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We are Back!

September 21st 2011 2:12 pm
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Gunnie and I had SO MUCH fun at Virgelle. We have never beened there before. Last year mama and daddy would not take us, but this year we are all growned up, so we got to go. Mama and daddy chose a bigger cabin with tricity and everything. There was even room for our stroller inside. It is a good thing because there is a kitty who lives down the road with the Virgelle ferry mistress. His name is Garfield. He is SO cute mama wanted to take him home, but because he and Gunnie would get in a tussle and I am sick and can't have my shotters, mama had to shoo him away. She said it was real hard cuz he wanted tummy rubs and stuff, but mama does not even know if he has a rabies shot or any of his nuther shotters, and he probly even has fleas. Don and Jimmy from the Virgelle Mercantile feed him, but mama and daddy saw him eatin somethin out the window. Don said it might have been a bat or maybe even a birdie. I felt bad cuz there are lotsa pretty bluebirdies around. I hope it was not one of them. Gunnie and I watched Garfy through the screen door. Mama and daddy were watchin real careful so we did not get too close to the door. Garfy flopped down on the porch and stared at Gunnie. Garfy was meowering funny and smackin his tail on the porch. Gunnie just looked at him and was ready to protect me and our cabin and even mama and daddy if he had to. Finally mama and daddy shut the door cuz I could get sick so easy, and mama was worried Garfy might spray to tell Gunnie our cabin was HIS terror-tory. I was glad our stroller was inside the cabin. I wouldn't want Garfy smell or fleas in our stroller. That would be terbl. Even when Garfy was around, Gunnie and I had a nice high window we could lay in when it was open. We watched stuff and smelled all the smells.

I wanted to earn some extra money for Kissmouse presents by dustin under the beds with my tummy furs and tail, but mama said Don and Jimmy probly couldn't afford my prices. Besides, know what? There really wasn't much dust. That is because Kat and Emily clean the cabins REAL good. We had two beds and four chairs and even a big wood cookstove. Behind the stove it was really cool. Mama and daddy couldn't get back there, and there were "things" to sniff like brooms and antique dustpans and even an old-fashioned mop. I checked out every single one.

I don't think mama and daddy and Gunnie can call me Miss Howling Woof anymore. I never made a peep on the way to Virgelle. It is about 75 miles. On the way home I made two little moans, but then I decidered it was too much truble, so I quit. Before we knew it, we were home again, jigetty jig.


I am a Pirate Princess!

September 14th 2011 11:28 am
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Now I have a picture for Talk Like a Pirate Day too. I am pirate princess Peeka Dieu-le-vent, of the Gilded Lily.

I have to thank a real speshl person for this and a lot of other things too. Gunnie and I used to call her auntie, but we have decidered she is really our Fairy Godmother. She made our beautiful pages, and she does speshl pictures for us. She is always sweet and cheerful, and mama says she is a ray of sunshine. She never asks for anything when she does nice things for us. She just does it because she loves us.

So, Fairy Godmother, THANK YOU THISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS MUCH for everything you do for us. You know who you are.

Hugs and kitty kisses from your pirate princess Peeka!


Maybe Mousies?

September 13th 2011 7:55 pm
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Ooh, ooh; I am so eksitered. Mama and daddy and Gunnie and I are going on vacashun again. This time we aren't goin so far, just to Virgelle, Montana. It was a Montana ghost town, but now mama and daddy's friends, Don and Jimmy, run a bed and breakfast, and they will take ya on canoe trips too. Mama and daddy stay there for a coupla days every year.

Last year Gunnie and I did not get to go. Gunnie just turned 1, and I was still a kitten. Mama said Gunnie was too wild, and I was too skared to go. Boo!!!

This year mama and daddy are stayin with us in a bigger cabin. It has two whole beds, and this one has tricity. The nother cabin didn't have no tricity, and mama almost suffercated last year when daddy was readin at night. Now they will have real lights for readin and probly for findin out what Gunnie and I are doin when stuff goes bump in the night.

Mama says there may be real mousies in our cabin. In the nuther cabin mama and daddy could hear mousies chewin in the walls at night. I am one of the Montana Mouse Munchers, but I have never seened a real mousie.

I think if I see a real mousie in our cabin, I will say "Hey, mousie. You are just a teensy little mousie, and I am a great big tigery, spotty kitty princess. I can run REAL fast. You better run or else I will catch you, and then I will eat you!!!!! Do you think that will impress the little mousie?



September 11th 2011 1:08 pm
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Mama says it is bout time to harvest our catnip. Grampster has some, and mama has some, and it is all for us kitties. YUM!!!

