SAM Dreamboat In Training #23

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Picture of SAM Dreamboat In Training #23, a male Siamese/Colorpoint Shorthair

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"Welcome to my page! I'm SAM!~"

Home:Fort Worth, TX  [I have a diary!]  
Age: 3 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 12 lbs.

In my garden~! Outside iz so mush fun~!

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"In my garden~! Outside iz so mush fun~!"

I am sooo Lovable!~~

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"I am sooo Lovable!~~"

OMC!~ She said YES!~ Harley Sez YES  her be

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"OMC!~ She said YES!~ Harley Sez YES her be's my VALENTINE!!~Thank U sweetie fur da GRAND PIX o' US!!~"

Whoo Hoo I am in da tree now! I did it! I did, look at me Milo!~

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"Whoo Hoo I am in da tree now! I did it! I did, look at me Milo!~"

4 Months old here, yesh I am Sam!~

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"4 Months old here, yesh I am Sam!~"

Ready for Summer!

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"Ready for Summer!"

Whoo Hoo, rockin' da Screamin' Cat Ship, thanks Moppie my grand furiend!  We're sailin da seas wif Cap'n Long John River!~ What a Ride!~

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"Whoo Hoo, rockin' da Screamin' Cat Ship, thanks Moppie my grand furiend! We're sailin da seas wif Cap'n Long John River!~ What a Ride!~"

Brotherz United!

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"Brotherz United!"

Look! Tao 'n Me purrlayin' Soccer!~ FUN!!~Thanks Tao, my way pawsome furiend!!~Purrs, bof o' us R DREAMBOATS in TRAINING!! THANK U SAMOA!!~

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"Look! Tao 'n Me purrlayin' Soccer!~ FUN!!~Thanks Tao, my way pawsome furiend!!~Purrs, bof o' us R DREAMBOATS in TRAINING!! THANK U SAMOA!!~"

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Sam I am

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

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Quick Bio:
-mixed breed-cat rescue

Gotcha Date:
August 11th 2010

August 1st 2010


Cruncy Temptations treats, Chasin' Milo, Flipping over 'n over in his Red Kitty Cube

Sam is a kewl kitty. He loves everyone!!!

Favorite Toy:
ALL of them, 'n Milo's too!! Feather toys, kicker toys, Bouncy mousies, Red mousie, Milo's catnip toys

Favorite Nap Spot:
Definately in mommy's lap, although he has his own bed, 'n naps where ever he get's tired, Sam now owns his Mommy Lisa's apartment, and he Rules it now!

Favorite Food:
Temptations hard treats with filling, Purina Kitten food, 'n Fancy feast wet

Way kewl kitty Sam is! Runs faster that a Cheetah!, Plays with multiple toys at the same time! Outruns MIlo! Oh and being so cute when he finally Sleeps! MOL!


Arrival Story:
Angel was found at the Church Day Care where my close neighbor Lisa works. Angel was so tiny, and drenched with rain, hanging on for dear life, next to their outside A/C unit. He was miserable and screaming for help! The inside peeps thought it was a bird making the noise. Then Lisa went to see what it was, and there he was, soaked from all the rain we had that day. He was inside the fence which surrounded that A/C unit. Lisa grabbed him up, he was sooo tiny! Someone called the pound. They came out, but said since he was so tiny, and they didn’t have a foster mom to nurse him, he would be put to sleep. Now Lisa wouldn’t stand for that! She grabbed that kitten away from them and said, “Not this kitten!” Lisa believes that this kitten was an Angel sent from above that day. Sent to her to take care of and make sure nothing happened to him. I believe the Lord wanted them both to be together. Lisa, living alone, didn’t have any furry companions, and didn’t quite know what to do. At that point I gladly stepped in to help instruct her. We’re not certain how old he was, couldn’t have been more than two weeks at the time. It’s amazing how far he’s come, since Lisa brought him home that day, after calling me at work, saying ‘Help! I need a cat expert!’, I went by on the way home to the pet store to get him some KMR & bottles. We struggled in the beginning, not really sure of his life expectancy. You’d laugh, because it’s way beyond that now. Our baby is growing each & every day, and he’s learning knew things by the day. Lisa brings Angel over everyday so he can play with Milo. He’s been such a good kitty, showing him the ropes. Just recently, Angel learned how to eat, away from the several times a day feeding of the KMR milk. And for the first time, he pooed in Milo’s litter box. Milo loves spending time with him, and they play so well together. We just love to watch them, as Angel has learned how to climb Milo’s scratching post and get up on top of my cedar chest. He learned that in one day! I’m so amazed. It’s been a long time since I’ve raised a baby, that being Smokey Joe. I got him when he was about 4 weeks old. Angel is doing much better than I remember Smokey Joe doing, as I had to hand feed him table food for about 2 months. This little Angel was in good health when he was found, although wet, scared & panicky. He wasn’t skinny, therefore we knew he hadn’t been away from mommy for long. Angel has become a BIG part of Lisa’s life, as well as mine & Milo’s. We think he is awful special and we love him dearly. I wanted to add him to our loving Catster Furmily & site, for all the wonderful World to see. Thank God, Lisa found him and took hhim in for safe keeping!!! UPDATE: December 15th 2010, I got a phone call tonight from Lisa! It turns out that ANGEL is a little BOY!!! OMC! So now we have to get rid of all the PINK! We will soon remane him to fit his purrsonality! Wow, this was a surprise, BUT sometimes even mommy's can't tell when they are so very young! Angel is growing up so fast, and I will put new pix very soon on his page. We still love him so very much!!! But we must change his lifestyle around now! MOL! MOL!

