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Life with the Boyz

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Important Info for Kitty Cottage

April 20th 2013 3:12 pm
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Hi Catster furends!

You may know that Dad and I do some work for the foster and rescue community in our area. One of the really nice places he supports is called Kitty Cottage. It is a wonderful place where the cats live free and have the run of the house. They get really good medical care and, in fact, our Toby Tomcat is from Kitty Cottage.

So here is the project: For this campaign, Halo is offering 30,000 meals. Rescue Ink and Kitty Cottage each need to get 1,000 postcards in order to receive 10,000 meals per group, plus, the group that receives the most postcards will get an extra 10,000 meals.
To make a postcard, all you have to do is put together some photos of your cats along with a funny, inspirational, or heartwarming message, print your postcard (as many different postcards as you want to make!) and mail it to:
Pet Postcard Project
676A 9th Ave #321
New York, NY 10036

This is the link:

Hauspanther dot com project to feed homeless kitties!

Thanks so much
Love you
Timmy Tomcat and Family


Happy Easter to all our Furends!

March 31st 2013 11:35 am
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We are feeling very lucky and blessed here at the Tomcat home this year. Blessed as we have so many wonderful friends both here on Catster, in the Cat-Blogosphere, and at our lovely home.

Whether you are celebrating Easter, Passover, or just trying to be a bit more spiritual we want you to know we love you very much.

We wish special blessings to the families of our dear friends who went over the Rainbow Bridge this past month.

Sending support for: Wonderfur Eric whose family and Brofur Flynn miss him very much. 

Purrs for: Trout Talkin Tabbies: Love you Sauce of Fishbone

Well wishes to: Taget, Guido and Family who lost Au. A wonderful kitty with several books written about him.

Our Catster friend Dexter is an Angel! Stop by for support.

His brofur Sigmund needs Purrs! Please visit and say hello.

Reaching out to those we love is the most important thing to remember. Not just on holidays but everyday. We never know what tomorrow holds so never wait to just say:

I Love You!

Purrs from our family to you and yours!


Wow we had an Exciting Caturday!

March 24th 2013 12:13 pm
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Golly-Gee-Whiskers cats we had a grand Caturday.
So let me fill you in.

We love Caturday as Pops can be with us a whole lot. We have morning treats, play time, then, of course, time fur a bit of snooze. A cat needs his energy you know. I had really gone down hard. Deep into the snooze was I. Just as my dream went to the part where I am King of he World... Huh... What?

What was that noise? I look around and... Where is every cat? I look at Pops and he is looking back into the kitchen. Hey! What gives Cats? So I get up to see what is up.

There are the Three Little Kittens sitting like statues.

Looks like Some Cat needs to Take Charge. Timmy Top Tomcat of Course!

HEY YOU! WHO IS THAT OUT THERE! Come out and fight like a TomCat!


Buddy, where did Buttons go?

Buddy: He'z thinkin dey comin so he got goin!


Well I think who ever it was is gone now.

Calling All Cats, Calling All Cats, All Clear, All Clear!

Goodness. All that for just a visiting cat. Can I get back to sleep now.

So there you have it. Quite a Caturday. I wonder what would have happened if we had a Hippopotamus visit? I wonder...

Timmy Tomcat


A Big Surprise! Bigger Bigger than a Breadbox even!

March 10th 2013 11:11 am
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*Timmy looks a bit dazed but shakes his head and all is well*

Hey Cats. Whew! What a week. I was really worn out with the winter warnings and snow threats. Hope my pals are all fine and have dug out. I had a winter hangover for a while but I am back with all paws on deck. We have BIG News! News fur the WHOLE FAMILY!

So if you are ready for BIG FUN! Come Along and see our fun day on Caturday!

First Rumpy saw the box from Amazonia. That is a river guys. I am well read.
Wow! What is this?

What is this? No matter it is BIG FUN!

Peek-A-Boo I see you!

Silly Rumpy. Here are our new... Well... Looks like... Hmmm????

Silly Rumpy my paw! Its a Rumpy Box!

Silly Rumpy Fur-Shur! Its a Buttons Box!

Silly Boys, let me see...

Yes, Fur-Shur, its fur ME!

Its more fun to share!

Thats why Pops put it there!

Hmmmm. We still have a bit of the rhyme in us. How do you like those cool hideouts? Great are't they. We were all worn out from the fun. They are great to run in and out of when you are doing feather chase!

If you would like some info on them I will post it on Timmy Tomcats Blog

Have a Grrreat Week!
Love You

Timmy McTomcat DB 122a


Sorry Friends for Flying Far from our Fur Forums

March 9th 2013 5:30 pm
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Golly-Gee-Whiskers, I had not realized how long its been since I posted an update to my diary.

Not that we have had any Buttons-Bumps in the road or Rumpy-Ruckuses. No,there have not been any Fitz-Falls, Toby-Troubles or even somthing with old Cruddy-Buddy. Nope, nothing needing notice, simply no puter.

What you say, no trouble! But there is no Puter! Did it slip and fall or crunch in a ball? Get a virus and moan with great volumes of emails for which to atone?

Nah. Pops is just turning it off and leaving it off for long stretches. He takes the little one to the office where it playfully plinks background music while Pops pounds the work puter. He does not bring OUR puter back up everyday after work. The Nerve!

So it is a quirk-some quandary needing query of a quorum.

Not only no puter but we were under the mis-tooken impressario that when Pops moved home we would have him all we wanted. Wrapped around our paws so to meow. We all sat mewing quietly about how he would be bringing us treats, giving lots of extra head scritches, you know, really doing his hooman job of cat-caterer.

