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A day in the life of Hunter...

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My favorite toy... RIP

January 30th 2013 7:26 am
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Mom says I’m getting lazy. I don’t want to wake up in the morning anymore. Now, mom wakes me up. Usually I’m nice about it and lick her face. But there are just those mornings where I want to stay in bed with her. Today was one of those mornings. I just lay there on the bed, on top of the covers, and trap mom. I lay right against her so she can’t move. I eventually get tired of her petting me and get up on my own. I think she pets me like that on purpose so I do get up.

I have destroyed my favorite wand toy, yet again. This is the 3rd one I’ve destroyed. Mom has to buy me a new one, as I keep on asking to play with it. Mom told me that it wasn’t safe for me to play with anymore. I knew she threw it away, but I still want it. Its my favorite toy of all time! She threw it away 2 days go. I miss my toy. So lately, I’ve been going into my hammock at the bottom of my cat tree. All of my toys are there. I lay on top of my toys and kind of rummage through which one I want to attack. This morning it was my new octopus toy that I got for my birthday. Then, I found my moppy kickaroo. I haven’t played with that in forever!

Anyway, mom just ordered my toy for me online. I’m so excited! I hope I get a good color this time. Its going to be a long couple of weeks without my favorite toy.

Purrz & licks,


Fight Fight Fight!!!

January 23rd 2013 7:45 am
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I got in a fight with Teaka the other day. It was more of like “I’m head of household you mutt” sort of thing. It all started with kibble. I guess you can say the fight was moms fault. I didn’t do anything wrong. Mom wont give me kibble. So I ate some of Teakas. Teaka doesn’t like when I eat her food. She gets up and starts barking at me. Normally I look at her and then turn around and continue eating. Not this time. I turned around and looked at her. I crouched down, wiggled my bum and pounced! She was mad and trying to say that this is her house and her kibble. I told her that I’m obviously bigger than her, and that I am head of the house! I grabbed her jugular, and she had mine and we were rolling on the floor. We were both growling. Mom was at work, so she didn’t see the fight. Memz was here though and somehow separated us. I won. Now, everytime Teaka comes near me, she lowers her head. Hehehe I am head of the house!! If I think shes okay, I’ll lick her head. No one got hurt during the fight. No blood, or fur chunks on the floor. Just good old fashion rolling around on the floor play wrestling!

This was our first fight, and probably our last. Just me and Teaka in the house so I won’t have to prove anything to anyone else. Unless Sam the lovebird escapes, then he’ll just be lunch, so I’m not too worried about that.

Well I gotta go, Its sunny outside so I’m going to sit on the back to the couch and look out the window. Maybe I’ll start chattering at some squirrels.

Purrz & Licks,


Thank You!

January 14th 2013 3:43 am
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Thank you everyone for my birthday wishes, pressies and comments! I had a pretty good day. I woke up late, and waited patiently for mom to wake up. Seemed like she slept forever. Well by the time she got up, I was taking a nap. She fed me breakfast and wished me a happy birthday when she saw me in the kitchen. We played and played all morning long. Then I took a long, long nap in the afternoon. Memz wished me a happy birthday, but I wasn’t really feeling it. By the time mom was getting ready for bed, I became an instant love bug.

Mom has to wait until she gets paid to buy me a pressie. That’s okay. I don’t need it right now. I have so many other toys to play with. Again, thank you everyone for my birthday wishes! I had a great day with mom.

Purrz & Licks


Watch what you eat

January 8th 2013 4:54 am
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Last night before bed, mom opened a can of Merricks BG Quail for dinner. She opened the lid and there was mold on the food!!! Mom wasn't sure if she was seeing things, so she looked again, yep, it was all fuzzy and green. Mom always inspects my food before she gives it to me. Thank Goodness! She threw it away and opened my buffalo from Addiction Foods.

Becareful what you eat guys and girls. Hope the new year is treating you a-okay!

Purrz & Licks,


Wake up Mom!!!