This mornin mama went out and started snippety snippin the catnip down. We are stremely spoiled because mama is an overprotective mama (that's what daddy says anyway), and she is fraid we might poke our eyes with the sharp sticks when we get wild, so mama harvests the catnip and snips the leaves off. She throws all the nasty bug eaten and brown leaves and the stems away and only dries the yummy leaves. When the leaves are dry, they go into a nice plastic baggie. Then Gunnie and I can have a catnipshun all winter long. Well, at least we will have catnipshuns all winter long if mama does not forget and leave the baggie where Gunnie can get it. He thinks plastic tastes pretty yummy, so he will just chew the baggie open and steal the catnip. It works out good for me too cuz Gunnie gets in trouble for chewin the bag, but we both get some catnip!


Bitin Bugs

September 9th 2011 10:52 am
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When auntie Beth came to visit she had to buy some cheep hairsprays cuz she could not bring any on the plane. When she left, she offered mama the cheep sprays. Mama said she only uses spensive sprays on her hair, but she told auntie Beth she would take the sprays and thank you very much cuz it is good for killin bitin bugs. It is like plastic, and mama said it coats the bitin bug in plastic and kills it. Mama never guessed how soon she would need to use the cheep hairsprays.

This mornin I was up on the bed watcherin somethin. Mama knows to always look when Gunnie and I look real innerested in somethin. Anyway, there he was, a giant bitin bug buzzin around all mad and bumpin into the ceiling. Mama called him a yeller jacket, and he was REALLY mad. I thought I could catch him and play with him for awhile, but mama scooped me up under one arm. She found Gunnie watcherin from the other side of the bed gettin ready to jump up and help me, and she scooped him up under her nuther arm. Mama managed to get me and Guns out of the room and shut the door. She got the hairsprays and went back inside the bedroom with the bitin bug and locked me and Guns out.

We heard "pssssstttttttt, pssssssssssstt, pssssssssstt, and then when mama came out of the room, the bitin bug was gone. Mama thanked me and Guns for tellin her bout the bitin bug cuz they are real gressive this time of year, and I think they are wantin inside because winter is comin soon.

I do not think this is the last bitin bug we will have in our house before winter, so I am glad mama has a whole huge can of cheep hairsprays and a good aim.


Auntie Beth

September 8th 2011 8:11 pm
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Gunnie and I had a visitor at our house last week. She is mama's niece, and her name is Beth, but Gunnie and I call her auntie Beth.

I am kinda shy, and I am skared of most strangers. Gunnie liked auntie Beth right away, but I was not so sure. She is real pretty, and she talked to me real nice and sweet, but I decidered I would just watch her for a few days to make sure she was not a monster or something. One day daddy scooped me and handed me to auntie Beth. I did not like it much, but mama said I had to let her hold me for just a few minutes. Nothing bad happened, but when I got down I scampered off just in case I got catched again and held.

Gunnie was always playering games with auntie Beth, and I wanted to play too, but I was skared. A few times I forgot to be skared and jumped into the game and went after the toy. Then when I remembered I was sposed to be skared, I scampered off and just watched again.

One night I wanted to play with the kitty teaser SO much I forgot to be skared. Pretty soon I was right in front of auntie Beth playering with the kitty teaser. That's when auntie Beth reached out and petted me! Oh, I got three whole pets. Then I realized auntie Beth was touching me! I could not have that happen, so I scampered off again.

I think if auntie Beth comes again, I will decide to like her...maybe.


The Scoop by Miss Peekaboo - Day Five

August 26th 2011 6:52 pm
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Day five was our last day in Missoula. Mama and daddy went anteeking. Daddy found some stuff, and mama bought a new little purse. It is REAL old and real pretty, but I do not get to play with it.

Mama and daddy decidered to go out and see how bad the forest fire was in case we had to come a different way home. They drove out to the interchange at Bonner and into the big parkin lot at the Exxon Travel Plaza. Mama found a place to sit on a brick thingie in the shade of the giant sign. There were semi trucks and cars whizzin by while the smoke was comin up out of the mountain. Mama took a little video. It was not very good, but she was spearmintin. Mama and daddy stayed for quite a long time watchin the helicaflopters takin off and comin back for fuel and then takin off again. Mama and daddy also got to watch the big bombers drop their loads of slurry to help keep the fire from spreadin. Mama took some pictures spearmintin with catchin the helicaflopters takin off, but she did not get no pictures of the slurry bombers.

Finally daddy got too hungry and made mama come home so they could have dinner and talk bout how to get home...


The Scoop by Miss Peekaboo - Day Four

August 22nd 2011 8:40 pm
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Today mama and daddy took another road trip. They went north to St. Ignatius, Polson, and up the east shore of Flathead Lake to Finley Point and had a pickernick. They stopped at the church at St. Ignatius. It is a Catholic church, and it is full of beauterful things. There are stained glass windows, but mama said the very best part are the paintings. They are everywhere on the walls and the high, high ceiling. They were all painted by the mission cook!

