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"Catster Friends! May the Luck of the Irish Be With Thee Always! Here I am Oct. 18/11. Thanks Rory for my Pic!"

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Age: 18 Years   Sex: Female
Thanks Lynzee for my Gotcha Day photo Oct. 31, 2014!

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"Thanks Lynzee for my Gotcha Day photo Oct. 31, 2014!"

An 18th Birthday Photo from Dana, May 12, 2014! Thanks Dana, this is very sweet.

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"An 18th Birthday Photo from Dana, May 12, 2014! Thanks Dana, this is very sweet."

Already 18 years old, May 12, 2014; what a great Birthday today! Thanks Lynzee for this wonderful photo!

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"Already 18 years old, May 12, 2014; what a great Birthday today! Thanks Lynzee for this wonderful photo!"

Time flies, I

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"Time flies, I'm 18 years old already, May 12, 2014; Thanks for this cute pic We Bees Siameezers! I think I'd like to sit in the grass with flowers: I'll beg my Dad!"


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"I'm 1 1/2 Months old, June 29, 1996 standing By coffee table but why did they call me Possum then!"


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"I'm So Very Sleepy (in 2002 I think)!"

"Hello Tabatha" is How Dad Greets Me!

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""Hello Tabatha" is How Dad Greets Me!"

Me today on my Sixteenth Birthday, May 12, 2012. Dad, where

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"Me today on my Sixteenth Birthday, May 12, 2012. Dad, where's all the Fancy Feast??"

Here I am May 12/12 on my Birthday, 16 years old today! A lot of Fancy Feast is missing, thanks to Ginger & her party!

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"Here I am May 12/12 on my Birthday, 16 years old today! A lot of Fancy Feast is missing, thanks to Ginger & her party!"

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Tabatha Friendly, Tabatha Sleepy

Gotcha Date:
October 31st 1996

May 12th 1996

Arrival Story:
This year, in a few days, Mothers Day is May 9, 2010. Tabatha was born on Mothers Day of May 12, 1996. She became mine on Halloween on October 31, 1996! She was born to a grey long haired cat owned by my friend. I helped her advertise that she was giving away these kittens. I even advertised in the newspaper where I lived, and where I lived was one hour away from my friend's house. Someone phoned me and asked if they could have this particular kitten. We were sure it was a male and this woman wanted a male. When the time came for me to deliver the kitten to this woman, I picked up the kitten at my friend's house, and drove the one hour to my city to deliver the kitten . During the one hour drive I began to feel so close to the kitten asleep in my lap. So close to the kitty was I that I cried before taking the kitty from my car to the woman's house who was going to take the kitty. I really didn't want to give it away then, and considered keeping it, but the woman had asked for this kitten. I had pictures of this kitten right from the day it was born up until the time I had to give her away. I believe it was July 1996 that the woman got the kitty. She is the first kitty I have owned where I was there a few hours after she was born! At this time though I did not own Tabatha, I was giving her to this woman. Every time I passed this woman's house, I always wondered how the kitty was. That kitten felt so special to me for some reason that I could not explain. She is a grey and orange tortoise-shell kitty, and the orange on her always made me think she could be re-incarnated from my first cat, the orange one I had - Georgina (aka Morris). On Halloween night in 1996 I went out during the evening at the time kids are trick or treating. I decided to drop in to this woman's house and finally see the kitty again. When I got there she said this to me. I was was going to call you. This is not a male cat, it is female. I wanted a male. Hold on and I will get her for you. That is what she said. She gave me Tabatha, and I kept her, half thinking I kind of wanted her anyway, all this time. Besides, this woman's home conditions were really no place for a cat. There was no back door window, the house was a shambles inside and out. I gave this kitty the name of Tabatha and she was now mine on October 31, 1996! I have pet phrases with her. Tabatha sleepy? Tabatha play? Tabatha Clean? Her want more food! Tabatha, her so friendly. This is because she gets up on her hind legs so I will rub her head like a friendly greeting. And regarding the food, she's my biggest cat, despite being quite thin when I got her. She loves food! She loves when I scratch her head and immediately begins to purr. When I ask if she wants cat food she meows. And loves to be brushed. When I think of the woman who gave her up I cannot understand why she would but it was I who was lucky. And I tell Tabatha this for assurance. Nobody love her but WE love her. Tabatha is a pretty girl. She is a good girl too. She endures her bath. I talk to her constantly while bathing her and she calms down and is a good girl. Tabatha, like all my kitties, was sent to me as it was meant to be.

