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Tales of the Peekaboo Princess

DDP and a Story Bout my Bruther Cat

July 14th 2012 11:02 am
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Hey, Catster. Thank you for givin me a DDP today. It was a real sprize cuz I have not writed in my diary for awhile.

Now I gotta tell an em-barrassin story bout my bruther cat, Gunnie. It has beened real hot here, like in the mid to upper 90's. Usually that does not happen until August. It has been so hot that mama has been runnin the air condishunner all day long. I got lotsa fur, and I get too hot real easy. Mama has also been keepin the curtin thingies closed to keep the sun from comin in and makin our house even hotter.

I guess most kitties know that Guns and I got a birdie watchin window in the dinin room. It is a bay window. The middle does not open, but both sides do, and mama usually opens the windows so Guns and I can get a breeze and hear the birdies and stuff while we are watchin out the window.

The dinin room is on the west, so the sun beats in through our birdie watchin window. Mama has pretty curtins on the window that go all the way to the floor. To keep the hot sun out, mama closed the curtins. Guns and I were kinda sprized to find the curtins closed, but I stood on my hinder leggies and kinda pushed the curtin outta the way. Then I had to hop bout three times cuz it was straight up into the window, but I made it.

Sometime after I jumped out of the window, Guns wanted up. I guess he forgot bout the anteek leaded glass window thingie that hangs in the middler of our birdie watchin window. Guns did not push the curtain outta the way; he just tried to jump into the window. THUNK! Guns hit the anteek hangin thingie and bounced off back onto the floor. Bruthers can be such dufuses!

Guns did get one thing outta his window crashin. Mama ran and scooped him up and made a big fuss over him and cuddled him and stuff. Then mama pulled the curtin back from the edge of the birdie watchin window and lifted Guns up into the window. Then mama showed him how to jumpster down.

So, I hafta ask...Does that mean I am smarter than my bruther cat?

Purred by: Zoe Kona Sunshine DG#2 (Catster Member)

July 15th 2012 at 7:27 pm

YES! MOL! Congrats on your DDP.

Hows your plants holding up in the heat? We went through a spell of 100 degree heat with no rain, Mom worked overtime keeping everything alive except..sigh a baby Hot Coco rose that mom was raising from a cutting. See dad accidentally weed eated it being in a hurry. It was only 4 inches tall but doing beautifully. There was just to much damage done for the heat we were having. Oh well. Hope all is doing well.




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