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March 5th 2010 2:24 pm
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Zack and I are doing really well. We are enjoying eating. Mommy doesn't even have to sit with me and pet me while I eat anymore. Zack and I are eating the same foods so we can now eat together. We are taking our pills good even if sometimes we give a little chase beforehand. Can't make it too easy for Dr. Dad!

Daddy asked Mommy yesterday if she noticed the way I walk around. And Mommy said, you mean with an attitude? That is exactly what Daddy meant. Mommy then explained that I'm walking around with tortitude!

Mommy was worried that Zack was a little rough with me with his wrestling. But then she started noticing that I'm the one that alot of times is the instigator. I seem to hold my own pretty good with the bigger Zack. You know what time we love to play? 2am! Mommy is happy that we have each other to chase around and play with. Next Vet visit, we have to figure out when Zack's birthday is as the Vet thought he was 3 weeks older than me. If the Vet is pretty positive we aren't from the same litter, it would be more fun to have different birthdays.

Our Godparents, Godfather Eric and Godfather Paul, bought Mommy and Daddy and us a video camera!! My pawrents have never had one before so it will be fun to use. Thanks Godfathers!!


My Very First Catster Honor!

March 3rd 2010 4:31 am
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OMC!! I'm so honored to be a Catster Daily Diary Pick today. This Catsterland is sure exciting. And guess what, my diary entry was about my .... POOPIES!! Thank you Catster HQ. I want to catgratulate my best tortie friend, Leia, for being honored also. We have so much in common and now we are DDP's together too!

But this diary entry isn't going to be about my poopies, this diary entry is about a very special Catster Friend who celebrates his 21st, yes...TWENTY-FIRST Birthday today.


Angel Rocky Ann, my brother Zack and I wish you a very special day full of everything you enjoy. And may there even be a surprise thrown in. Hoping you have a year full of happiness and good health. We love you!!

Thank you to Luci and Landy & Gang for the 4 Leaf Clovers. The clover represents hope, faith, love and happiness. I now feel like I truly do have all those things in my new home! Thank you to Angel Buddie & Family for the Furever Diamond for me and the Furever Emerald for Zack. Thank you to Sugar McShy & Family for the Lucky Clover. Thank you to Margo R.K.N. for the Lucky Hat. Thank you to fellow Daily Diary Pick Solomon for the Concats Trophy. Thank you to Hilda for the Yummy Shrimpie. Thank you to 21st Birthday Boy Miles for the Furever Star. Thank you to Mr. Sam & Family for the Pretty Rose for me and the Lucky Clover for Zack. Thank you to Angel Sammie, KiKi & Ember for the Lucky Clover. Thank you to Pinkie for the Pinkie Rosette. Thank you to Teebo & Callie for the Lucky Hat. Thank you to Charlie for the Pretty Rose. Thank you to Tilly for the Lucky Clover. Thank you to Angel Mea & Family for the Loving Heart. Thank you to Baby-G & Be-Little for the Loving Heart. Thank you to Kovo for the Pretty Rose.

(Note what time this diary entry was written. MOL!! We get Mommy up at 4am every morning. But we all take a nap later for sure!)

Thanks for the giftees and comments and for making my first honor so much fun!


We Met Dr. Dad Today

March 2nd 2010 10:01 pm
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Last Saturday I had the FELV/FIV test and Monday we dropped off some of our poopies for testing. I'm very happy to say that I am negative on the FELV/FIV. We'll get tested again around 6 months or so.

Now the poopies are another story. And I know how catsters love poopie stories. Well mine seems to have a bug. So we both are being treated for coccidia. Today our Daddy became Dr. Dad. He is very quick with that pill popper. We've heard that he has had alot of practice. So we'll be seeing Dr. Dad for 10 days. This helps make sense of our loose poops, vomiting and me with the loss of appetite. I guess us being stressed out makes the bugs even worse.

Now I no longer care for the Pro Plan Select food. I think Mommy is getting the hint that I'm a bit fussy. Plus with the bug, I wasn't feeling well. Our Vet had mentioned Evo kitten and cat food and our Dogma down the street sells it. So Mommy picked up a few cans. That is the new food I love! For now :) It is the most I've eaten of any of the foods I've tried. Mommy loves the consistency. And Zack has been getting a little bit a few times and he loves it too. So Mommy hopes this sticks and before long maybe this will be our food.

