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Lacey's turn! I need help. sigh.

May 19th 2012 10:56 pm
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Since everyone gave me such wonderful advice with Finnegan when he went through his stage of being scared of me, I figured I'd ask for help with Lacey. She's not having the same problem at all and I still have Finney's calming collar. I do put it on her sometimes but jeez!

Okay I'm getting ahead of myself. I don't know if this is normal or not for their age. Both will be 4 in June. They are bored with their toys, bored with each other as far as playing anyway and just plain bored. Finney, he's laid back and couldn't care less. Lacey is restless and a serious pain in the neck! She drives me crazy!!! She claws at the door in the kitchen to go in the hallway and I only open that door for a little while very late at night because they used to play in the hall. Now I don't even know why she wants that door open but it's awful! She used to do it to my bedroom door but I started using the squirt bottle so she stopped. Now she's at the main door and I don't think it's the door in particular, she just doesn't know what to do with herself. I try playing with both of them constantly and they are not interested in anything anymore. I miss when they used to play with each other and when I played with them I wore them out. Now it's the opposite. She's doing it right now. She's at the door meowing and clawing at it. Then when I open the door, she doesn't even stay out there. She ends up coming back in and laying down. Drives me nuts.

And no, they are fine, no vet visit is in order, please let's not get into that. They are both extremely healthy, I've always known she was going to be a handful. I used the Feliway spray near the door, big whoop, does nothing. They don't want the laser pointer, they don't want the string, they don't want anything like Da Bird (they hate things on a stick, so weird), they don't want their kitty sitter videos, they don't want anything but they do want SOMETHING. And I do spend time with them, I just don't know what they want from me to get them playing. So my questions are:

1) how am I supposed to play with them and get them to wear off that restless energy if they getting older and just aren't amused by much?

2) If I got them leashes and took them outside once in awhile, would I have to put flea and tick medication on them and give them heartworm meds and all of that? And will they want to go out all the time after that?

And 3) HELP! LOL. What am I supposed to do? She's making me crazy!

Purred by: Monida (Catster Member)

May 19th 2012 at 11:38 pm

I have the same problem with Monida! She's bored and restless but doesn't want to play with anything! I don't know what to do either. I've tried taking her outside on her harness, but she gets so scared she just shakes. Good luck! Hopefully some others will have good advice!
Purred by: Calie Dreamette #17 (Catster Member)

May 19th 2012 at 11:56 pm

ooh so sorry you are having a tough time Lacey. I do not know what to do either but I thought you might try this. Mom has some fake trees the pretty kind that she used to have in the house for pretty decor but when we were little we all loved to knock the "trees" over and play in the leave and hide in them. Now that we are all older the trees look real sad and if mom will lay them flat on the ground we still love to hide there and wrestle with each other and chase each other off the tree. Mom can hid cat nip filled toys in there to and we "hunt" for them in the leaves. The trees were kinda costly but maybe at a resale or good will store they have some second hand ones.... mom is thinking of getting us some more too.
Purred by: SKIDS KITTY gone, never forgot (Catster Member)

May 20th 2012 at 12:01 am

I wanted to say this about those closed doors. I did not want a door in my house closed. as I got older I was adamant that the doors be left open. No thumbs see so what if I need in that room and there is no one around to open the door then what? Mom knows this was true for me one time she opened the door for me I went in the room and turned to come back out and as I came out she was going to close the door behind me and turned back to place one paw against the door. Maybe you just do not like closed doors either.
Purred by: Orange Ruffy (Catster Member)

May 20th 2012 at 4:47 am

Of course she's bored...we all bore easily, and she and Finney are from a breed made for adventure! Have you considered harness training them so they could go out on a harness and leash? With your garden they might enjoy it immensely! We are trying to harness train here...we thought CK would ennjoy it but so far he thinks the harness is a toy itself! :)

We've met several Catster parents who enjoy time outside with harness and leash.

