up a bag of moms sun chips and leave them scattered all over the table? Zoe could leave a fur ball at the front door. What should we do? I could lay all over moms pillow so all she sees is my hair when she goes to lay down.

Watcha think?


That's how we dew!

August 4th 2013 4:18 pm
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Mom got a new toy to replace the computer. .... A mini iPad. Sooooo I guess we'll start coming back around more. Our laptop went out on us three weeks ago and is still not completely right. So mom broke down and got the toy. Also we are getting close to fall, which is favorite time of the year. Can't miss out of all the fun around here.

Nothing new been going on around here. Zoe is getting chunky so like our girl Sleep, we are starving because of her. Plus, mom has been feeding Diamond a grain free dog food for three weeks now, it's a descent price ( lots cheaper than the pro plan she was giving her) and she has been doing well with it. She lost some weight, she is nice and shinny, and her breath has gotten better. Laceys mom said this is all good news. Mom decided to get it for us this time around today. So far we aren't interested in it but she did put some of our old food in the bowl with the stinky healthy stuff. ( like we don't know what she's doing) Diamond gets Lamb, we get chicken.

Gris has learned positive begging, lovies in return for food. I told him it works a year ago but he was young and stupid then. He has also been digging through moms Christmas boxes. He keeps digging these feather wreaths out and scattering them around the house. Now of course it isn't me.....I know better.(ya right) anyway, mom has been boxing and reboxing things up at night for a few weeks now. Oh and throwing and giving some things away too, like our old toys have disappeared! Like to know why we have to purge our stuff. Diamond is ill she can't find her favorite broken tennis ball. All mom can say is "it's bad for you DI"

Well just wanted to say hi! Miss you guys.


Computer news and rescuing a 2 year old Pit bull

July 6th 2013 7:57 am
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So Mom ran the recovery wizard on her computer last night and the hard drive is fried. No worries though, all our pictures and stuff are saved on a cloud or two or three if you want to count various websites as clouds. Now if she could just remember the pass words. Mom and Dale will switch out the hard drive next week.....hopifully that's all thats wrong.

Now for even more pressing news, our neighbors (renters) next door who never treated their doggie right. Remember Mom going into rages about them?? Well they have moved and it seems they have abandoned the doggy. The owner of the house asked if she needs to call the animal control and mo and all her friends said NO!!! After all he's a Pit they will put him down and he will never have a chance to have a great life. So Mom was looking at him yesterday and man he is so so skinny. Maybe mom can post a pic. Mom sucpects that they had to cut corners financially and they doggy food was one of them. So she is feeding him now. She also might have temporary housing ( back yard to live in) lined up. A friend who runs a rescue for doggies said he would help with the vet bills.

Guys this baby is pittiful, mom never ever liked how they treated this puppy and to finally see what kind of shape he is in breaks her heart. We would keep the pup ourselves if Diamond likes him but this pup has probably never had any shots so Mom is keeping them apart for the time being. Mom has a couple great ideas for the pup. Did I mention he came home from the breeder the same week Mom got Gris? That means they are oth roughly the same age. Mom said if we keep him his name will be Louie. She always liked that name for male doggies. But we will see, nothing is set in stone. Poor thing reds to gain about ten pounds first and get his ears cleaned ( he has scabs from the flies eating at his ears, mom had a German Shepard growing up that had the same problem)

We wish we could get everything we need to but mom said the real world is kicking her butt big time.... So many projects going on.


Big paws and iPhones don't work well together.

July 4th 2013 7:05 pm
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3 weeks ago mega Tuesday updates tried to kill our laptop. Mom was able to save it. It worked well for awhile but this past Tuesday it happened again. This time Mom decided to uninstall some unused programs while she was at it and dang if it didn't damage our disk. Now the computer keeps freezing during the startup repair, and the check disk isn't working either. Dale is coming over tomorrow to share some it genus and help me run a recovery disk. Cross your paws it works.

Meantime, we're stuck writing on Moms phone.

We wanted to say happy 4th of July to all of you and thanks so much for the fireworks. Wish we could send you guys fireworks back.

Loves from all of us.

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