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My lab results

February 16th 2015 3:14 pm
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Hooray! We got good news, the mass was a mass cell tumor & no nasty "C". We did the happy dance, Mom is so relieved, and to be honest so am I.

I am healing up I do have to go in to have my stitches removed. I am always trying to get Mom & Dad to scratch my back but they are very careful that they don't hit my stitches.

That you all for your purrs, prayers & gifts. The PPOTP WORKED & we believe.

Love & hugs to all
Tu Two and Mom


Update on Tu Two

February 9th 2015 6:34 pm
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We got her home, I must say She Is Doing really good. She ate a small amount of can food, cleaned herself & sat in her heated bed looking out from the open window. She has made a couple attempts to get to her stitches so tonight she will be wearing her collar. Guess tomorrow we will see how she feels after all the affects of today are hopefully out of her system. She has about a 2 inch cut with stitches inside & out and lots of fur shaved more than I thought for what they did.

I know she is happy to be home with us again.

While waiting for her we were looking at Catfancy mag.for March. They announced the magazine will now be Catster magazine how exciting! We can't wait for it to be out.

thank you for being here for Tu & me, you are the best


My Tu Two

February 9th 2015 1:15 pm
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My little sweetie is doing goof. Stopped by the vet after grocery shopping. Her vet just came out from cleaning her teeth, I got to see her X rays, the vet said she doesn't get to see teeth as good as hers often. No issues, no teeth pulled. Thank goodness.
She had to go back in as soon as they finished polishing her teeth.

She called once she was done with removing the mass from her back, now we wait for the lab work to get the results. I pray it isn't cancer!
Tu Two did great she was awake & alert.

She has stitches inside & out so we will have to keep watch she doesn't pull them out, sure hope she doesn't have to wear the collar.

on a good note she has lost half lb. since we started her diet, sure will be a little more after today.
Thank you for your prayers & gifts.

Will get to bring her home after 4....

Hugs to you all
Peggy & Tu Two


Tomorrow my Dental and growth removel

February 8th 2015 3:49 pm
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Well Tomorrow Mom says I have to go to the Vet, I have to stay most of the day because I have to have my toofies cleaned, not sure about any toofies having to be pulled we are keeping our paws and fingers crossed I don't, but tomorrow we will find out. This is the first time I will be at the vet most of the day and Mom is worried because I really really hate being in a cage, she knows I will be stressed out. She is also worried about putting me under, like so many of our Moms are.

Also I have a tiny growth on my back towards my back end, Mom says it looks like a wart....anyway while I am under they will remove it and send it out to the lap. We are all purring and praying it is nothing to worry about. I had one and it dried up and fell off...if you can hope some of you can purr for me...

Mom will let you know how I am doing and the results from the lap when she can.

Purrs to all that are in need of the purrs!

Princess Tu Two


My Update

January 27th 2015 3:02 pm
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Hello my friends, yes it has been some time since Mom has let me do my diary, but since I have gone to the vet with Zeke for our check ups she is letting me and I have a lot to meow about.

First as most of us kitties when we go to the vet we are not happy, I was not, I meowed loudly all the way to the vet, I even out did Zeke and he can be pretty loud. Now that Mom and Dad are retired Dad goes with us so Mom isn't always doing it alone.

I was first to go they think I am so cute especially when I do the wiggle bunny butt...the tech does the unmentionable on how awful to have that done, but I guess we all have to go through those things. So as Mom knew I am over weight, not that she over feeds us, I go around the house and eat the others dry food....so I am officially on a diet and I have to say this Princess is not happy the food is not good....I am eating a little of the dry, Mom has to go get the special ordered can food for me, shes hoping I will eat this one, I have already tried 2 others and I would not eat if at all even if she put in some of my favorite can I ate that and left the diet food. I have to lose 4 lbs and the vet told Mom it could take me up to a year to lose the weight and that she doesn't want Mom to get frustrated because it does take time.

So Mom has been playing more with me and trying to get me to run through the house, of course Kody gets in the playing time and he loves to chase me through the house too. Mom bought a baby/small animal scale to weighs all of us, she has to keep watch on Xena's weight too because of her Thyroid.

The beginning of this year I got to experience snow, Mom took me out so I could see and touch the white stuff, I do have to say I was not interested in being in it, I wanted to find grass, darn there isn't grass in our yard anymore....

I am enjoying sleeping in our warm heated beds in front of our bay window especially when the sun shines in, I am sleeping more in Moms walk in closet on the beds in there too, I am not bothering Xena anymore, Mom is happy about that, but Xena still doesn't like me to be near her I sure don't understand that.

Mom has taken lots of pictures of us since we moved but of course she isn't going to put any on catster she doesn't want to lose any of our stuff so hopefully when it gets fixed she will put them on so you all can see us since we moved.