Also, what about wall shelves for them to climb on and run on? And why can't they go in the hall? Your family owns the house...nothing could happen, right?
Purred by: MILO BLUE EYES DB#73 (Catster Member)

May 20th 2012 at 5:17 am

I dunno, Lacey~ Maybe I might agree, U jus' don't want da doorz shut~!! Iz dere any reason WHY dem doorz must remain closed all da time?? I don't like doorz closed either~! I like to come 'n go as I purrlease. 'n Closed means I can't which makez me sad...Ya know I don't purrlay near as mush as I used to 'n we got ALL kin'a toyz 'n tunnels 'n stuff!~! Mallee entertainz herself purrty well. I sleep more, 'n her sleep too when I doez. We're on a routine, so mom keeps track o' what we do when we do it. Kitties r routine driven. Mommy takez Mallee outside eash mornin' on her harness/lease ('n yes, we r bof on Revolution which iz fur fleas ticks, heartworms 'n parisites). I follow outside. Her get'z worn out dat way 'n we come in fur breakfast 'n take our naps usually all afternoon. When we wake up we purrlay wif eash other, but she still bites me 'n I don't like it~! I like Callie'z idea o' da fake tree, mommy nefur thought o' dat~! Sounds fun~! Hidin' goodiez inside would be so mush fun to chase 'n find~!
I thought 'bout it 'n didn't know if U'd tried somethin' like ping pong ballz in da bathtub? We love dat~! Or hidin' goodiez roun' da house fur dem to find? Ya know boredom comez wif sameness, so why not changin' da toyz 'n kitty treez 'round to different areaz?? A brand new view might be in order~!! Anythan' U can come up wif dat'z excitin' 'n NEW will halpz~! Shrugz we don't know mush else~!

Hugz 'n love,
Purred by: Alexander, Dreamboat #110 (Catster Member)

May 20th 2012 at 6:40 am

This is the time when Alex started driving Natasha nuts. He would hunt her down all the time. He likes to hunt. I gave her more places to hide. I remember telling the vet that he would not stop going after her. I wish that I could have gotten a kitten then. I can see why others started getting larger cat families but I want to stop at two. Having two cats is what I can handle.
We also have a porch that is closed during the winter but in the summer time, I open it. They love going there because it is a new place. I created the new place but closing it during the winter and opening it during the summer months. I would try doing the wall climbers too.....Cats are not that easier than dogs. They are smarter and are always looking for something else. I am sorry that you are being driven nuts. You can try the harness and go out. Yes, fleas will come...but they come without going out. I found that out with Alex. A flea came in and decided to breed. I used Advantage II. It works very well. Once, outside, you may have to go every day. Alex did finally slow down a bit but poor Natasha hated him by then. Yours may calm down. ....My first cat, Ben, drove us crazy because he wanted to sleep with us. It took months for him to find out that it wasn't happening. Things change there too.....
Have you tried hiding treats around the place? I got those for Alex. He loved finding them. He just loves to eat. Those balls that have treats in them are great. He likes to roll them around until they are empty.
Let us know how it is going....My vet did tell me that they would calm down but she never made a time commitment. It was frustrating but I am glad to hear that they are healthy.
Purred by: Lacey (Catster Member)

May 20th 2012 at 8:21 am

Hey everyone, I think you misunderstand the makeup of my apartment. The only door that's closed is the door to the hallway because that's the door that leads to outside! I can't leave that open all day, I share the hallway with my parents and yes, at night they can go in the hallway and play but I can't leave it open all night. This is not something that can be done, they'd get out. It's hard to explain I guess but no, that door cannot stay open all the time, this is my apartment and I need to have my privacy and security. No other doors are closed on them. I thought about the shelves on the walls but this house is mega old, 95 years, and the walls have studs that are crazy and not lined up correctly (they didn't have levels back then, LOL). Plus Finney is 16 lbs and Lacey has got to have Maine Coon in her because she's not fat and she's over 10 lbs. Actually Maine Coons are much more laid back which is why Finney is moreso than she is but she is driving me insane. I'm bored too believe me. I haven't had my car now in over a month, the coolant has a big leak and I don't know when I can get it fixed. I guess I can get leashes and harnesses I just hate the idea of putting chemicals on them but I know I'd have to if they went outside. I do move their stuff around alot but this is more because I had to move my desk out of their playroom because of my stupid jerk neighbors playing basketball all night every night. I couldn't stand it. So now I am all cramped in my living room and they're towers are in their regular playroom but I am not in there. I'll bet that's what it is but I don't know what to do. sigh. Well, glad I'm not the only one going through this though I'm sorry to hear Monida is behaving the same. At least we can go through it together.
Purred by: Lacey (Catster Member)