Hmmph! Seems this plan has not borne fruit.


No wonder things have not come to fruition.

*Tim Runs off Yelling*

Nothing to worry about! See that Sunshine today! Well in no time we will be having Pops....

*Buddy looks up from his nap*
Buddy: "Ah thinkerz dat Timmerz be havvin dat dere S.A.D!
Yup. Dat'z dat
Seasoonz Aflickted Deleriouz.


Happy Valentines Catster Pals Take II

February 14th 2013 1:15 pm
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OK OM Gather around.
Have we all finished our tasks?

Toby: "Sure did Tim"

Buddy:"Sure didz Mr Timmerz"


Fitz: "Oh that was so much funzies lets do it again real soon"

Rumpy:"Yeah... Right... My paws che from pushin dat mouse"

Fitz: "You are such a bring down! Let me tell you..."

OK OK Knock it off!

Well friends what everycat is just finished was sending Valentines to ALL of our Friends! All 2172 of them!

Now Gather Round Cats!

**The Tomcat Family All Gets in Line to Sing**



Happy Valentines Catster Pals!

February 10th 2013 11:39 am
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Hi Furends.
Hope you are all safe from that nasty storm. We were very lucky. Not much snow but it has been very cold here in Pa.

So we have some news about the Visitors. I think I mentioned that there had been a cat visitor. He had been coming around and Pops was worried since it is so cold. He started leaving food out. Well we got some photos and, well, it is not a cat visitor, oh no, it is Three Cats! MOL!

And they do not look feral. Very plumb fellows all. I have pictures of them on my blog. alley.html

Pops is pretty sure they have homes as no one came by during the snow. He things kitties were kept inside as we were supposed to have a very bad storm. It was not a bad storm and if a cat was out he would have come for a snack. We agree. Once the storm had passed and the news stated that we had been spared, there they were. All three. Moochers!

Pops is still going to give them snacks. Ah well. Big heart Pops!

I want to let every cat know that our very own Mss Fitz has her own page now. Way to go Fitz.

So now to our Happy Valentines! HAPPY VALENTINES to ALL OUR FRIENDS!
WE LOVE YOU! Thanks for all the fun times! Purrs!

Love you!
Timmy Tomcat


Yo Yo Yo where did January Go!

February 1st 2013 10:12 am
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Goodness Catness! Seems this year is going to fly as fast as last. That is fine so long as the warm weather comes back, and stays. Last week it was in the teens and then on Wed it zoomed to 60! Pops went out yesterday without a coat and was frozen. Back to freezing and there is a snow drizzle. Weird Weather.

We are so glad we have forever homes so please remember to support those who help feral cats.

Our big news is that Rumpy has been behaving since he saw how angry Pops was the other week. He still plays a bit rough but is not charging in to take over the bed at sleepy time. Too cold to be wrestling at night. Better to snuggle up and take nice long cat sleeps. Pops says having 5 cats laying against him is very cozy. We like it too! Nothing like snuggling on a cold winter day.

Our outside visitor is still regular but Pops has not actually seen her. He puts her food in the trap and she eats every bit. He is not setting it to catch her until it is warmer for a while. He does not want her sitting in there until morning since it is so cold. He is going to set up a camera so we will show you when we have a good photo.

Buddy and Angel Coco had Birthdays on the 31st and we all snacked big time. Love the celebrations we have with goodies. Makes you purr.

So friends please be safe, happy, and healthy.
Love You
Timmy T


An Important Month and Sad News

January 19th 2013 2:35 pm
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Hello all my fur friends. I have some sad news.

My good friend Peekaboo is going over the Rainbow Bridge very soon. She will be missed by all and especially by her Mommy. Please send some purrs of support.


When we hear of a loved ones passing we reflect on those of our family who have already gained their Angels Wings. We know they are waiting with open hearts to welcome those who are new to the clouds. They are watching and as the pain and discomfort leave and the lightness of youth returns they will provide the most important of lessons, that of Angel Love.

An Angels Love is more powerful and heartfelt than any that they had in earthly form. At first its experience is of a profound sadness. They see us in pain and feel it doubly. They pour a torrent of tears into the clouds and which come through as storm showers.

In a short time the Angels Mentor hugs them with soft wings while explaining about the nature of being a Celestial Being. Soon, knowing that they will be supporting us here on earth they take flight giving us a good healthy dose of Angel Dust. This is why storms have Rainbows.

We will all meet again.

Now there are a lot of happenings here at the Tomcat Mansion.

Our Angels have some important fun coming up
Jan 20th is Stinker and Pee Girls Birthdays! You go you two!
Jan 21st is Amber's Birthday
Jan 31st is Coco's Birthday

Jan 21st is Mr Buttons Gothca Day
Jan 31st is Buddy Bud's Birthday

So I had better get to getting on
Love you all
Timmy Tomcat


Solid into Thirteeny!

January 6th 2013 10:28 am
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Thirteeny! Thirteeny! One year older and Rumpy's still a Weenie!

I couldn't resist. It rhymed! Meow!

Well here we are. I have not posted in a while and am sorry bout dat. We are just busy around here getting things in order. Putting away the Christmas goodies. Thanks fur all the beyootiful cards! Love you all! We put our new toys away! Such a fun time!

Pops has been busy getting settled into work-at-home. We thought he would be hanging up here with us but nooooo! He has to worrrrrrrk. Meow!

We guess it is better. A little. The best part is he just walks up the stairs and can jump right into making us our dinner.

That way we can settle in on the couch and get our evening nap in before bed time. Tough job being top cat. I need my beyooty rest!

Love You!
Timmy Tomcat

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