Felix in 1990 was named after the Felix the Cat cartoon; Samantha my first white long hair cat in 1993 (who will soon be on Catster) was named because my friend (she had Tabatha's mother) had a dog named Samantha and I liked the name for a cat; (and I liked fair haired Samantha on Bewitched), then because of Bewitched, I kept using names from that TV show, and I decided my black kitten in 1994 would be Serena (on TV Serena has black hair); and this kitty in 1996 would be named Tabatha.

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February 24th 2010 More than 5 years!

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Gotcha Day Anniversary October 31, 2014

October 31st 2014 11:37 pm
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I made it to my 18th Gotcha Day anniversary; being with my dad since 1996 has been wonderful for me!

Thank you my friends for your gifts; and Lynzee, I love the photo you made; I will try to post that soon!

I'm thinner than I used to be; still a big kitty though, but thinness comes with being an old lady kitty; my back legs have had wobbly days too. Dad just keeps giving me lots of attention and I like that!

Thanks again for visiting my page with your really nice gifts!

Love Tabatha xo


Many Birthdays, 18 of Them!

May 12th 2014 1:36 pm
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I turned 18 years old today, May 12, 2014! I was born on Mother’s Day, May 12, 1996 – a good day for my mother kitty! And this year, Mother’s Day was just yesterday.

Just a few days ago I was playing with a string dangled in front of me. Things are still of interest to me regarding playtime. I’m thinner now and more fragile but I move pretty good when it’s eating time; I'm always ready in the kitchen when it's time to eat!

About a month ago I went to get groomed, shampooed and brushed out. My sister Elsa is more used to me nowadays than she used to be; she must be learning who is the wise one in the house!

For awhile Dad tried a different canned cat food for us, but it wasn’t good for me so he went back to just feeding Fancy Feast; we don’t mind! We still eat dry food too.

I found new sleeping places that I never regularly liked to nap in; such as upstairs sometimes. When the sun comes in the window up there, it’s nice to be warm and sleep in the sun.

To my Catster friends, thanks for your gifts and best wishes for my birthday today. You are making my Birthday #18 a great celebration.

Thank you Lynzee, Manytoes (who has a birthday today too!), Tundra & Rory for making me a Birthday photo!

Love Tabatha xo


Gotcha Day, 17 Years Ago - October 31 on Hallowe'en!

October 31st 2013 3:25 pm
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I can't believe I haven't written much lately now that my Gotcha Day Anniversary is here and I'm checking out what I've written!

Thanks for the Candy Corn, Gunnarr T, Miss Muppet Forever Loved, and Peekaboo! It's a good thing I had my bad teeth pulled out a couple of years ago so that I can eat this candy!

Thanks for the Pumpkin, Smiley Cassanova! It's just in time for me to make the jack-o-lantern for tonight!

Thanks for the mail, Jezebel and Travis!

My dad came home from a vacation a few days ago, and he found me upstairs where the bedrooms are which is a place, at my age, I don't go up to very often. But I just wanted to be sure he was staying home and checking out that his suitcases were going to stay here, so that he doesn't go away on a vacation away from us again!

Being 17 years old now I've become a bit thinner and more fragile; since I'm a pretty big kitty there is more of me to hold up for a cat at my age. But I go down to the basement to the litter box just fine; I'm just taking things easy.

My fur coat needs to be taken care of more often now too. I loved to be brushed and it makes me PURR! And I've always loved to lie down near the warm furnace vents in the kitchen and I still do as it feels so good there!

Thanks to all of you again!! I'll go and see what I can do with the jack-o-lantern. Maybe later I can make a pumpkin pie too!

Love Tabatha

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