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I am doing well and less head jumping

February 11th 2011 4:35 am
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I have been having a good week.
I think my ouchie is gone? I can't see it anymore so I wonder?
I like my suit cause it is nice and warm and cat is it cold around here! It was like in the single digits last night! It is now 8 with the sun up!
So when it is that cold We pile on the Pops. I get right next to him on the left which is my special place. I wonder now why I argued for so long about this? I mean I used to push my brofurs out of their spots all night long by always jumping on their heads! Jump on Tims head. Jump on Tobys head! Chase Buddy and jump on his head. Back to Tim. I would not get any sleep for all the head jumping. MOL!
I guess I am growing up a little.
Rumpy Bump


Wow! I am looking and feeling great with my new Suit!

February 9th 2011 4:57 am
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We had a package come from Toki! Pops has been talking about some new way to help my ouchie get better. Toki said that a "Suit" was the way to go. Hmmm.

I think Pops was a little apprehensive about all this with the suit. None of us allow any little shirt or jackets or hats or ANYTHING! MOL! We are Man-Cats! MOL!

When Pops opened the package from Toki's Mom I was kind of like. Ewww!
Then he opened the thing and it went rip rip rip rip and I ran a bit. He was giving it that funny look. His lip sticks out and the fur by his eyes gets all scrunchy...

He put it away and I kept playing. Well soon I was ready for a nap. Don't you know that when I got to sleep, I sleep very deeply, Pops snuck over. First he gave me a nice head scratch. Prrtt. Prrtt. Then he rubbed my belly! Prrtt. Prrtt.
Then he put my paw through... HUH? then my other! Then he did my back and.... Yeoww! I have a thing on me... That "Suit"!!

Then he took my collar off and I worked on licking all those spots I have not been able to get too! Prrtt. Prrtt.

Wonderful. I got nice and clean. My fur tastes funny in some spots though? Well I spent the whole night next to Pops! In my Special Spot too! Right next to his left side. Tim has the Right and Toby has his leg. MOL. I went Prrtt Prrtt Prrtt all night long!

I got up this morning with no collar! Whee!

I will keep you up to date!
I love my "suit" but I really do not know what a "suit" is? Am I wearing it? MOL

Thank you so much Toki! I feel better already.
I have put a photo up too!
Thanks for the Purrs All my Pals!
Rumpy Bump


Ah Well lost game but a lot of fun was had by all

February 8th 2011 5:30 am
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Well we all know the sad truth! Pittsburgh went down like a field mouse under a paw. Pops and a couple pals were here giving them a "Ya-Hoo Comon Team" to no avail. To be honest it was half half here either Green Bay or Pittsburgh. We all had fun though.

I got to sniff some of Pops pals and his sisfur too! She has the little doggies downstairs and comes to visit me when Pops is at work. I love rubbing on her boots! Ahh! MOL!

We all got special treats so we would not walk on or eat the hooman food. Who would want to? It smelled yuck. We got little square tubs of wonderful stuff. Different flavors. Wowzers.

Then we got to play wand with every one! I leaped across the room and grabbed the best wand from Pops Pal! I got it right off him as he was not paying attention. Hoomans get big Eyes too! Who woulda known? Buddy even came to play. We had a great time.

Toby and Tim had a big fun fight on the top of the tree. It went on and on. Everyone was watching. I think they were more entertaining than the game cause it was a bit slow at times.

So a secret! Tim was all upset! He is not very social. When everyone was here Pops pal Janet went into the kitchen and Tim was in the doorway to the bedroom. He started Hissing! BIG TIME. John said:"I can see all the way in his mouth!" HISSSSSS! HISSSSS! HISSSSS! Cat talk for: "MY HOUSE! MINE! GO AWAY! MY HOUSE!"
So Pops went in and closed the door a bit. I Peeked. Tim jumped on the bed and Pops gave him a pet. He purred right away. Pops put the blanket on him like they play and told him it was alright.
Don't you know in 10 minutes Tim came out and jumped up with Pops. That was that he was in the mix. He did not want anyone to know!

So my burn is progressing. I like to lick but Pops does not want me to. Back and forth... Forth and back...

Bye fur now
Rumpy Bump


Super Bowl Sunday and I am... Rumpy!

February 6th 2011 9:48 am
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Furends I am feeling great!
Da Pops is a bit upset wit me fur keeping my ouchie clean and neat but dats hoomans. I dont know why but they dont want you to EVER touch an Ouchie?

All day: "Rumpy Stop that!" and "Rumpy don't lick!" and "Rumpy stop causing troub..." Oh yeah! That was about jumping on someones head!

Ah well.

Like I was saying I feel GREAT! I am full of go-and-get-up!

I think we are having a kitty par-taa today! The bro-furs are all quiet like and are whispering! It is either that or they are going to gang up on me and jump on my head for a change. I hope so! Whee!

