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February 11th 2014 5:29 am
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Thank you to the Catster Overlords for choosing me as one of the Diary of the Day picks. That was pawsome. right back....(heard in background) "Karisma! I am typing my diary!!! Why do you have to bite me right now???" (inaudible sounds) mrow! thump!thump! mew! thump! mrow!! hisss! hisss! *Stop it, Karisma!!!"
(heard in background) "No Bella!!! Ai fites and bites you nao!!!" (more tussling) *Bella licks fur.

Ok, I am back. Had to take care of something. Karisma. Some days she is just too much. I think someone left her on the charger too long. Scooby too, but that is another story.

I forgot what I was gonna write. Thanks Karisma. Well, I might as well go let her beat me up and get it over with. Sigh. I will be back later...
*walks up to Karisma and gives her the paw.....




Waiting for the sunrise!

February 3rd 2014 3:01 am
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I have the best spot in the house! I have taken over the back of the recliner. It lets me look out the window and watch the sunrise. I love, love, love lying in the sun! It makes me feel happy. I usually sleep there until Daddy comes home for lunch. Then I follow him into the kitchen and jump up onto the center island and see what he is gonna eat. He always give me, Paisan and Karisma a bite. Then, I wander around the house. If Karisma is awake, I let her beat me up a few times before going back to napping until the kids come home from school. After that, there is no napping. If I get really lucky, I get away with sneaking into the oldest kids room and I sleep on his bed. He gets sun in the afternoon. Like I said...I love the sun. Purrs!




January 29th 2014 6:39 am
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I made my way into the oldest kid Daniel's room. I like his room. He has a nice closet for hiding. It has lots of shelves and stuff. But, I got a surprise last night. The best hiding place ever was inside of Daniel's couch. You see, Daniel has his own room. He has a bed and a couch. He uses the couch for watching TV and playing video games. I think he got mad at me and Buddy for hiding inside the couch. We tried to get inside the couch and someone had fixed the hole. Whyyy? I was hiding in the room when Daniel came home from work at when he brought Scooby in his room and went to bed...I was trapped! I jumped up onto the back of the couch and spent the night there. I did not want to wake Daniel up because he had to go to college early, so I slept with one eye open and watching Scooby. He did not bother me. He went to sleep too and started snoring. When Daniel got ready for school, I left the room. My first stop was a big drink of water. Then some food, check out the litter box. Then, I went into Meowmie's room. I started pawing at the miniblinds! I could see shadows...of birds! So, Meowmie raised the blind. I am now sitting in the window sill watching and chattering at all those birds!!! This is fun!





January 24th 2014 10:14 am
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I can't believe it! I am a Daily Diary Pick. Probably something I said about that crazy kitten Karisma. She makes me tired. mol. She came running into the room, jumping up and down. I was lying in the basket of clean laundry. I guess I will get out of the basket and let her chase me. What are big sisters for? Thank you Catster Overlords for picking me!



The Sun just stabbed me in the eye!

January 22nd 2014 5:19 am
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I was casually napping on the back of the recliner. As the sun came up, I was watching birdies picking through the leaves. All of a sudden, the sun was up high enough in the sky to be above the trees across the street. I looked right at the sun. Big mistake! Now I see spots....I want to see birds and squirrels, not spots. I am just gonna close my eyes a bit. I do love lying in the sun....




January 21st 2014 5:45 am
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Every morning I sit on the back of the recliner next to the window and I wait for the sunrise. I see lots of things while I am waiting. This morning, I saw many birds picking through the leaves on the ground, saw two squirrels run up the tree, saw some birds trying to fly into the wind. There was a little leaf tornado in the front yard which I thought was cool. I was mesmerized watching it. Saw cars driving down the street, which I find boring. I wait for the sun to pop up into the sky. When the sun finally comes up, I lie on the back of the recliner for hours...until I feel the sunbeams slipping away...this is how I keep my orange fur Sometimes, Karisma will bug me, but I slap her and hiss. This is me time, Karisma! I love sleeping in the sun!!! Purrrrs!



This was a long weekend.

January 20th 2014 8:27 pm
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Football. Popcorn. Karisma...wait, Karisma? I love my little sisfur but she bugs me. I am trying to catch nappies in between popcorn and pork chops, but she just wants to play. All the time. She plays with Chasim too...but I think she has the most fun riling up the dog Scooby and getting him to chase her. She can hide under anything and Scooby usually ends up sliding on the floor. I swear I can hear her giggle. But Scooby chases her every time. Sometimes we have fun chasing each other through the house at night...because everyone is asleep. I don't know how Meowmie knows it's me...but she always yells "Stop it Bella!" No fair. Karisma always starts it. She gets scolded too but it does not faze her. She ignores Meowmie and Daddy and does what she wants. I am so tired. The kids were home for three days, and she runs and plays even more when they are home. She loves sitting on the Playstation box because it is warm. I like napping on the cable box. The TV in the family room is always on. So, we hang out in there...we try to catch food when the kids drop it. I am tired and seriously need a nap.



Does this diary post make me look fat?

January 18th 2014 2:53 am
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Everything makes me look fat. I have no idea why I am chubby when Karisma chases me all over creation day and night. That kitten does not have an off switch. She crazy! I admit, it is fun having someone to play with...sometimes. I am so bummed that Catster is going away. I love my friends here! They support me in my fatness. I love swapping recipes and eating. Sigh...Karisma won't shut up. She is walking through the house in the dark and meowing. I think I will sneak up on her and swat her. Yeah...that sounds like fun!

Keep in touch my friends! I love you all!




August 12th 2013 7:43 pm
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I ran over to the computer as soon as my silly Italian brofur got done talking about Pizza. Geez, Paisan...hungry much? So, wanting to be all friendly and social...I get on here and NO ZEALIES? What gives, Meowmie?

(meowmie whispers in Bella's ear)

Oh. I see...Well, you are right meowmie...using all the zealies for Poo yesterday was more important than my fledgeling social life. I feel sad for Poo's Meowmie and Daddy.

But, I can still play and have fun with no zealies...I will just have to start writing down all the names of my friends...especially cute boy-cats....

Ok, guess I am done ranting. Off to play with my furriends!

See Ya!


Diary of the day

November 29th 2011 7:32 am
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Wow! I did not know I was chosen as one of the daily pick on November 10th. I want to thank every purr who congratulated me. Meowmie is in Memphis TN and she is going back for Christmas. I might get to go. I get to fly on plane. I likes. Loves to all my furriends.'

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