January 7th 2013 7:58 am
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I was kind of bad last night. I wasn’t tired, when mom went to bed. I just woke up from a nap. I thought I would be nice for a couple of hours though and let her sleep. Then I had enough. It was definitely time to wake her up! So I went on her bureau and knocked things on the floor. I walked on mom and laid down on her. Then I started to lick her face. That’s when she started getting mad. She picked me up and we cuddled. She told me that she had to get up in 4 hours and that she would be super grumpy if she didn’t get any sleep. Well I thought I did a great job, mom was up, she was cuddling with me. Mission accomplished! You know what she did next? She rolled over and went back to sleep. Ugh! Unacceptable! So, I jumped off the bed, and went into the shopping bag that mom left in the corner of the room. Oh boy do I love bags! It was a loud paper bag so I was making tons of noise. Mom got up again and I jumped on the bed, and gave her headbutts. Do you know what time it was? 12:51am. Mom was getting really mad!! So she pulled the blankets over her head. Her arm moved under the covers so I attacked it! It was so much fun. Mom fell asleep again, and she was sleeping on her belly, so I crawled on her back and laid there. Then I started to knead her head and pull her hair with my mouth. Mom shot up and said “Ow Hunter, Stop it!” I was getting sort of tired myself so I laid down next to mom and fell asleep. I think mom got about 4 hours of sleep total last night. She might be super grumpy today. I better be a good boy when she gets home from work.

Purrz & Licks,


Stupid Mistake

January 4th 2013 3:46 am
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I was so proud of my Hunter not wanting any kibble and eating only wet food. Then I left him for about a week. I bought kibble as a backup only. Well my parents thought he ate kibble. Now, he wants kibble so much that he is eating the dog food, and leaving his wet food there. Ugh such a stupid mistake. I need to get rid of this kibble, but then again I don't want Hunter to get addicted to it either.

Next time I go away, no kibble!! Cant wait until he finishes this bag. No more kibble for him.

Huntys Momma,


Shes home!

January 2nd 2013 9:03 am
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Mom was gone for almost a week!! I wasn’t feeling so good when she wasn’t here. I missed her so much! Finally mom came home for good. No more sneaking out while I was sleeping. That first night back, oh boy, I gave her the longest facial ever! I kept on giving her headbutts, and walking all over her while she was sleeping. I missed my mom. I slept right next to her to make sure she wouldn’t leave me again. The next day she had to go to work. Can you believe it, she left me again! I ran to the door to block her way, and she said I couldn’t go to work with her. I think I’d be a big hit! I’d run around, eat moms plants on her shelf. Play with all the paper. Run up and down the hall. I’d have a great time. I think they should have “Bring your white fluffy cat to work day!”

Anyway, moms been home for almost a week now. Things are back to normal. Again this season I’ve been a very good boy and haven’t touched the Christmas tree. Mom is proud of me. Its that time of year again when I have to go to the vets in a couple of months. Ugh, not looking forward to that. I wonder if I can escape and blend in with all the snow outside. That way, mom won’t be able to find me! Great idea! Gotta go, have to formulate my plan. ;)

Did you know that in 11 days, I’ll be 3 years old?!?

Purrz & Licks,


Hes not doing so well...

December 24th 2012 5:04 am
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Well, I went home Saturday, and Sunday to be with my family and to see Hunter. I was told he isn’t doing so well. My parents seem to think he is depressed. Can cats get depressed? My mom told me he isn’t interested in playing at all. He barely eats. I still have to house-sit for this upcoming week. I won’t be able to go home today to see Hunter as I’m at work. Tomorrow I will be there all day. I hung out with Hunty yesterday. We cuddled. At first he was a little distant. But then, he was really affectionate. Of course while I was there, he ate. He brought me to where his toy was, and we played. He was doing so well while I was there. I think of it and I have tears in my eyes. Apparently Hunter doesn’t do well without me. I really didn’t think of that being an issue at all. I felt so bad leaving him yesterday. I left while he was sleeping. I didn’t want him running after me.

I know my parents are taking good care of him. It’s not a neglect issue. His litter box was clean, and he had a bowl full of kibble, plus wet food, and fresh water. He did escape Saturday; luckily my father got him back inside. Normally he runs away from my parents if he escapes.

I just did a cat depression check list on the Hunty has 3 of the 6 symptoms. ;( They said to make sure its not an underlying medical condition. I don’t think so, because when I was home with him yesterday, he was the normal Hunty I know and love. Its just from what my mom has told me over the phone that makes me think he is depressed.

I’m going to try to go home as much as possible. I just don’t want this to be a lasting condition, although I don’t think it will, but you never know.

Poor Hunty. I miss him.

Huntys Momma,

P.S For 2+ years I’m so used to sleeping with a white fluffball, I don’t seem to sleep well without him.