Angel is the most lovable, beautiful, loudest purring kitten I’ve seen in a very long time! He has blue eyes which we believe will stay. Silvery points of gray with stripes of tabby on his paws, face & tail, like Milo. He is rapidly growing and learns new things every day. I’m so amazed at his healthy growth rate. With the help of Milo, He is getting plenty of exercise, knowledge, social skills and love. Milo is his BIG brofur now. UPDATE: Lisa called me tonight December 15th 2010, to tell me she now has noticed that Angel is a Male kitfur. We will need to change all the pink stuff he has to blue or some other boy color! OMC! I guess it's really hard to tell when they are so small 'n young! Angel might get a new name also, soon! So watch in the near future! UPDATE!!! Angel has a NEW name now! His mommy Lisa has name him SAM! Sam is so handsome now! He is a cutie, So fast 'n playfur, he is talented too! Can pick up ballies, or toys and fetch 'n carry them back to you. Sam, originally was named Angel, we thought he was a girl, but at 5 months now, we already have an appt scheduled for his manly neutering event. Sam is a very lovin' 'n charmin' kitty, he has grown so much, soon there will be more current pictures on his page, so stay tuned. Thank you to all our furiends, Milo thanks you, I thank you, Wishing you all joy 'n laughter always within the new year! Kathy (Mommy to Milo 'n Smokey Joe AND our Sam, Auntie to Timmy 'n Ziggy).

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Sam, I am! (Formerly Angel)

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**Catstertown**, ♫ THE KIT KAT CLUB ♫ ®, FANCYPANTS CAFE, Movin' and Groovin' Club, Cat & Dog Plaza, CATSTER PICTURE PALACE, Dreamy Mancats, Meezer Junction, The Cat`s Den, The Kitties' Club (TKC), ~~~*♥Dog Park USA♥*~~~, ♥ Kewlest Catster Kitties ♥

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September 6th 2010 More than 3 years!

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SAM I AM~!! (Yeah, I waz called ANGEL when I waz a Gurlie~ MOL!)

Kewl Flowers on our pages 'n what a Pawsome life~!

May 16th 2013 3:23 am
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Hi Ya'll~! Iz been awhile since I wrote in my diary/journal. Golly, Mommy Kathy did not realize jus' how long!! I'z been doin' really good. Since it's spring er goin' into summer, I can really explore goin' outside 'n havin' a blast~!! Efurythin' iz so green 'n da grass iz really munchable!~

Thank U efuryfur who brought nice flowers 'n gifties to put ona our pages, dey look really NICE~
Purrs U all had a wonnerfur Happy Mother's Day 'n gotta spend tonza time hangin' out wif Ur meowmy's 'n got lotza cuddles 'n lovin'z~! My spawcial day wif me mom wuz great~! She got the bestest giftie o' all, ME~ MOL~! She really love's it when I stretch all full length out ona her when her lays ina her recliner~! Mom LOVES her recliner~ I iz so long 'n her cuddles wif me so good~!

Mommy Lisa works too hard but goes in early 'n get'z home early, so I run to her, give huggles 'n bonks 'n den go outside~! My life is saweet. 'n I love's my furefur home~Mommy Kathy can't belief's I'll already be three on August 1st~ 'n I wuz gotted on August 11th, what a lil guy I wuz. We all still get a big chuckle outta dem thinkin' I wuz a gurlie gurl in da beginnin'~Sometimes U jus' can't tell iz what I heard, anyfur I iz a pure all american boy, yeppers I IZ~! Heheheee!~ Me 'n Milo still haz good times outside 'n we bonks 'n go explorin' 'round our garden area 'n I love'z to sit atop my catio fence jus' as mush as he does~! All is good~!

I got new piccies, me thinks three new ones ona my page, but as ya can tell, I ain't changed mush~! I still hansome my meowmies tell me~ Sam blushes~! Purrs on~

Love 'n happy head bonks 'n nudges,

Sam, I am


Whofur Am I Really???

