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Tales of the Peekaboo Princess

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May 25th 2012 9:28 pm
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Hey, ya know mama always thought Gunnie was the growlerer kitty round here? In the night when mama woke up and thought sumbuddy was in our house sides us, she thought Gunnie was growlerin to pertect us. Nu-uh. It was me!

Yesterday mama and I were in the bathyroom. Mama was takin her medsins, and I was helpsterin. There was a loud noise outside, and I started growlerin like a junker yard dawg and runned to the bathyroom door and started lookin in the hall tryin to find the noise.

See, boy cats are not the onliest ones who can pertect their house and their mama. I am the growlerin princess Peekie. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...


I Did Not!!

May 7th 2012 5:49 pm
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Do not beleeve what my bruther cat sez. I did NOT drownder the Skinneez skwirl! This is what really happened. The skwirl was hidin, and I finded him. Then I started chaserin him. He ran out into the hall, and I pounced on him, but I onliest got his tail. He screamed in terror. What happened next is pretty horrorfyin. He gave a huge skwirl leap, and he jumped right into our water dishy. I never touched him. Well, OK, I did try to rescue him, but I was too late. I even tried to reviver him, but he was such a bad swimmer that he drowndered before I could haul his little skwirl butt outta the water. After I could not make him better, I just left him layin there. What else could I do? I am just happy mama was able to do her miracle and make the sqwirl OK again.

Oops, he just ran past. Silly skwirl. I gotta go chaser him again..



May 4th 2012 3:34 pm
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After three whole doses of the TERBL medsins, mama finally got my yummy corn oil cyclosporine back. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! Mama figured if she did not call and poke the peeples at Best Friends with a sharp stick, I might be without my good medsins until auntie Serena comes back on Tuesday. Mama always tries to be nice, but she says if they think she is a pain, that is too darned bad cuz it's not bout mama and it's not bout Best Friends; it is all bout the Peekster. That's me. :) The FedEx truck left my medsins today, so mama drove to town right away to get em.

When mama comed home, she got the medsins ready, but I was kinda spishus. Mama let me smell it, and it was my yummy corn oil medsins that I cry for. I ate the medsins right up and licked my lips. Too yummy! No more runnin, hidin, or wet bib and no giant spits flyin all over. I am one happy little girl!

P.S. My medsins comed all the way from Arizona.


9 Out of 10; I am 10

May 2nd 2012 12:48 pm
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The speshl medsins finally comed for me. Mama was tryin and tryin to get the last drops outta my old bottle. The new medsin is Atopica by Novartis. Why do peeples use such big words? Anyway, it is kinda new, and Dr. Unkl Mike told mama the company says 9 out of 10 kitties like it just fine. I am number 10...

Sunday mornin mama gave me the first dose. She did not like the bottle and syringe thingie. When she tipped up the bottle with the pointy thing inside the hole, drops of the real spensive medsins started leakin out, so she had to try and read the thingie upside down. She got the medsin ready and sniffied it. Mama thought it smelled nice like flowers.

Mama got me and gave me the medsins. I started gettin real wild and tried to get away from mama, so she thought she would let me calm down. I think I made it pretty clear it tasted TERBL, but when mama looked at me a coupla minutes later, I was foamin at the mouth. Mama tried to catch me, but why let mama be mean to me again, so I started runnin. I went flyin up the hall with a big long spit thingie goin everywhere. It was one of the most awfulerest things that ever happened to me...EVER.

Now Dr. Unkl Mike is tryin to get my old medsins for me, but today I had to have MORE of the terblest stuff. Mama felt real bad; she did not wanna hafta give me any more, but I need the medsins real bad every single day.

I sure hope the medsin makin peeples are working real fast. I WANT MY OLD MEDSINS BACK, and I am not takin no for an answer.


Speshl Medsins

April 22nd 2012 10:06 pm
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I am gettin speshl medsins! Mama called Best Friends Animal Hospital last week and told the nice peoples I needed more medsins. Later that day auntie Serena called mama back and said Dr. Unkl Mike found a company that makes speshl cyclosporine just for kitties! Mostly dawgs take the medsins, but some dokters been givin it to kitties for years. Anyway, the medsins is mixed in "somethin" that 9 out of 10 kitties like. Am I one of the 9 kitties? Well, we will just have to see. Mama asked if the speshl kitty medsin was liquid. Yes. Does it cost bout the same as the nuther stuff? Yes. Can we get just a little bit to see if she likes it? No. Then what do I do when she won't take it? Well, Unkl Dr. Mike will make it right.

Unkl Dr. Mike sez that I, Peekaboo Marie, am a "perfect candidate" to try out the new medsins. If I will not take it, mama does not have to pay, and we can get the old stuff back.

So, the question is...Will I or won't I?

To be continued...