Thanks fur the purrs! I think that is why I am doing so well!
Oh Pops wants to say suptin! Bye!
Rumpy Bump

Pops:"My little fellows burn is on track. He can wiggle around to get a small spot and I am going to try something called Yuck on it and see how that goes. It stops licking. My sisters dog just kept going so we shall see.
I am really happy he seems to be like before. I just have to start setting the limits I have let slide. He has to get back on track to share with his brothers. A tough lesson for this headstrong kid. He is very smart and finds ways around things. The little bug.
We are doing a vet run tomorrow or Tues so I will keep you up to date!
Thanks so much for the support! It really gave me the energy to get through this very difficult trial!"
Pete AKA Pops


Friday with Rumpy!

February 4th 2011 4:23 am
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Furends! I am doing pretty well


I gave my Ouchie a lick last night cause Pops was "checking" my wonderful collar (I am starting to like it). I got a big hunka hunka hard stuff off and he liked that but then I got the other part nice and clean. I think cat clean and hooman clean is very diffurent. We like to get our raspy tongues to get right down to, well, us. Hoomans want to leave some "old us" on our Ouchies.


But dat Pops does know a lot. He really got me feeling better when this all started and I was like "Ohhh Leave me alone Ohhh".


Wow that Trout oil works gud so tanks Tabbies!

Ingen I will this weekend when I have more puter time!

Thanks too Toki who made me a nice suit to wear. I cannot wait to see it.

So Pops says about 2 more weeks. That will be a little more than a full month. Sigh.

Prrtt to my pals
Rumpy Bump


Rump-date Thursday Morning February Third Aught Leben!

February 3rd 2011 4:13 am
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Sorry furs!
Not much time today!
Took furever to spell that title! With paws n all it is rough to type. And what is the spelling with hooman words anyhow? Where did they get the name for today? Listen to a mouse or rat! They do stoopid stuff like that.
My Ouchie is less ouching.
I still have my collar cause I do lick too hard the part that is not all healed up. It got a bit of red leaking last night. I think Pops was going to remove my Tudor collar but he saw that and said: "Rumpy-Bump you have to be more careful or we will have a longer healing time!"
So I was good last night.
Pops has a good way to pet me too! He kind of reaches on either side of my Ouchie and wiggles his hand. It feels real good! Then he does under the Tudor Collar and my neck... I am all like: Prrtt! Prrtt!
I also have a good appetite with this cold. I think I am back up to my prior weight and Pops pokes my belly with his finger and calls me "dough-boy"... I am Rumpy-Bump. Silly guy!
So the purrs have worked but I am still getting better so thanks and keep em coming!
A Prrtt! To you all!


Rump-date Wed Morning

February 2nd 2011 4:26 am
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Oh catz we shuda posted last night!
Dat Pops buzy so we buzy too!

He hadda meetin on Monday to change his job!
We doan know what dat means but he says he will have more energy iffn he get out of, hmm, he calls it "The third ring of Hell"...
What-ever... Peeple funny... He funny too...

Monday: So me I was really feeling better. Then I pulled my scab again! I was all OUCHIE Ouchie ouchie then it was ok.It happened right when Pops put treaters down do I was like. WANT, run away, WANT, run away, Want, ok lets eat. I felt better in less than a cat-nap. Pops then put that goopy on me when I was chowin down. I said "so what I chowin down" so that was that.

Pops got another book that he told me says this takes one month to heal a "deep partial thickness burn". That seems like a whole lot to mumble. Just say "Ouchie"? Peeple! Dey mean well.

Tuesday: I was just about the same as Monday. That scab I pulled was hanging so I let da Pops clip it off. Really interesting. He had a big silver thing that his paw fit in. It opened like a mouth but had no teeth? It made a "snip snip" sound and my hanging scabby was gone.
Very interesting.

Today Wednesday: Boy dat hard to spel! Today I had some more scabby hanging. Again with the snip snip. I got my goopy and am really kind of used to it. I stopped trying to lick it. Yuck. So I am pretty fit now. I do feel funny sometimes though. Like when I first got my Ouchie! Well not that bad but I have to run a bit to make sure. Then it is gone! Like being nipped hard with no one nippin. I wonder if Buddy Bud is behind this? Pop says its "You are healing little guy. The nerves are all working again. This is good news Rump. Only one little spot of deeper burn about 3/4 by 1/2 inch. Love you little furend. In a human dude way of course"

So doods and doodettes seems I am just about there! Another week and my collar can come off. I now kind of like it! I just hope my beautiful fur grows back and I can be in TICA shows like was the plan before my ouchie. Those Purrs you all sent will get me back to normal I am sure!

PS Happy Birfdayz to Buddy-Bud, Coco, and Pops too! MOL!
Love you All! (In a man cat way of course)
Rumpy Bump


Sunday Wowzers Rump-Date

January 30th 2011 10:01 am
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Hi all my very special Furiends!
I am blessed to have you all!

And Wow! Another DDP!