August 24th 2012 3:21 pm
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Whooo~!! Hallo Efuryone~! I'z been really busy dis summer! Outside can really be time consumin' 'n really adventurous~!! 'n den there's dat spawcial time U gotta go fur da cat nappy dreamland~! Iza grand world~!!
Anyfur, I finally got mommy Kathy to halpz me write dis diary ona game dat Zach, Zoe 'n Griswold started. There r many diaries travelin' 'bout Catster 'n is so fun to read 'em~! Thanks Zach fur a wonnerfur way o' lettin' kitties know more'z 'bout eash others~! 'n I want to send kisses 'n hugs 'n love to my darlin' girlfuriend, fur taggin' ME~! Ur a sweetheart 'n so beautifur~!! So if'n U hazn't been tagged, DIS is ur opportunity to do so~!

Ok on to da answers~!!

"Who are you really?"
Well, I am a silver point, possibly lynx point siamese, cross eyed: man cat, all muscle wif a BIG heart~!!

1) Tell me your funny Christmas story.

Ok, well let's see, I memmer Chrissymas sharin' wif my furmilies, mommy Lisa had peeps ofur 'n her cooks a lot fur 'em~! We hada grand feast 'n lotza foodage as I recall..turkey, dressin', gravies 'n Mmmm I got to lickin' it all up 'n got my OWN platter too~! 'n me visits MILO 'n him got me prezzies 'n I gived him toys from me 'n him give me FOOD~! MOL~! I love food~! Treats 'n cans o' spawcial FF 'n more treats~! Wow Milo knows how I love food~! I memmer all o' us purrlayin' outsside wif our mew toys 'n den leafin' 'em behind coz outside haz many more sites 'n bushes, trees, bugs 'n more to inspect~! MOL~! Shrugs, guess we jus' KNOW what we like~!!

2) Where's your favorite hiding place when playing hide and go seek?

Oh dat's really eazy fur me~! Ina bushes outside~! OR ina TREE~! No one can find me dere~! I iz like cameoflauged 'n stuff~! Hehehee! Inside, well I haz a corner I like to hide behind mom's rockin' chair when I need a good nappy 'n no fur can bother me~!

Can U See Me ina TREE????

3) What did you dream of being as a young kit?

Oh I still dream o' bein' BIG 'n Ferocious 'n runnin' through da wild like a cougar 'splorin' da wide open spaces!!~ 'n Gettin' ina Big tall tree 'n lookin' down at da hills 'n valleys 'n really small people below~! MOL~! But truth be known, when I wuz really tiny 'n oh so small, I dreamed o' findin' my real mom, but I nefur did, but ya know what??? I got da BEST mommy I could efur dream 'bout findin' right her wif me NOW~! Yep I does.


Me bein' FUROCIOUS~ Hehehee~!

4) What's your favorite hobby? Anything goes.

Once 'gain, it's bein' outside 'n iz been nice weather! I like to go outside EARLY 'n I mean really early, 'round 3AM 'n mom Lisa will let me out fur a little bit 'fore her haz to go to werks. I stay close 'n jus' kin'a hang 'roun' me homestead 'n run up stairs 'n lay down at da top o' da staircase ofur lookin' all da other 'partment'z. Jus' knowin' I iz ona top o' da world really makes me feel like a COUGAR~! ROAR~! Heheheeee!~

5) What's your one "bad habit" that you love and your Mom hates?

Well...didn't U know'z I'z purrfect 'n got no bad habits?? Nah, really I guess we all do, but mine r quite menial...but, I guess I should emphasize how mush I HATE FEET~! I guess I do get a little overly anxious when peeps get too near me wif their FEET...I attack 'em, yeah, I do~! Dat's why earlier in da year or maybe it wuz last year, we fear someone kicked me becoz o' dis~! Since den, I hate feet efen more~!! Anyfur else gotta fear o' feet??? All I know iz Mallee loves to attack 'em too~!! 'n BITE~! I gotta join her brigade~!! MOL~!

6) If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?

Oh I a travelin' man, made a lot o' stops all ofur da world....yeah, I'z jus' singin'~!! I don't know, maybe California where da gurls r hot?? HA~! I gotta HOT gurly in Harley~! So, guess I'z jus' fine wif stickin' to my home grounds. Now whar iz da MAP??? MOL~!

7) What is your guilty pleasure? Food, skirts and suits or cars? What?

Hmmm, now Ur diggin'~! My LOVE is Harley 'n my TOYS~! I will alwayz be a kid at heart~! I love to grab my toys outta dat box mom got 'em in 'n toss 'em WAY up ina air 'n chase 'em 'n wrastle wif 'em 'n make like a COUGAR~! Yeah, I iz a big kid, a really BIG one~! Heheee!! U should see me FLY~!!

