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Tales of the Peekaboo Princess

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September 14th 2012 4:03 pm
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We are here at Virgelle. Mama is so shocked cuz we got internet here. Hey, I thought this was sposed to be primmer-tive! The smokes were rollin in at home this mornin. Mama and daddy were hopin it would be clear here, but those darn-it forest fires just keep on eatin trees.

Daddy took the bumpity ferry road at Loma. Mama kept talkin bout "washerboards," but Guns and I did not see none. We were holdin on in our carriers for dear life. It is a good thing we are always strappered in cuz we mighta flied right out the window. After a long time daddy stopped the big noisy truck, and we were lookin right at the river!

I asked Guns what was goin on, and he sed we were at the ferry. I sed "where are her wings?" Then Guns started laffin at me. He sed "NOT that kinda fairy, the nuther kinda ferry."

There was a big scary thing across the water, and it started comin right for us. I meowered at Guns, "Guns, run!" Then the big scary thing stopped, and daddy drove onto it. All of a sudden we started movin. First we went one way, and then we went the nuther way until finally we were on the nuther side of the river. Daddy started the big noisy truck and drived off the big scary thing and started up the road. Mama sed to us, "Well, kits, you just had your first ferry ride. Didja like it?"

I looked at Guns, and he looked at me. Then we both looked at mama and meowered "maybee..."


I've Been Nipped...

September 11th 2012 7:00 pm
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Mama spended almost all day outside gardenerin today. Guns and I watched her from our birdie watchin window, but we were wishin she would come inside and play games with us. Mama sed her new little plants needed to get outta their pots and live in the garden. Since we are leavin for anuther vacashun in a few days, mama did not have much time.

The weatherman sed we are gonna get freezy tonight. I am real glad mama went outside and got our nip. Guns and I helped mama cut all the pretty green nippy leaves off and spread em out in a tray to dry. All winter long Guns and I can have nip in our toys. YAY!!!

I think Guns mighta told everykitty I got nipped out. OK, it MIGHT be kinda true. See, mama was lettin us play with the stems and rejects she was not puttin in the tray to dry. I did play with a lotta nip, and I did fall over, and I guess my eyes were kinda stranj, but I just needed a nap. I am fine now even though I was nipped earlier. Guns likes the nip OK, but I like it LOTS more. Oh, my goodiness. I think I feel another nip nap comin on.


Home Safe!

September 10th 2012 7:51 pm
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Thanks to all the kitties and their peeples who purred for our daddy. Daddy did not feel too bad on Sunday mornin, and we got home safe. It tooked about two hours, and I howled when we first started home. I am not sure why, but pretty soon I was quiet. On longer trips we stop every coupla hours, but we did not stop until we were at the edge of town on the big hill. Daddy stopped to fuel up the big noisy truck, and I got to watch from my carrier. Gunnie was bein a whiner, so mama had to take him back into the campster trailer. Mama thought Guns had to go potty, but it was just a trick to get outta his carrier before we got home.

It felt so good when we got home and mama let us outta our carriers. We skampered all around the house and chasered each nuther to get the kinks out.

This mornin daddy seemed to feel even better, and he is goin to see his doktor tomorrow. Power of the purr works every time!


A Kinda Bad Vacashun

September 8th 2012 6:25 pm
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Strange things have been happenin to us since we left home on vacashun. Daddy has beened kinda sick all the time we have beened here. Sumtimes he does not even feel like eatin.Several times mama and daddy have left the campster and had to come back and get things they forgot they needed for doin research. Mama's memory seems real bad all of a sudden, and she keeps doin stuff all wrong. Then last night daddy was sittin at the table. Mama went into the bathyroom to wash off her makeups. All of a sudden there was a huge crashy sound. Mama came runnin out of the bathyroom thinkin Guns and I had doned somethin real bad. Daddy was gettin up off the floor cuz the chair seat broked while he was sittin on it, and it dumped him right on the floor. Now we onliest got one chair to sit on cuz the seat to the nuther chair is in two piecers.

Guns and I have onliest got one stroller ride cuz of all the bad things happenin. Tonight we need to purr real hard that daddy can get us home safe tomorrow. This is the badderest vacashun we have ever had.


Coyotes in the Campsterground!

September 7th 2012 7:12 pm
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Last evenin Gunnie and I meeted a nice little bunny in the campsterground, but what happened in the night was real skary. It was late and real dark. Gunnie and I were playin race kitty in the campster while mama and daddy were tryin to sleep. We run from the kitchen through the livin room, past the bathyroom, into the beddyroom, jump on the bed, turn around, and run back the nuther way. It was quiet cept for me and Guns and our runnin and jumpsterin.