I am doing pretty well over all. My burn has been progressing slowly.
They do that. Heal slowly. Pops got a book yesterday and he read it all through. He explained to to me as I was laying next to him.(I admit I was dozing for a bit cause he can get very boorish about fizzy-ol-gee and ant-atom-me) So he says my burn is a partial thickness but severe. It is mostly all down to the bottom layer so it will heal. He says there may be a bit that is almost through but... Maybe not. Time will tell. I just want to get this collar off! Gee whiz!

I feel really good. I am playing a lot more this week. I am running around with Toby and Buddy. Tim always plays nice, but, sometimes he will not give up a toy until Tim is done with it. I can get the others to give up a toy. Not Tim. Oh well. We are pals.

I have been feeling closer to my brofurs too! Before I would only really call Tim a close buddy. Now, well, I sleep with Buddy. I sit on the window with Toby. Tim says I am growing up a little. Maybe so maybe so.

Pops is busy putting all the information about my experience together to maybe help other kitties who get a burn. He thinks it will really help their caregivers too!

We are getting ready for more snow this week. There is no where to put it so Pops is worried. More for the hassle than really worried. We want it to snow cause then he may stay home and play! Come-on Snow!

Thanks again all my great furiends! It helps me more than you know! My Pops too! The brofurs are there for us but like Wow, We really love you doods and doodettes right back. Pops says we are going to have to say thanks to each and every one of you when we get a minute.

Rumpy Bump


Exciting News Friday Morning

January 28th 2011 4:19 am
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Well furs!
I really have to admit I have been really amazed at the support and love that has poured out to me!

Thanks for the DDP the other day too! Wow! Special honors!

So the news that I want to share! Last night I told Pops too! He was a bit hard to wake up but I kept at it.

About 1AM I got my "Tudor Collar"(Very funny Pops) turned so I could get at my ouchie just a little. So I got hold of it and *Yankers*! I got a bit of it off. Underneath it was nice pink skin! Healthy and intact!
Now I have known this for a bit, cause, well, it is my skin, but, the Pops was worried that my skin had an ouchie all way through.

So after walking on him about 6 times he reached over and mumbled something and I moved so his hand bumped the part I just uncovered. He got right up and put the light on(It was a bit wet from my licking) to see. He gave me a big smile and tucked me in next to him.

Well I had to tell Toby but he jumped off the bed. And I had to tell Tim and he listened but went to the bottom of the bed and said "yeah yeah Rumpy we have not been on Mars!"

So I did not mind the goop so much this morning. I think it makes the old ouchie softer so I can nibble it better.

So that is the update for this morning.

I think all the purrs I have been getting made a big big difference so thanks. Keep them coming as I still have a while to go.

All of us are hoping to have time Sat to catch up. Snowed in! MOL!

We need each and every one of you!
Love in a Tomcat fashion
Rumpy Bump


Rump-date Wednesday Morn I am better!

January 26th 2011 4:16 am
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Hi Purrs and Furs!

Imagine my surprise!
We got our treats and then there was a second helping a while later(the Old Man does that sometimes). So anyhow, I am chilling and see a big pile of dry in my little crate(I have two, one big enough to live in, I am special) so in I go. Next thing we are up at the Vet.

I do not mind the Vet lady. They like me and tell me how handsome I am(of course). I also not put up a fuss cause I think Pops gets more upset with me fussing I get by fussing in the first place. And, cat-o-dat the watching me play, eat, even use the pan, this has to end. So I just came out and gave my best Prrr-ttt.

She smiled at me. She gave me a pet.
And then...
And then...
Drum Roll Please!
Horns next! Taaa-Daaa-Taaa-Daaa!

I got a good checkup! The nice lady told us that my ouchie is fine and healing like it should be. It is like what peeple call a "scab" and the Pops call eshcar. He is an odd duck.

Then they trimmed the hair around my ouchie and they *wispers: Trimmed my bump*. I did not even have to go into my crate till I was done. The nice vet lady just carried me around and I said hi to the other kitties, oh yeah, there was a funny doggie there too! He said he was a "Bull-woof"!(woof is what doggies call themselves. I will not say what we cats call them MOL)

So I came home and played for a good hour with toys and thrown mousies. We did a lot of running with the little bug that is so fast. I think Pops somehow controls that bug cause when you look up at him he has something in his paw. He says "lasser" or something. Funny Pop.

But, wow, Timmers was, wow! He really knows the moves. He had his paws out real wide and moves around at the same time! Then he changes directions in a flash! Zoom zip zoom!

The truth is it was a little, well, scary. We all watched. No one tried to sneak in and steal the prey. We all had big eyes and I realized he does not go all out most of the time. He is just playing easy with us and having fun. Buddy asked "Learn anything Kid?". I just shook my ruff. Mew-Yep. That is why he is Top-Cat Timmy Tom.
So then he jumps up with Pop. Sometimes I butt in but I just kind of sat down on the floor and gave my paw a lick last night.

We all relaxed and took turns finishing dinner. A good night. Pops was not as up my bump all the time. MOL. So furs it looks like smooth sailing from here out. My ouchie is still an ouchie, but we shall be OK here at the Tom Cat home with the Pops and purrsevere.


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