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Mr B's Fun N Frolic with Fur Report

We were playin! Honest we didn pushem off ! He not hurt- izzee?

August 31st 2010 8:03 am
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*Timmy TomCat steps up as he is Top Cat(dont tell Buddy)*
*Da kits are all worked up*
Dis be Timmy TomCat covering breakin newz on da kittah front!

Now dey tol me dey was jus playin. Herd dat one! Moren oncet.
Now Pops is a pretty calm Dood so when dem kits was looking at him from waaaay up onda top'O'Da Cage he just ask whaddey doin an bring em down. He tellem "That is way too high for a kitten. How in the world did you even get up there?" Now dere no steppy stoll or nuttin so, bein a cat, I knowed dey jus leap to da cage side den climb da rungs toda topper. Now dating iz; kittens not too good at gettin back down.

So afta deyz down Pops does da count, 1 2 3 4 ?? Where is Tiger? So he lookee and dere Tiger! Back unner da table wit dat foots dat be stickin out.

Dat Quietude gone!! Pops he upset now! He knowed dat Tiger not be waitin to getta help down. He jump lak a big Kittee. Not smart Dood. Pop say: "Vet Run." am putten Tiger inis shirt lak papoose(wat dat anyhoo?) an get dat ting I HATE da cat jail. He putta Tiger in an dey gone. All quiet las naght.

So dat Tiger Back. He getta own houz. No Fair! Pop say "Dr said it was dislocated ankle. Best to let nature take its course and check in a week. Rest and relaxation is needed and some pain medication if he needs it".


Dat Tiger now da one widda story to tell. Glad he will be OK.
Pops gave up dat bill widout a taught. Dat Pops!


Kits now youz only got supervision play till Pops he build a nice steppy tree for da gettin down Yessir

Timmy TomCat Cat Reeportah saghnin off fer now!


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