May 20th 2012 at 8:21 am

Oh and I'd have to make my own shelves because I have no money for that stuff. they are pretty expensive.
Purred by: Alexander, Dreamboat #110 (Catster Member)

May 20th 2012 at 2:20 pm

My Maine Coon had children to keep him busy. He did try to get out once and I found him at the front door shivering. He didn't get far. He had good claws that could open the back door to the cellar where he would go and Natasha would go with him. I had to wash them because the cellar was a mess. In time, he stopped going. I can remember Halloween being the worst time because the front door would be opened to outside and we have double doors and a hallway before the outside door. He eventually settled down and we got Natasha. I am glad that we didn't let him out. He eventually got problems that I found early because I could see them better especially when he got FUS. Try making the shelves and see what happens. Also, get a bird feeder for the outside. They loved looking at the birds. I got several around the house.
Purred by: Luke (Catster Member)

May 20th 2012 at 3:51 pm

Luke and Tully are almost the same age as Lacey and Finney and we experienced the same thing you described with restless energy. I was spending a small fortune on toys, cat furniture, etc. only to have them lose interest. Luke's personality sounds a lot like Lacey's. He gets very restless, especially at night, and will meow at 3 a.m., knock things off my dresser to get attention, etc. We use the calming collar when it gets really bad and interferes with sleep.

I also recommend trying the harness, my kitties love spending time outdoors and can be entertained for hours watching birds and catching bugs. I don't know how large your yard is, ours is small, so it was worth it to eventually install a cat fence system so they can roam around the yard off leash, but stay within the confines of the yard. If it's not practical to do this in your yard, there are also "catios" - do you know anyone who is a handyman who might me able to help you build an inexpensive one? The bird feeder is a good idea, too, I've got one on the front porch and a cat perch a few feet away behind the front window so they can watch the birds.

I can empathize with your situation because I've been there too ~ hope you find something that works!
Purred by: Lacey (Catster Member)

May 20th 2012 at 4:08 pm

I have quite a few bird feeders and even a bird bath in the yard. I don't have one cent for any catios or enclosures and with the basketball from next door flying into my yard constantly I wouldn't risk it. Plus I don't know anyone to help me do anything anymore. I could actually cry tears just telling you how this house is falling apart and there is no money at all from any of us to fix even the smallest things. It's very depressing. I have limited options. A harness and leash may be my only options but then I'd have to start treating them with flea & tick meds and I don't know now if I even have extra funds for that. I'm even without a car now. My car sprung a coolant leak and the damage is going to cost me big to fix it. Can't do it for months and months. Things aren't very conducive to me spending anymore money on the cats right now. For my own health I have been ordered by my doctors to start eating better which I'm trying to do. I've got no money at all coming in from my website and I thought that would at least help me out but it's not. So spending anymore money on the cats as far as towers, condos, anything like that is not going to work. I'm all alone here, no one to help me. Plus I pay for all of Midnight's medications, fluids, cat litter etc.
Purred by: Luke (Catster Member)

May 20th 2012 at 5:50 pm

That is definitely a consideration if you try the harness and leash, your cats may need to be treated for fleas, which is not something I like doing either. It sounds like with all you've got going on right now, keeping them indoors would be best. Do they enjoy watching birds through the windows? I crack the windows open whenever I can as that seems to attract the cats more if the windows are open.

I'm not sure what else to suggest for indoor entertainment other than rotating the toys around and having vigorous play sessions, which it sounds like you are already doing. On the plus side, Lacey and Finney are healthy and beautiful kitties and they have a wonderful Mommy who takes great care of them. Purrs that things get better soon.
Purred by: Mietzi Katze♥ (Catster Member)

May 20th 2012 at 6:06 pm

Hi Lacey. Closed doors are so annoying. I hate them too. Here is something we just played. Timo and I and the guest cat too.
Your human spreads a sheet of newspaper on the floor and moves an object underneath it. Wooden spoon, stick, your human's hand. It's fun to try to catch it. Just tell your Mom to watch out not to hit a cat in the eye by accident when the cat tries to look under the newspaper. At times we all three sat around the newspaper and took turns.
Sometimes I like to chase paper balls. Just balls made out of scrap paper.
Play a game under the door. Door can be fully closed or half closed. Cat on one side, human on the other. Cat tries to catch object that human pushes partway under the door. Where will the toy appear next? Sometimes I like to stick my paws where the door hinges are. Mom then stops the game. Don't want pinched paws.
When you scratch at the door, maybe your Mom can pick you up, walk around with you, sing you a song, put you down in places you usually don't get to go. Distract you somehow. And then you'll forget all about the door? Hopefully.