Gettin' ready to JUMP 'n POUNCE~!!

8) What is your favorite make believe monster? And yes girls, unicorns and fairies are included. Post a pic of this mysterious beast.

Well, mom haz her grand kids ofur a lot 'n one o' their furvurite movies is SHREK. Dey watch it ofur 'n ofur 'n ofur~! MOL~! Shrek is a great big huge green Ogre monster, but I love him!!!~ 'n him furiends too~! IMA BELIEVER, oh yeah, IMA BELIEVER~!! Hehehe, can I sing good??? Iza good movie, love da songs in it too~!!

Shrek 'n furiends~!!

9) What is the one dreaded thing you have to do at home? Babysitting, taking baths, entertaining guest....what is your dread?

What do I HAZ to do at home?? Well nothin' really, I eat, sleep, poop, go outside 'n sleep some more~! I gotta purrfect life~! But I don't like leafin' ina car or goin' to da V-E-T~!! I don't get bafs 'n I don't care 'bout visitors really, I jus' ignore 'em mostly~!! Dreaded? Nope, life is good.

10) We are going to have coed ships this year so which ship do you want to be on mine, or Zoes. Gris will be having a small ship (more like a dingy) for all our kits to be on.

Oh I'z be ready fur Talk like a Pirate Day too~!! Guess we'll be on Gris's ship, da dingy!! Mallee will be dere 'n Moppie 'n lotza other lil kits, we still young, but I tell ya, I had a Blast last year purrlayin' ina band wif my pal MOPPIE !~

Moppie 'n ME purrlayin' ina Pirate Band~!!


So dat's it~! My answers 'n facts 'bout da real Sam, whofur used to be Angel (Whispers, mom still thinkz I her Angel).

Lil ME climbin' ona my MOMMY~!

Yep, we were ALL lil once~! 'n I wuz furry fortunate dat mommy Lisa found me dat cold, wet day~!

Common 'n purrlay dis Tag game, iz really fun 'n I enjoyed writin' mine 'n hope U enjoyed it too~!

Purrz 'n mush love,



Today I wuz Gotted 2 Years Ago~!!!

August 11th 2012 9:56 am
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Hello, my grand furiends~! Wow, I had da most purrfect birfday 'n all my furiends come to catebrate~! Thank U so mush fur da Gifts 'n happy wishes~! U all r so mush fun 'n I enjoy coming here to purrlay!!
Well today, I wuz gotted two years ago. I memmer dat day, SOOOO well~! I wuz all wet 'n cold 'n shiverin'~! I wuz stuck ina next to a/c unit outside o' mommy's Church Child Care window~! Peeps found me 'n wuz gonna put me down, well coz I had no mommy 'n I wuz SOOO young 'n tiny~! TINY~! ME?? MOL~! Yeah, I wuz. Less den two weeks old, dey estimated. Can U belief'z I wuz all white den?? I wuz skeered 'n mommy Lisa came runnin' out to see what da clatter wuz all 'bout! Well U might o' already heard dis story 'fore, but her gotted me 'n cuddled me ina warm blankee 'n dey tol' her I wuz an orphan~! An Orphan?? Oh me, so nobody wanted me??? Well, mommy TOL' Dem folks, NOPE Ur NOT puttin' down dis lil kitten~! Dis ANGEL is mine~! 'n Dat wuz da happiest dayz o' me life~!! We went home 'n I wuz in a shoe box~! A shoe box, small 'n tiny like me~! Her called Mommy Kathy, knowin' her would halp, coz her not know'z mush 'bout kittens, spawcially tiny as me!! I meowed thank U mommy's~! Thank U fur findin' me 'n lovin' me 'n bringin' me into Ur homes~! Well, da rest is history as dey sez~! MILO raised me n halped me grow 'n taught me to eat efen!! I am a man cat now~! I'm BIG~! I'm lean 'n I've learned a lot~! I eat good 'n I'm spry and I love to purrlay outside wif MILO 'n MALLEE 'n sometimes efen Timmy 'n Ziggy.
U know we all gotta pawty today, coz I know U all r so happy U wuz 'gotted' too~! We got purrfect homes 'n folks whofur love us dearly~! Mommy Lisa sez her wouldn't take da world fur me~! I'm glad, coz I love her 'n bein' wif her~! Her sez I gettin' some tasty treats 'n cheekin today~! OH what a fun day it iz~!
I already got some really spawcial gifties today ona my Gotcha Day, THANK U~! Thank U all 'n Enjoy Ur Caturday~! Coz iz da weekend 'n I gonna pawty wif U all day long~!

Purrz 'n love,
I am

P.S. Sending love 'n hugs to my sweet Harley~!! Big kisses too~!!

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