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Pawsitively Meow-Worthy

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Our friend is okay!!!!

November 8th 2012 10:08 am
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I thought I would let you all know we finally heard from our elderly friend Barb this morning. The one that lives in Tom's River, New Jersey. She didn't have power for 8 days but she and her kitties are all okay!!!! Her son actually had over 7 feet of water in his house and will have to gut his entire house. So as it turned out, it was safer for her to stay where she is. PHEW!!! Mommy is so relieved it's not funny. We were really worried about her. She's ex-military and has been rescuing kitties since way back when she was over-seas. Thank you all so much for your purrs for our good friend and thank you especially to Skylar and his mommy for showing us how to search places like the Red Cross Registry and online white pages. That's such great information and now we know how to do that. Hopefully we won't have to ever look for friends like that again but it all turned out okay. Thank you everyone!!! Love you all so furry much!
Luv, a relieved Lacey and mommy


Short but sweet!

November 20th 2012 11:03 am
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Short but sweet!
This week's blog entry is up!
The War on IBD

Now here comes the sweet part, I'm on mommy's desk and won't let her type too much, MOL. I need my lovies!
Luv Lacey


Gotcha day

November 22nd 2012 2:44 pm
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Hellooooooo!!! Ta ra ra boom de eh! Today's my gotcha day! And I am here to stay, ta ra ra boom de eh!! MOL. I sang that last year too. I guess that's my song each year now. Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Hope you're all having fun eating turkey and all the trimmings. Mommy went out for awhile and came home stuffed to the gills. Thank you all for my great prezzies and gotcha day well wishes. I love you all furry much and am so grateful for all of our friends and family. Hope you're all having a wonderful day! Thanks again!
Lacey Wacey Bug


Thank mew for my gotcha day!

November 24th 2012 12:04 pm
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Thanks everyone for my wonderful gotcha day and for all the prezzies and love you gave me! Mom cannot thank everyone individually so we're doing it here in my diary, hope you all read this. Mommy wasn't here the whole day cause she had to go and eat turkey somewhere else. But when she came home she gave me lots of kissies and treats and stuff. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and a wonderful week!!

Filakia!!! (that means kitty kisses in Greek)


Midnight needs help!!

November 27th 2012 9:27 am
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Hey everyone, I need help. I have to bring in my sister's cat Midnight to the vet today, it's an emergency. She's peeing a lot of blood and we don't have the money for tests. I hate to ask but she is not doing well. She's straining to pee and vomiting. If anyone wants to help out, please go to my website and click on the donate button to the left and it'll go into my Paypal account. Thanks in advance, I wouldn't ask but I'm stuck! I'm so worried about her. IBDKitties


New blog entry

November 29th 2012 1:35 pm
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Hi everyone!!! Please read our newest blog entry as it talks about how grateful we are for everyone's love and support through cousin Midnight's illness! It Takes A Village


DDP! thank mew!!

December 2nd 2012 8:06 pm
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Thank you all for my DDP and for the compliments on our blog. Hope you're all getting your Catmus shopping done and being good cause Santa paws will be coming later this month. Cousin Midnight's test results should be in tomorrow or Tuesday so we'll let you all know how it came out. In the meantime mommy is taking good care of her and she's had a good weekend. Thank you all for purring and caring so much about her. We feel the love!!!! Gotta go and play wiff the Catmus decorations mommy put up today, whoo hoo! MOL.
Luv Lacey Wacey Christmas Bug


Merry Catmus everyone!

December 24th 2012 12:10 pm
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Just wanted to say Merry Catmus and Happy Holidays to everybody! We love you all and are so thankful for our furriends here. Hope you have a safe and lovely holiday! Please tell us all about your toys and fun and what Santa Paws brings you!
FILAKIA! (kitty kisses)
Lacey, Finney, Angel Alex and mommy Lisa


Emergency purrs for a friend

January 10th 2013 6:14 pm
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Hi everyone! Could you all pray and purr for this kitty that is on my website? She's hospitalized tonight having trouble breathing and may be in heart failure. Her mom is worried sick! She's got fluid in her chest and cannot breathe without being in the oxygen tank. She beat triaditis and was doing well until this came on suddenly. Thank you Catsters, she's a beautiful and sweet girl. You all are the best! Frankie L.


Frankie update

January 14th 2013 8:32 pm
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Well everyone, I have some bad news. Little Frankie has taken a turn for the worse. She's not doing well at all. Her kidney levels are elevated because of the Lasix she's taking for her heart and now she will not eat. She's barely 4 lbs now and not walking very well. Her mom is very scared this is the end. Please can she have some more purrs? Things looked good for awhile and now they are really not good at all. I'm so scared for them. Thanks my friends. I love you all so much. I hope I have better news for you tomorrow.

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