We're purring for your Mom to have lots of patience.
Purred by: Calie Dreamette #17 (Catster Member)

May 20th 2012 at 6:22 pm

Oh Lacey the ping pong balls in the bath tub might be fun and they are really cheap! You know what else might help is mt toilit paper rolls, mom can put some treats in there and then tape the ends shut and cut little holes on the roll so the treats can fall out as you work it over! We love to play in large shopping bags mom has to cut the handles off, we usually a few left over after Christmas you know the kind presents come in. IT makes a real mess but mom has put real tree limbs in our room little ones with leaves still on them it gives us a little taste of the outside. Do you have cat nip grass that is real cheap to buy and we love the fresh kind that you can grow in a little bowl inside the house.
I hope things get better sweetie we do want you or mom to be unhappy or stressed.
Purred by: Alexander, Dreamboat #110 (Catster Member)

May 20th 2012 at 7:32 pm

You feel cooped up....Do you think that Lacey is picking up your moods and feelings? Do get those bird feeders that stick to the windows so you can leave food in them. Both cats loved seeing the birds. The flea meds can be expensive over time. I used Advantage II on Alex at the back of his neck so he won't touch it. Grow some cat nip for the inside. Lacey will eventually settle down. Is this a recent event for her? If you do go outside, get those holster leashes not collar leash.You have to practice inside first.
She may be too scared to move outside. I am sorry that you are having difficulties. These cats do pick up on our feelings.....
Purred by: Shadow (Catster Member)

May 20th 2012 at 10:06 pm

Hi ya, how about getting one leash and taking one cat out at a time. Carry them out and let them sit on your lap so they can enjoy the sunshine,and birds. If you let them down then they will want to be out all the time. My Shadow loves going out, but she knows that its not all the time, though she does growl when I bring her back in. Wilson is a scaredy cat, he does not like to be on a leash and walk so I just bring him out on the sundeck with me and he enjoys that. We do not use any chemical meds, and you know I live in a very rural area,5 acres. I keep an eye on Shadow where she walks, and dont let her walk in tall grass, just on the pathway. Then I brush her when I bring her in.
Cats go through stages I think, some days they will be hyper and want to play sometimes not, now that they are getting more mature :)
Talk to you in a week,
Purred by: Ingen (Catster Member)

May 20th 2012 at 10:58 pm

Just a suggestion (and research project) IF you decide to take them outside. I have read about something called NEEM oil. It's a natural substance that repels fleas, ticks & mosquitoes and is safe for people and dogs. Problem is I haven't been able to find out if it's safe for cats. You have better resources and better research skills than I. It may be something to think about and probably cheaper than FRONTLINE and heartworm medicines.
Purred by: Orange Ruffy (Catster Member)

May 21st 2012 at 7:18 am

Mom and Dad put 'chemicals' on me, the flea/tick/whatever' stuff that gets put between the shoulders. I am FIV+, and tolearte it ok. It's something we do if we go anywhere. Bella does not get it anymore due to advanced age and health issues, but for young healthy cats if you decided to try the harness stuff, it would be a good idea wethinks.
Purred by: Monster (Catster Member)

May 21st 2012 at 9:15 am

How about making a kitty apartment complex out of cardboard boxes? And rearranging the furniture? That might be just enough change to stimulate them.
Purred by: Linus Lacey's Baboo DB56 (Catster Member)

May 21st 2012 at 10:09 am

Hey, Sweet Lacey. I knows BOREDOM, too. Havin' once been an outside kitty before my ramblin' days I sometimes get kinda fussy and grumpy sometimes. Mom tries to play with me some each day. We have this big string toy thingie and she makes paper butterflies she ties to it. That's fun. Also fun is those little plastic pull thingies off milk jugs. We also make spiders outta bread loaf twistie ties. Mom don't ever take us out on leashes, she took scared it would give us ideas and we'd run for da door. Miranda ran outta da door a week ago, then froze on the porch (thank goodness) long enough for mom to grab her. Pingpong balls in da bath sounds good. We gonna try dat one! We did cardboard boxes till Milo ate them.
Purred by: Lacey (Catster Member)

