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Tales of the Peekaboo Princess

Becomin a Model

December 12th 2011 3:56 pm
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Yesterday mama was sposed to be cleanerin house, but she needed to get out some things just in case Gunnie and I would let her take Kissmouse pictures.

Our big sister, Missy Mups, had FOUR BOXES of stuff for picture takin. Some of the things she never got to wear cuz she got sick, and mama would not make her pose anymore. Some things mama even forgottened she had. Mama kept takin things out of the box and wonderin if I would wear them.

At first I thought I should run away, but then I jumped up on the bed and stayed there. I tried on Missy's little pink cape with the white fur collar and pearls and a pink jewel. Then I tried on Missy's Santa suit and hat. It was kinda big, and mama didn't member how she fixed it for Missy until after she tooked it off me. I tried on a black cowgirl hat with a feather, a wizard hat (really cool; maybe I can make Gunnie diss-pear), a little headband with flowers and streamer ribbons, and the best one, Missy's Miss Liberty tiara. The tiara comed from Party America, and mama thinks it costed 97 cents, but it helped make Missy famous after the trade towers fell.

I even wore one of Missy's special Mardi Gras masks. I only had it on for a minute or two, and I fussed a little bit, but as long as I could see out the eye holes, it wasn't too bad.

Gunnie tried on some hats; the cowboy hat, the wizard hat, the Santa hat, and a little cop hat sumbuddy gave mama. Gunnie does not like the hats very much, and he yowled at mama while she tried to look at him wearin the hats. She kept kissin him and tellin him what a good boy he was, but it did not impress him much.

The bad part is my good behavior made mama think that Gunnie and I will pose for Kissmouse pictures next weekend when daddy is here to help. Missy always posed in front of the Kissmouse tree, but mama says Gunnie and I are way too wild to even have a Kissmouse tree. Mama was out of ideas until she remembered the Santa throw daddy uses for one of his holiday craft shows. Now mama and daddy are plottin gainst me and Gunnie. Daddy says he is bringin the Santa throw. I sure hope he has some treats too. Gunnie says he is gonna contact the Kitty Kat Union and maybe get a contract mama and daddy have to sign before they can make us work so hard.

Purred by: Callie (Catster Member)

December 12th 2011 at 7:47 pm

Hmmmm....I have a feeling that Mom will get pictures of you, but not Gunnie.




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