SAM Dreamboat In Training #23

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Age: 6 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 12 lbs.

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Sam I am

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Sun Sign:
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Quick Bio:
-mixed breed-cat rescue

Gotcha Date:
August 11th 2010

August 1st 2010


Cruncy Temptations treats, Chasin' Milo, Flipping over 'n over in his Red Kitty Cube

Sam is a kewl kitty. He loves everyone!!!

Favorite Toy:
ALL of them, 'n Milo's too!! Feather toys, kicker toys, Bouncy mousies, Red mousie, Milo's catnip toys

Favorite Nap Spot:
Definately in mommy's lap, although he has his own bed, 'n naps where ever he get's tired, Sam now owns his Mommy Lisa's apartment, and he Rules it now!

Favorite Food:
Temptations hard treats with filling, Purina Kitten food, 'n Fancy feast wet

Way kewl kitty Sam is! Runs faster that a Cheetah!, Plays with multiple toys at the same time! Outruns MIlo! Oh and being so cute when he finally Sleeps! MOL!


Arrival Story:
Angel was found at the Church Day Care where my close neighbor Lisa works. Angel was so tiny, and drenched with rain, hanging on for dear life, next to their outside A/C unit. He was miserable and screaming for help! The inside peeps thought it was a bird making the noise. Then Lisa went to see what it was, and there he was, soaked from all the rain we had that day. He was inside the fence which surrounded that A/C unit. Lisa grabbed him up, he was sooo tiny! Someone called the pound. They came out, but said since he was so tiny, and they didn’t have a foster mom to nurse him, he would be put to sleep. Now Lisa wouldn’t stand for that! She grabbed that kitten away from them and said, “Not this kitten!” Lisa believes that this kitten was an Angel sent from above that day. Sent to her to take care of and make sure nothing happened to him. I believe the Lord wanted them both to be together. Lisa, living alone, didn’t have any furry companions, and didn’t quite know what to do. At that point I gladly stepped in to help instruct her. We’re not certain how old he was, couldn’t have been more than two weeks at the time. It’s amazing how far he’s come, since Lisa brought him home that day, after calling me at work, saying ‘Help! I need a cat expert!’, I went by on the way home to the pet store to get him some KMR & bottles. We struggled in the beginning, not really sure of his life expectancy. You’d laugh, because it’s way beyond that now. Our baby is growing each & every day, and he’s learning knew things by the day. Lisa brings Angel over everyday so he can play with Milo. He’s been such a good kitty, showing him the ropes. Just recently, Angel learned how to eat, away from the several times a day feeding of the KMR milk. And for the first time, he pooed in Milo’s litter box. Milo loves spending time with him, and they play so well together. We just love to watch them, as Angel has learned how to climb Milo’s scratching post and get up on top of my cedar chest. He learned that in one day! I’m so amazed. It’s been a long time since I’ve raised a baby, that being Smokey Joe. I got him when he was about 4 weeks old. Angel is doing much better than I remember Smokey Joe doing, as I had to hand feed him table food for about 2 months. This little Angel was in good health when he was found, although wet, scared & panicky. He wasn’t skinny, therefore we knew he hadn’t been away from mommy for long. Angel has become a BIG part of Lisa’s life, as well as mine & Milo’s. We think he is awful special and we love him dearly. I wanted to add him to our loving Catster Furmily & site, for all the wonderful World to see. Thank God, Lisa found him and took hhim in for safe keeping!!! UPDATE: December 15th 2010, I got a phone call tonight from Lisa! It turns out that ANGEL is a little BOY!!! OMC! So now we have to get rid of all the PINK! We will soon remane him to fit his purrsonality! Wow, this was a surprise, BUT sometimes even mommy's can't tell when they are so very young! Angel is growing up so fast, and I will put new pix very soon on his page. We still love him so very much!!! But we must change his lifestyle around now! MOL! MOL!

Angel is the most lovable, beautiful, loudest purring kitten I’ve seen in a very long time! He has blue eyes which we believe will stay. Silvery points of gray with stripes of tabby on his paws, face & tail, like Milo. He is rapidly growing and learns new things every day. I’m so amazed at his healthy growth rate. With the help of Milo, He is getting plenty of exercise, knowledge, social skills and love. Milo is his BIG brofur now. UPDATE: Lisa called me tonight December 15th 2010, to tell me she now has noticed that Angel is a Male kitfur. We will need to change all the pink stuff he has to blue or some other boy color! OMC! I guess it's really hard to tell when they are so small 'n young! Angel might get a new name also, soon! So watch in the near future! UPDATE!!! Angel has a NEW name now! His mommy Lisa has name him SAM! Sam is so handsome now! He is a cutie, So fast 'n playfur, he is talented too! Can pick up ballies, or toys and fetch 'n carry them back to you. Sam, originally was named Angel, we thought he was a girl, but at 5 months now, we already have an appt scheduled for his manly neutering event. Sam is a very lovin' 'n charmin' kitty, he has grown so much, soon there will be more current pictures on his page, so stay tuned. Thank you to all our furiends, Milo thanks you, I thank you, Wishing you all joy 'n laughter always within the new year! Kathy (Mommy to Milo 'n Smokey Joe AND our Sam, Auntie to Timmy 'n Ziggy).

Lives Remaining:
9 of 9

Forums Motto:
Sam, I am! (Formerly Angel)

The Last Forum I Posted In:
Rosette Exchange!

I've Been On Catster Since:
September 6th 2010 More than 6 years!