May 21st 2012 at 10:59 am

Lacey was practically the inventor of the ping pong ball in the bathtub. Now she doesn't care anymore about it. Has anyone ever used Diatomaceous Earth for flea control?
Purred by: Meep (Catster Member)

May 21st 2012 at 12:03 pm

Cats are just like that. After four we're not so easily entertained but that doesn't mean we don't like to play. Basically its a territorial thing. Any territory we can see is ours and once we're let in, that's that. Lacey doesn't want to drive you nuts - she just wants what's hers and not to be locked out. Cats are a bit restless by nature, at least most of us and Lacey just does not, no no no, does not like closed doors that lead to parts of her territory while at the same time you, top cat meowmie, also need to be near her at all awake times. Fair? Who said life is fair?
Purred by: Lacey (Catster Member)

May 21st 2012 at 12:12 pm

MEEP!!! Finally someone is understanding what I've been trying to say. And I don't know what to do about it.
Purred by: Pinkie- DG#21 (Catster Member)

May 22nd 2012 at 9:48 am

Mom thought you were talking about me...MOL If you recall, Mom calls me Velcro Kitty.

I am restless and if not sleeping on someone's lap, I am pacing, meowing, pawing at your leg to get your attention. I don't play hardly at all, either. If Mom gets me something new, I do show interest..But it quickly passes.

Actually if a door is closed in our house, everyone wants to know what is behind it. Maybe a bit of you want what you can't have?? As soon as you open it...all interest is gone.

I am alot older then Lacey. But have the same restless energy. I want what I want and when I want it. The I quickly don't want that. But something else.

Mom lets me sit on the deck in my kitty habitat. I actually sleep when I am in it. Well, except when Biggles gets all up in my grill. We haven't used any repellent since the deck is high above ground.

It gives me time to watch stuff and Mom can enjoy the outdoors too.
Purred by: Lacey (Catster Member)

May 22nd 2012 at 9:53 am

Pinkie you and I should get a house together, MOL. THAT'S ME TO A TEE! Cept we don't have a deck at all. Nothing like that.
Purred by: Meep (Catster Member)

May 22nd 2012 at 10:35 am

Lacey, I'm so glad I wrote! I was worried maybe saying the wrong things but turns out we and Pinkie too have a lot in common. After all it is a cat's nature to roam and wander. There was even a famous court case a long time ago where a cranky person tried to get people with an indoor/outdoor cat in trouble because the cat would go into their yard and they did not like it one bit! The judge said to the cranky people that they did not win the case because it is in a cat's nature to roam and wander.

So even human law recognizes this! What's a mother to do!Certainly having other kitties to play and chase helps.

Jackson Galaxy says some kitties are ground dwellers and some are tree dwellers. So if you like to hang out on top of the action you are a tree dweller and need something to climb way up on. I know these things can cost moolah roolah but maybe there is a junk yard or freebies recycling place nearby where you could find materials for el cheapo. Maybe if you have a high up perch to watch all the action from including seeing the forbidden doorway, it will help. It helped one of Jackson Galaxy's clients so just maybe you will like it too . . . anyhow here's hoping for your meowmie it could.
Purred by: Lacey (Catster Member)

May 22nd 2012 at 10:46 am

The problem with that Meep is we have a little tiny entryway where the door is, so there's no room to put anything up high for me to climb. As my mom said, the walls here are not very sturdy for me and Finney like that, she has to anchor our towers and sometimes she can't even find studs that are measured evenly to do that. this is a furry old house and they built it weird. Mom's been trying to think of other places to put our towers but it's crowded in here as it is. She'd found a cute little tower that was only $49 but turns out the thing looks way bigger on the pictures and the measurements are so small a kitten can barely fit in the tunnel part. Not worth it. wish we had someone that could make us one for cheap but we don't.
Purred by: Molly Angel (Catster Member)

June 4th 2012 at 7:39 pm

Lacey, some kitties are more prone to fleas then others. It also depends on if your property is infested. I went out on a leash a lot and never got a flea on me. (I was not tasty) Our dog is in the yard a lot and he does not pick up fleas. So flea meds aren't Always necessary. As soon as I was allowed out, I wanted out every day! It was like wanting through the closed door. That yard was my territory. Another idea is strollering. Sometimes, people can find a used stroller. You won't get exercise but your mommy will and you may be amused and no fleas!




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