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Blackie's not soo secret anymore diary

Spice gets Spayed!!

September 20th 2010 10:44 am
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Dear PurrDiary,
Today Spice was gone for a REALLY long time...I was kind of glad and happy that things were like the old days just me and me..and ME...But then I started to worry...I didnt want the humans to know since I was called 'The Spice Bully' so I just stood by the door,waiting...well she eventually came and she was SPAYED!! I MEAN OMC!! she was soo weak and vulnerable! but I felt that hitting her in weak state is a wrong thing to she smelled like pee I BET SHE DIDNT WRITE THAT IN HER DIARY BECAUSE SHES TOO ASHAMED!!
Anycat, Im happy things are back to normal but dont tell anybody that I said that ok?..good MOL


Fish tank

August 25th 2010 6:52 am
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Dear PurrDiary,
The humans have gone a good way MOL they have bought a beautiful fish tank...FILLED WITH FISH!! soo,fish swimming around=hours of fun! the humans are doing that too so I have to be there early to get good seats infront of the tank,all is well me and Spice are occasionally playing here and there eating food..good news is my ringworm doesnt burn anymore!! I sure hope my humans ringworm does after all it got me into this MOL hehe



August 21st 2010 10:02 am
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Dear PurrDiary,

My Human got ringworm from a pool,so...I GOT IT TOOO!! its unfair *sniffles* but the good news is that its going away! but its pretty painful to put salt on your ringworm (new fact MOL)! I really hope my human and I will get better because its really itchy..AND we got a new step sister named Spice last month! I really didnt have the time to write it on here, but I AM REALLY JEALOUS shes getting alot of attention.. but I think we'll be friends..after..3 months or so MOL so see you later diary! good thing no one can read you since youre electronic!


My Birthday is almost here!

May 11th 2010 11:08 am
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Dear Purrdiary,
I'm soo excited its almost my birthday! yay! I'm soo excited!! but ma and pa dont seem to care, that really made me feel I puked in their rooms MOL! now, I'm going to wait and see..are they planning me a surprise or did they forget??I cant take this anymore!!!!! I'll go watch the fishbowl to relax a bit I think that will do me some good....

Purr you later kitty-gator!
PS: If you read this its a secret dont show it to anybody or I'll puke on YOUR rugs too ROFM!

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