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Tales of the Peekaboo Princess

A Movie Star?

July 9th 2011 8:44 am
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While my auntie was here, the whole family cept for me and Gunnie went to Ryan Dam. It is on the Great Falls of the Missouri. Lewis and Clark camed here way back in the olden days. They thought they could paddle canoes up the river until they found the falls. Oops! Mama says what they did is called "portaging." Then they were so tired they stayed for almost three weeks only a mile from where we live.

Even with the dam, the falls are BIG. This year the water is real high, and the falls were amazing even to mama and daddy and auntie and grampster who have seen them so many times. Auntie decided to try out the little video thingie on her new camera. Later when everbuddy watched the video, they said "WOW! This is way cool! You can even hear the water."

Later mama wondered about the video setting on her camera. Mama knew the camera could take movies, but she was always too bizzy taking pictures of things that do not move. Mama was studying bout the camera a coupla nights ago, and she decided to see how hard it was to make movies. Eeeeeezzzzeeee as pie.

Guess who got to star in mama's very first movie? That's right; ME!!!!! the Peekaboo Princess. The movie is not very good, but that is mama's fault. I was perfect in my very first role. I laid on the bed and watched mama with my beautiful green eyes and twitched just the end of my tail back and forth. See, I did not know what mama was doing. Next time I will do something real cool for the movie. Gunnie got to be in a movie too, but as soon as mama started recording, he quit moving and just sat there. I guess mama has us trained for snapping still pictures.

I hope mama gets bizzy and writes me a new script. Wouldn't it be cool if I became a Hollywood Star?




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