When mama and daddy got home, it was real hot out, bout 90 or more. The wind was blowin real hard too, so we stayed indoors with the air condishunner on. We did not get our stroller ride again tonight. Tomorrow is our very last chance to take our stroller ride and get our picture taken in front of the Missoula KOA sign.

Tonight when mama was using the tiny dirt devil sucker thingie on the carpet, she said to daddy, “Now I know what Gunnarr and Peekie do all day while we're gone. They set “litter traps” all around the camper.” Gunnie and I giggled behind our paws because that is one of our favorite games. I get lots of litter stuck between my floofy toes. Then Gunnie and I scamper all through the trailer, and Gunnie tells me where to leave the pieces of litter and how many pieces. Where mama and daddy have to stand or walk a lot, I leave lots of pieces. Where they don't go as much, I only leave a piece or two just for a teensy surprise.

Now Gunnie has to do his diary entry. He gets the eksitering part of today's news.


The Scoop by Miss Peekaboo - Day Three

August 22nd 2011 4:48 pm
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When mama and daddy got home from Fort Missoula, Gunnie and I did not greet them at the door, so mama came lookin for us. When mama walked into the bedroom, I was stretchin and comin across the bed. Mama thought maybe I had been sleepin on daddy's nightstand beside the bed, but she could not figure out why I would want to do that. It is like fake marble and real hard.

We had some dinner, and then Gunnie and I dispeared into the bedroom again. Later mama came in and turned on the light. Gunnie was sleepin on daddy's jacket on the bed, and guess where I was? Yeppers; I was sound asleep curled up but with one hinder leg hangin off the nightstand. Mama got the camera and took a coupla pictures of Gunnie. I yawned and stretched and laid down on the corner of the bed. When mama came over to take my picture, I stretched and yawned and then put my paw right over my face. I waited until mama took the picture. Then I took my paw back down and looked at her.

We didn't get our stroller ride or our picture in front of the Missoula KOA sign because it was gettin too late, and mama and daddy had too many things to do so they could go to St. Ignatius and on up to Flathead Lake on Monday, but that is anuther story...


The Scoop by Miss Peekaboo - Day Two

August 21st 2011 4:17 pm
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Saturday mama and daddy went to the Cataldo Mission in Idaho. Mama did mention to daddy that the first letters in Cataldo spell “cat.” I catnot tell what Gunnie and I did while mama and daddy were goned. We might get into trubl.

Mama and daddy shopstered while they were on their trip, but they did not bring us any kitty toys. Mama said she was dispointed in the gift shop at the Cataldo Mission. She was hopin to buy somethin nice for our real auntie. She collects rosaries, and mama wanted to find her some little present. Mostly they had T-shirts and books bout Idaho, maybe because it is a state park?

Mama and daddy brought home Flathead cherries from St. Regis, but they would not let me or Gunnie have any, not even the cool little stem thingies that pull right off. After dinner we went for a stroller ride. It was cool and nice, and daddy pushed us this time, so we went faster. Mama keeps wantin me and Gunnie to watch the kids splashin in the swimmie pool, but we don't like it much. Then there were those little pedal car thingies that kept whizzin past. Mama does not give us much sympathy. She says Gunnie and I need to get used to lotsa things so we don't get so skared anymore. Usually we get kinda skared for a minute or two. Then we get too curious again, and we forget to be skared.

I have to tattle on Gunnie. I am sprised he did not tattle on me from the night before. We waited until mama and daddy went to bed and were almost sleepin. Then I jumped onto the cooler in front of the door. Gunnie put me up to it. I was sposed to unlook the door thingie so we could go outside. Gunnie said he knows how to drive daddy's big truck, and we were going to cruise the campsterground. Unfortunately, Gunnie kept tellin me to hurry up and get the door unlocked, and I lost my balance, and the cooler fell over and made a big crash. Then Guns and I ran for cover. Mama jumped out of bed and came out and turned on the light. Then she said some things bout naughty kits. We decidered we would lay low for awhile.

Now for tattling on Gunnie. Last night it was gettin dark out, and Gunnie and I were watchin smellervision out the screen door. A coupla girls came by. They saw Gunnie sittin at the door watchin, and they squealed pretty loud, “Oh, look. A KITTY!!!! They skared Gunnie half to death. He jumped away from the door and ran straight down the hall into the bedroom and would not come out. Mama and daddy were laughin at him, and mama called Gunnie a chickie, but he still would not come back and look out the door anymore. So much for Gunnarr the Warrior.

P.S. We have not seen the ginger kitty again, but we have been watchin our stroller real close. Daddy puts it in the truck at night and in the campster with us when he and mama leave on road trips.

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