We love our house now, even Mom it has taken us all time to adjust and be happy here....what a year we had, but now we are here and like Mom says we are all retired now and we can enjoy life even if in the desert.

Well time to go, Mom has to get the scale out and weigh us to see how we are doing...sending lots of hugs and we sure miss you all

PS: I forgot I have to have my toofies clean,I go Feb. 9th....as all Moms and Dads my Mom is worried, she always worries....hope it goes well and I don't have a lot of toofies pulled. So I had my blood work done already and everything is good.

Princess Tu Two


Meowy Catmus

December 21st 2014 6:16 pm
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Wishing all my friends a MEOWY CATMUS! and lots of blessing for 2015!

Tu Two


It Is All About PInk & Tallulah

October 1st 2014 2:36 pm
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My Oh My we almost didn't get to my profile, not sure what is going on, my mom finally went to Zeke's profile and clicked on me...finally we got to my profile. She sent a message to find out what is going on with getting to my profile, she clicks from her email, our account and my sisfur & brofurs profile and she gets a doggie, that's right a doggie that we don't know, maybe we need to become friends with this doggie.....hope they fix it and when she does get my profile it takes forever to finish loading...hope they fix it.

So on to the important part of my diary today! this month it is all about Pink and honoring our Tallulah....we all have our pages decorated for BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH/TALLULAH'S KITTY BREAST CANCER AWARENESS....

Yes even Zeke and Kody's pages are all pink and let me tell you they are proud to have their background all pink, they too wear pink and happily so because we know that men and boy kitties & doggies can and do get breast cancer....so this month we are all about pink as we honor Tallulah and friends that had or have breast cancer....

We know they are all pink warriors they all fight this cancer, never giving up so we don't give up either...we fight for a cure and we believe they will one day find that cure so no more will get breast cancer animals or humans.

Think pink and remember to check for lumps and bumps!

hugs to all
Tu Two


My Gotcha Day

September 25th 2014 3:41 pm
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Sorry I haven't been around to thank my wonderpurr friends for my gotcha day gifts, so now I thank you for remembering me.


I have to tell you my Mom forgot my Gotcha Day, that is right she forgot, can you believe it, I can't because she always remembers things like our special days....and

She wasn't even home with me for part of the day, her and Dad left us here, but I forgive her because she had to go to town (20 miles away) to get our food for the month. Now that she is retired and only gets her SS what ever that is she has to go get a months supply of our food. So I spend most of the day sleeping on her bed which I do love to do.

Mom didn't remember until she looked at the calendar and remembered the day she found me and adopted me, that was 2 days after my gotcha day. She is so sad she didn't remember and let me tell you she is making up for it, she sure is....I got lots of love, hugs and kisses, then she gave me a good breakfast and dinner, so yummy and I got my tuna flakes that I love so much, even though I am not getting them now that Mom is watching what I eat...yes Mom is still starving me, well that is what I think!

I guess I forgive Mom because I know she loves me and is so happy she has me to love and be her special little princess, she remembers that our angel Tallulah made sure she saw me on TV and she chose me her little princess.

So much love and memories I have since I found Mom and got my forever home. We are both blessed to have each other so we can love another.

Hugs to all

Tu Two


I am happy too

August 22nd 2014 4:52 pm
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Hi my friends it has been a while for me to write in my diary, but today we all get to for we can finally do diaries and friends don't have to find ways to comment or not comment at all....we are doing the happy dance!!!!and we can finally change out our decorated pages from the holidays...but we are all honoring Tallulah because tomorrow is her rainbow bridge....Mom needs to learn how to do the pages all over again just too much time has gone by and she has a new lap top and things are different here....

So thank you for saving our catster, bringing back our diaires comments and letting us decorate our pages again...there will be lots of activity here once everyone knows they can change things once again.

Tomorrow we honor our Tallulah....more to come!!!

Tu Two


Well I can't believe it Mom is starving me!

July 16th 2014 2:36 pm
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That is right I can't believe it, Mom is starving me, you heard me right she is starving me....she has noticed that I am a little budgie, she picked me up and told Dad that she thinks I have gained some weight since we moved. So now I can only get a little of my can food and rationed dry food. She never leaves that dry out because Kody can't have any, but what was happening because Dad is home every time I ask for food he gives me my bowl and I eat...I am in heaven. Then I make my rounds to get Zekes dry after his is done, Mom doesn't see because she is busy doing the kitty boxes in the morning and at night she is fixing her dinner...I also head into Mom's walk in closet and eat Xena's food, even some can food because I can get her to move...so yeah I have gained some weight. Mom is worried.

Yeah Mom is worried because she knows with weight gain comes health problems, I am healthy now, but if I keep this up I may not be...so I am rationed for now...no extra food...and I am not happy at all.

So this Princess is starving and Mom doesn't care...

Tu Two

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