All of a sudden there was a terbl noise. It was kinda screamy and kinda howly and REAL loud. Mama and daddy said it only lastered bout 5 seconds, but it was real eksiterin. This mornin mama and daddy both said it was coyotes in the campsterground. Daddy said they sounded like young ones. I wonder if their mama knewed they were out runnin around in the nighttime and tryin to get into trubl.

The new neighbors next door got ankle biters with em with a cute little fence thingie to keep em from runnin off. Guns and I could hop over that fence thingie with two paws tied behinder us. Mama is wonderin if the lady will leave the ankle biter foodages out tonight cuz if she does, we probly will get to hear the coyotes even closer this time.

All I gotta say is 'RUN, MR. BUNNY, RUN! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!


The Amazing Shopstering Mama

September 4th 2012 6:46 pm
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Wow! Mama had so much fun takin videos at the Scottish-Irish Festival in Hamilton that she could not resist gettin a brand new camcorder. Mama has always enjoyed tryin to film me and Gunnie playin and bathin each nuther and stuff. Now she will have a real video takin thingie. Mama is real eksitered bout this. She has been thinkin bout it for awhile, but finally she just started lookin at camcorders at Amazon. Mama founded one she liked, and when she checked the price, it was more than $100 less than the same camcorder even at Wallermart! Mama should have the new thingie by the time we go to Virgelle, so maybe she can film me and Gunnie havin some adventures at our cabin. Last year I checked out the big wood cookstove thingie. It is a good thing it was not hot cuz I climbed all over it. Then there was the kitty that lives down the road. I think his name is Garfield, and he wanted to come in our cabin, but Gunnie and I did not like him. Gunnie's tail got all poofy, and he growlered when he saw Garfy at the screen door. Mama and daddy let em look at each nuther, but they would not let Gunnie get close to the door.

Virgelle is Garfy's terror-tory, so mama was fraid he might spray pee pee on our stroller, so we had to keep it inside. There are lotsa wild animals there too, and porky-pines might eat on our stroller.

I am glad we have a good housitter cuz we are leavin tomorrow for Helena. Then less than a week later we are leavin for Virgelle, and mama will have the new camcorder thingie. I wanna be a movie star.

I hope we have an adventure while we are goned. If we do, I will try and write bout it in my diary.


Home Again, Kinda...

August 29th 2012 1:13 pm
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Hey, kitties. Gunnie and I are home again, but we are alreddy gettin the campster cleaned to go out again. We are travelerin kitties for sure.

A terriblest thing happened. Gunnie and I found out the black rabbits at the campsterground are fake! The real black bunnies were bad and eated on the pickernik tables and stuff, so they catched em in trap thingies and sended em away. No wonder the bunnies would not talk to me cuz they were not real.

Mama and daddy spend lotsa time tryin to outsmart me and Gunnie, but they never get more than maybee a half step ahead of us. Every day after mama and daddy left, I worked and worked until I could get one of the pillows they stuffed behinder the couchie loose so I could go down behind the couchie and underneath next to the water tank. Mama and daddy would come home every evenin and have to lift the seat on the couchie up and take the front thingie off so I could get out. Finally mama said "Since we can't keep her from going down there, let's just leave the panel off so she can get out." They did that, and then one evening I sprised em by goin underneath and then comin back out the same way. It was squeezy, but I worked and worked until I wiggled back the "up" way. mama and daddy know I was never really trapped. I do not even go there cuz I am skared; I just like small dark places, and that is the best one in the whole campster.

Mama bought bunchies of stuff; raw honey from the honey lady, a sterling silver Norse design handmade brooch/pendant, music CD's with bagsterpipin on em, and stuff like that at the Scottish-Irish Festival. She and daddy also went to the candy store downtown and gotted more than a pound of speshl chocolates. Guess what? They had the cutest little molded kitty faces, and mama and daddy bought two just like me and Gunnie! They kept eatin on nuther stuff not wantin to eat the kitty faces, but finally last night they could not resist, so the little kitty faces are goned. Mama bitened hers and ripped off the ears first, but daddy was carefuller and used a knife to make slices on his.

I wanna thank everykitty who sent me congratulasuns, good wishies, and prezunts when I was kitty of the week. I pollergize that we probly will not get everbuddy thanked for awhile yet. We like to p-mail everybuddy and thank each one, but mama has not had time, and she probly will not before we get home from our next trip. We are goin to Helena, Montana. It is our state capital, and it is called the Queen City. Mama and daddy say at one time Helena had more millionaires per capita than any other city in the world. Ummmm, I totally do not know what that means...

Anyway, please know Gunnie and I love you all, and we preshiate your friendship and honorin us for speshl stuff. We will be back for awhile after we go to Helena, so maybee we can get catched up with everythin.


Hide and Seek

August 24th 2012 5:54 pm
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Hey everkitty. This is Peekie Peekerson, cub reporter. I am reportin from the Black Rabbit campsterground in Hamilton, Montana. Mama and daddy and Gunnie and I are here for the Scottish-Irish Festival. It startered this afternoon, but mama and daddy are plannin to go out tomorrow.