I Scared Mama

March 21st 2012 2:45 pm
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Awhile back mama deescovered some bumps on my lower jaw. She wondered why she never noticed em before. Mama asked daddy to feel the bumps, and daddy said they were not bone. Mama got VERY scared and called Dr. Unkl Mike's office right away. Then we waitered for almost a week. I was not scared at all, but mama was crazy scared. She could not even sleep sometimes cuz she was so scared. Finally it was time for my pointment, and mama and daddy took me to see Unkl.

After all mama's bein scared and not sleepsterin, Unkl chucklered and said it was just reglar stuff flarin up again in a diffrunt way. Unkl scraped off a scab and made a slider thingie to look at. Then he tooked a needle and poked it in my lip. He said it was somethin sorta like akker-punkshur. It did not hurt until he pulled it out. Unkl went to look at my stuff under a microscope thingie, and when he comed back he told mama it was full of eosinophils, whatever those long word thingies are, and not to worry; the medsins would fix it.

Now I am takin two medsins, my reglar medsins and my mergency medsins, and I am already almost back to normal. Mama was so happy when we left that she was dancin around and embarrassin the rest of us (me and daddy).

I kept tellin mama I was fine. I was playin and eatin and doin all the nuther stuffs that normal kitties do. I guess mama is just a worry wart. :)


Thank You, Guys From the Dreamgirls Group

March 7th 2012 1:01 pm
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Thanks to the anony-mouse guys from the Dreamgirls group for my pretty rose and the Peekaboo Pink ribbony picture. Pink is my color. YAY!!!

P.S. Gunnie still does not think I am dreamy.


Me, Dreamy?

March 7th 2012 7:48 am
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Ummmmm, well, I don't know what to say. I guess if I am an "ette," I must be a little bit dreamy. Mama always thought I was beeeeeeeeeutiful and look like my gorgeous sister, Missy Mups. Gunnie sez I am not dreamy at all, but I don't think he is very dreamy neether.


Warrior Princess

March 6th 2012 10:05 am
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Mama sez I am one. Last night somethin happened. Mama is not sure how it started, but she was watchin telebishun and then all of a sudden there was lotsa running and a slappin sound. Gunnie stayed in the livin room, but I was goned. Then mama looked over and saw a coupla books that were in the bookcase were layin on the floor. Mama thinks somehow Gunnie or I brushed against the books, and they fell right outta the bookcase. The fallin books and the sound they made scared me real bad, and I hightailed it outta the livin room and down the hall to the beddyroom.

Mama waited a few minutes, and then she saw me come slinkin back out from behind the love seat. I slinked over to Gunnie real careful and very, very slowly sniffied to make sure it was really Gunnie and not some monster that just looked like my bruther. Gunnie was real sweet. He greeted me kitty style with a little soft kiss. Then I slinked away again.

Later mama camed lookin for me. She petted me and talked real soft, and then she picked me up, and we went back out to the livin room. Mama put me down by the books. Then she took a hold of me behind my front leggies and helped me jump all over those old books. "Take that, you mean old books," I meowered as I jumped up and down on em and beat em up. All I needed was just a teensy bit of help from mama, and I showed those mean old books who is boss.

Mama went back to watchin telebishun, but later when she looked over, she started laughin. I decidered to lay right on top of those bad old books just to make sure they knew I was Peekaboo, Warrior Princess.


We Are Gonna Garden!

February 28th 2012 10:06 am
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Hey, everykitty. There is a new Catster group called Greenpaws. It is for kitties and pups and their peeples who like to garden. It does not matter if you are a good gardenerin kitty or pup or peeple or a not-so-good gardenerin kitty or pup or peeple. The ministrators of the group will welcome anybuddy who is interested in gardenerin. It does not matter if you grow veggies or flowers in your garden.

Gunnie and I are eksitered cuz we have our own catnipshun plant. It is sleepsterin right now, but when spring finally comes to Big Sky Country, our catnipshun will wake up and be sweet and juicy and yummy.

I got my own flower too. It is called Rosy Pussytoes. Years and years ago mama dug it up on one of her adventures and brought it home to her garden. Lotsa books say wildflowers will not grow in your garden. Pppppffffffttttt! That is just not true. Most of the wildflowers mama has in her garden are huge compared to the ones that never get enough water or any grow juice cuz they are wild. Anywhoooo, after a few years mama thought the plant was not that eksiterin. She was gonna dig it out, but then she decidered to look it up in her flower book. When mama found it was called Rosy Pussytoes, she knew Missy Mups would pitch a fit if she dug the flower out. Mama gave the pussytoes to Missy, and they were hers until she left for the bridge. Mama would have let Gunnie have the pussytoes, but he is a guy cat, and he does not like pink. Then I, Peekaboo, Princess of Pink, came to live here! Mama asked if I would like the Rosy Pussytoes to be mine, and I clapped my paws together in eksitermunt.

Now every spring the little silvery creepin plants send up little short stems and little clusters of tiny balls that look kinda like pearls. They are white with a Peekaboo Pink top on each tiny ball. They never open, but after they are done, the little pearls sorta poof out and let their seeds go. I love my flowers!

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