Stars Given In The Past Month:
Phantom -- Dreamboat # 113
Angel Minko~Cherished Forever

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for 2672 days

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Smokey Joe
Dreamboat #9
Baby Girl,

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SAM I AM~!! (Yeah, I waz called ANGEL when I waz a Gurlie~ MOL!)

Prezzie's on MY Page! ! ! !

August 12th 2014 4:05 pm
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THANK U THANK U THANK U to all me fine 'n oh so awesome pawsome furiends, furmilies, catster communities fur makin' my page so gorgeous filled up wif fun stuff~!
Thank U fur halpin' me catebrate my Happy Birfday, my Happy Gotcha gotted Day, 'n my furtastic Diary Pick honor~! U ALL ROCK~!!

I has the most purrfect furmilies o' furiend's here~! I felt so mush love's 'n so mush carin' 'n so mush saweetness wifin da last couple o' weeks~ 'n U all let it be known dat we all, yeppers, all o' us, r not goin' anywhar's. We stayin' right here in our spawcial communities o' hangout purrlace~! 'n we know's dat our Catster Communities will be back up 'n runnin' good soon!
We got's da faith!!

Thank U Catster's Diary Pick peopol's fur honorin' me wif a spawcial Diary Pick~ I was sooo catcited 'n dancin' all 'round 'n kickin' up me paw's 'n meowmy Lisa was jus' smilin' as I gotted spawcial treat's 'n extra spawcial love's. Cos yeah, my meowmy's rock efen though I don't see meowmy Kathy mush, I know her is bein' purrfect 'n keepin' great care o' Milo 'n Mallee. 'n oh yeah, I know Milo really enjoyed also catebratin' his Diary Pick honor yesterday too whilst I was enjoyin' my spawcial Gotcha gotted Day catebration! Us kits ROCK!

I has an awesome pawsome furefur home 'n love's me two meowmy's bof o' 'em, yeah!

Happy Day's r ahead...we JUS' KNOW IT~

Happy bonks 'n nudges,

I Remain,
Sam, I am
Blue Cross eyed cuteness (") (")


A Purrfect Happy 4th Birfday

August 2nd 2014 10:30 am
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Thank U to all ma fine 'n awesome pawsome furiend's fur comin' to halp's me catebrate ma Happiest 4th Birfday~! U all r sooo wonnerfur! 'n I is still so happy to be's a part o' a wonnerfur lovin' Community~! I hope dis Diary/Journal find's U all happy 'n healthy 'n doin' jus' fine~!

Mommy Kathy 'n Mommy Lisa r still so purroud o' me 'n I is gettin' lots bigger (if dat's pawsible!). Maybe 15 poundage's now! Whew! I's long 'n really gorgeous (welpers Mom Lisa 'n Mom Kathy say I is) siamese lynx point. I still has my beautifur blue cross eyes too!!! I still love's to purrlay outside ('n yeah my Milo really misses dat part 'n I miss him too). My mom's say I grew up so so fast from what I was so lil 'n called 'Angel' in da beginnin'. So small I was. Tiny.. a hol' in ur hand type lil one, 'n yeah I was a gurly gurl, but hey, I still love my pink's 'n purpal's 'n those colors look awesome on me!! I love to eat, but den whofur kit don't? Mom Lisa limits my foodage so I don't get efen more fatter, but I am NOT fat now, jus' big boned! MOL~!

I has awesome pawsome piccies to share too! Since we can't post piccies here on our pages jus' yet~! We shur miss catebratin' 'n puttin' mew stuff ona our pages.

I want to thank Manytoes, Rory, Tundra 'n Lynzee fur a purrfect Happy Birfday saweet piccie! 'n Mom Kathy made me one too, cos, well, ya don't turn 4 but jus' once ina lifetime~!! Milo says dat's a pawsome age 'n yeah it is cos I am enjoyin' life 'n my mom 'n my lovin' home! Mallee 'n Milo shur do miss me though, but Mommy Kathy 'n Paw Stephen has came to visit us twice a'ready now 'n plan to come up north more often!!! Whoooo!

Ma Happy 4th Birfday piccie made by Mommy Kathy

Ma Happy 4th Birfday piccie made by Manytoes 'n furmilies

It's a great life! I am loved. I has a saweet furefur home. U all rock!!!

Happy bonks 'n lovin' nudges,

I am


Loooong time no chatter's~!!

April 24th 2014 11:01 am
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Hi Ya'll 'n efuryone~!!

Well, me Sam, I been around, but actually mommy Kathy don't live close to me anymore's~! 'n I don't get to see or visit wif Milo or Mallee anymore either~! I miss them~! Mommy Lisa talks to Mommy Kathy pretty often and Milo's Mom 'n Paw plan on visitin' us soon~!! I can't wait to see them~! I hear that Mallee is really REALLY growin' up~ Milo still says she's gettin' fat! I gotta see THIS!~! MOL~!

Our cousins Timmy, Ziggy 'n Rhett aren't on Catster anymore, but Mommy Kathy keeps in touch with their mom too, mainly on FB.

Mom Kathy really misses the Dallas/Fort Worth area. BUT them kits LOVE the country life~! I hear they has horsies, baby ponies, cheekins, cows, goats 'n TWO road runners now~! Heheheee~ Boy, does that sound like the livin'~! What a life wif no care ina world, COURSE I has no care either! I'm treated well 'n I be's furry happy~!!!!

Thanks all fur sush a wonnerful time here on Catster, coz U all rock~!
I will keep in toush when I can and Mom Kathy hears more about me~! Take care~!

Love 'n happy bonks,

SAM, I am

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