There was a stranj noise in the campsterground earlier. Daddy said it was somethin called bagpipes. It made a sorta squealin sound like a skared mousie only lots louder. Mama got all eksitered and wanted to take us in our stroller and find the mousie, errrrr, I mean bagpipin guy, but she thought he might quit practisin his squealin before we got there, so we did not get to go.

Gunnie and I got to meet the black rabbits yesterday. We strolled all the way over to the offis, but they would not talk to us. They just sat there and looked real serious. I said “Hi, black rabbits!” It kinda hurted my feelins that they would not say hi back, but Gunnie said they were workin, so they could not soshalize with us.

Mama is not too happy with me. Every day after mama and daddy leave to go on their excurshuns, I work and work until I can get back behind the couchie and underneath. I have not figured out how to get back out, so when they come home, they catnot find me. Mama calls and looks everywhere, and then she says to daddy, “Peekie is under the couch again.” Then mama has to lift up the couchie part way, and daddy has to take the front panel thingie off. Then they see my big green eyes. After I see mama sees me, I hop out and scamper off. Mama says the least I could do is look skared or sorry, but I am not. Mama thought after the first time I would not do it again. She does not know me so well...

Mama and daddy went anteekin, but they did not find nuthin but a big box of candy. They picked each piece speshl at the candy store, and they spended lotsa $$$. They will not share with me and Gunnie neether. They eat candy, and then they put the box up REAL high and close the cupboard door.

I wanna thank our Unkl Buddie for watchin over us. I asked him speshl to keep me and Gunnie and mama and daddy safe on our trip. So far it is workin. Thanks, Unkl Buddie! You are the bestest angel ever.

I think it is prime time for kitty kat television now cuz some peeples are puttin up a tent. Daddy says it is a giant meadow muffin. Gunnie and I gotta sit at the screen door and spy on our new neighbors.

This is Peekie Peekerson, cub reporter, signin off.



August 20th 2012 5:03 pm
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Oh, my goodiness. Thank you, Catster! I did not think this would ever happen, and Gunnie told me I would never get Kitty of the Week, but gettin this honor has comed true. Mama laughed when she saw the picture Catster used. I was just a baby kitty then. The picture is of me in what mama called my "safe box." It was sposed to be so if Gunnie chasered me too much, I could go in my box, and he could not get me. The door openin looked tiny like me, so imagine mama's sprise one day when she found me and Gunnie inside my box together! We were skished in it like worms in a bucket, so we did not keep the box much longer. Jeepers, that seems so long ago. I do not look like that picture at all anymore. In fact, with my pooferlicious furs, I look even bigger than Gunnie.

We will not be at Catster much for sell-bratin my COTW cuz we are leavin on vacashun to go have adventures with mama and daddy. If you do somethin nice for me and do not get a thank-you right away, it is only cuz we can't come to Catster as much, and we will try ta write soon as we get home or maybe some cub reportin from our remote locashun. Who knows?


I Didn't Mean to be Bad...

August 18th 2012 11:42 am
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The nuther day mama was feelin bad cuz we didn't have her spensive painted bunny skins out. Missy Mups loved the bunny skins. She would burrow in the bunny skins and snuggle in em in the Muppet-Gunnarr-Peekie chair in mama's offis. There was a tiger, zebra, snow leopard, and a gray and brown spotty one.

Mama decidered to get the bunny skins out. She draped three on the back and arms of our little chair, and she put the last one on the daybed. I like to snuggle with the stuffy animals on the daybed, and mama thought maybee I would like to nap on a bunny skin.

Mama was real bizzy yesterday, and then she decidered to take a break. She went out on the deck and readed the newsypaper. When she comed in, she started down the hall. I was in one of my fav-rit places, layin in the doorway of the bathyroom. There was somethin on the floor in the hall, but mama could not tell what it was. Then she got closer, and she could see it was her fav-rit bunny skin, the one painted to look like a teeny tiger. It was fur side down, and there were a coupla piecers of it nearby.

Mama didn't yell at me, but she knows I am the huntress. Gunnie never steals things, but I like to take stuff like mama's shoes, kitty teasers, and spensive painted bunny skins and steal em. I drag em through the house. Then when I get tired, I leave em someplace. Mama knew it was me and not Guns who stoled the bunny skin.

I did not mean to be bad, but I thought it was a real tiger, and I was tryin to stalk and kill it before it hurt mama or Gunnie. We had a real tussle, and I had to bite the tiger a buncha times, and a coupla times some of his furs camed off in pieces.

Mama picked up the bunny skin and the pieces I bitened off of him and took him away. The next time I went in the offis, all the nuther bunny skins were goned too. I wonder where they went?

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