P.P.S His eye is a-okay! ;)


My Eyeball...

December 21st 2012 5:41 am
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Last night mom was packing a big blue bag. I didn't go in it. I was too preoccupied with my eyeball. I got something in it. It was bothering me. So I kept on trying to clean it, but it wasn't getting better. Mom looked at it and said that if its not better by the morning, she was bringing me to the ER vet. She said "We only have one set of eyes, need to take care of them" I wasn't really myself last night. Mom fed me Venison and put Lysine in it to maybe help my eye out a bit. I didn't really want that. I wanted the kibble she bought me instead. Anyway, Mom was packing and I was kinda sad. I love my momma and I don't want her to go! I haven't really been bad. So anyway, mom went to bed and I layed down next to her. Right up against her shoulder and under her chin. We fell asleep like that. I sleep with mom everynight. Well last night my eye was really bothering me, so I got up and hid underneath the bed. Mom got up and realized I wasn't there. She found out she doesn't sleep that well without me. Anyway, mom woke up for work and I was sleeping on the floor. Not like me at all. I saw mom and jumped on the bed. My eye was still a little squinty. I was pawing at it and mom was deciding on whether she should bring me to the vets. She started to get ready for work and saw my eye was a little goopy. She noticed that it was wide open though. She said, "Oh Hunty, you're fine. Stop milking it" Milking it? Do I look like a cow? I don't even drink milk. I don't know what she was talking about.

I could tell mom was kinda sad. She kept on petting me and telling me to be a good boy. I am always a good boy! She flipped me over and rubbed my belly, while I licked her hand. Mom went to clean my box and I jumped on my cat tree. I was rolling around on the top tower, trilling, and pawing at moms head. She pet me, scratched behind my ears, and told me that she loved me. She said "Be a good boy Hunty, I'll see you on Sunday. I love you my big boy" and then I heard mom crack open a can of food for me. She talked to Memz and left. I heard the door shut and ran after her. MOM!!

I'm wicked sad. Moms sad too. Its going to be a long 1.5 days without her. Wonder what trouble I can get into to pass the time...

Missing my mom,


Do you come with instructions? I do!

December 20th 2012 6:59 am
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So mom said that she's going away for a little while, I'm rather upset about that which is a whole other story. But she did tell me that Memz and Pepz will take good care of me. Mom told me she wrote out instructions. Instructions? I'm not a toy. They don't need to install batteries in me. Well here are the instructions that mom wrote out. Do you guys think she forgot anything??


BREAKFAST: In the morning when you wake up take Hunter out of my bedroom!! Feed him a small can of Fancy Feast, the whole can. Put it on the counter. Don’t forget to pick up his dish from the night before. It will be on the brown mat as you walk in my bedroom.

Around 1:00pm if he is still hungry (if he ate all his breakfast) you can give him a scoop of kibble, from the Tupperware that says CAT. ONE scoop only!!

DINNER: When you go to bed or when dad comes home, whichever, give him ½ a big can of cat food. Put the other half in the fridge with a cover on it. Put the food in his dish and put the dish on the brown mat when you walk in my bedroom. Find Hunter, and put him in my bedroom with the door shut! Leave him there until the morning. (If you can’t find him, get out his wand toy, and flick it a few times, he’ll come running)
(Don’t forget about the ½ a can of cat food in the fridge (if there is one) normally I put the food in the dish, add about 1 tablespoon of water and put it in the microwave for 17 seconds. Mix it around, chop it up, and put it in my bedroom on the brown mat.)

PLAY? : If he wants to play, you can get his favorite wand toy from the 2nd draw of my bureau as you walk in my bedroom. It’s in the front. You can just sit down and wiggle it in front of him. Once he catches it, you can let go and he’ll drag it around the house. Do NOT try to get his toy while it’s in his mouth. He will start huffing and will eventually growl. You don’t have to play with him. Not a necessity. Unless he is causing trouble. ;)

I’ll take care of his litter box when I come home. I should be coming home every other day.

Last but not least, PLEASE oh PLEASE watch out for him when you bring the dog out!! This is why he is in my bedroom at night!!

I know you’ll take good care of my big boy! Again watch out when you bring out the dog! Thank you so much Mom and Dad!

I hope mom doesn't stay away for too long. I'm going to miss her.

Purrz & Licks,

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