Already today we've been feeling better. I think it is because we are feeling more at home and not stressed. We now have pretty much run of the house and its lot of fun. We love running up and down the stairs. And all that running makes us more hungry so we are eating more. Even our poopies looked alot better today and that is before the medicine!


In Honor Of Birthday Girl Mercy (& Buster too)

March 1st 2010 5:30 am
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Today is Mercy's 9th Birthday. In her honor, I did something new today. This morning was the first time I used our fountain of youth!!


And Another Birthday!



I Got My Engine Started!!

February 28th 2010 4:07 pm
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I surprised Mommy yesterday by purring! It was my first time. I have a strong purr engine now. Food got me purring. Mommy has had trouble finding something that I like to eat. I didn't like the Iams Kitten that the rescue was feeding me. Wellness dry was totally ignored. Wellness canned I liked for a bit but still wasn't eating much of and we think that irritated our tummys.

When we went to the Vet yesterday for our first appt (see Zack's diary) Dr. Tom gave me some treats and boy, did I wolf those down. But I lost a little weight on the scale as I've just not been eating enough. So Daddy and Mommy went and got different dry foods to let me see if any of the kibble interested me. Then Mommy took me in her bathroom and she put one in front of me at a time. I purred that I liked the Purina Pro Plan Selects Chicken & Brown Rice Formula in the dry and canned please. I like the canned best. I seem to be eating better by myself so we will continue that for awhile until I gain some weight. I also like Mommy to pet me while I eat. I purr the whole time. And yes, they got me some of those treats!


I Found My Voice

February 26th 2010 9:54 am
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Mommy finally heard my voice today when I let out a little meow to her. Before this I didn't purr or meow. Maybe just a little hiss or growl the first day. Yes, I have a very cute growl. My voice was never lost, I just had nothing to say until now!

My brother Zack has a cute squeak sound he makes when he is playing. He sounds a little like a bird. Otherwise he doesn't purr or meow either. We are both very quiet!


Fun In The Sun

February 25th 2010 2:35 pm
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The sun feels good. I'm laying so cute on my back in the Hello Kitty nest doing some sunbathing. It feels very nice and warm on my tummy.

My brother Zack wrote in his diary how he doesn't like Wellness kitten canned food. Well, I do! When I go to the food dishes and the dry kibble is out there, I just have to look at Mommy and she goes down to the kitchen and gets me a can of my food. I don't like the dry at all anymore - no Iams or Wellness. We'll see what I think of the Chicken Soup Kitten food. I'm trying to eat more as I'm a nibbler and Zack is a gobbler. He is a little bigger than me. I have to catch up.

When Zack gets wild and wants to wrestle but I'm done wrestling, I give him a paw to the face. And if that doesn't work, I run near Mommy.

Thanks again friends for all the giftees and friend invites and comments. You made Zack and I feel right at home.


Hide and Seek

February 23rd 2010 1:37 pm
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Thank you new friends for the very warm Catster Welcome. I can't believe all the changes in Zack and my life in just 1 week. Thank you for all the friend invites, giftees and comments. Angel Rocky Ann sure had some wonderful best friends and now we are happy to be friends with you too.

We are having fun settling in our new home. We have taken over the master bedroom. That is our room right now with all our things in there. Of course we are now the masters of the house.

At first we would hide under the bed and come out to eat, use the litter box and play. Then we would run right back under there. Our new Mommy and Daddy wanted to bond with us. So they took the bed frame off the bed and put the mattresses on the floor. They are high mattresses so we have pet steps going up there on all sides. You would have laughed watching them try to catch me. I am very fast! And little, so I can hide many places they never even thought of. But now with no bed to hide under, we are much more social and love Daddy and Mommy coming in to lay on the bed with us and hold us and play with us. Towels and blankets fill in any place they think I might hide. I found 2 new ones last night and those are filled in now too.

I am very smart. They had a tall pet gate at the door and a large sofa cushion behind it so they could peek in on us. I figured out at 4:30 this morning how to end up at the top of the pet door. Daddy came up the stairs and I ran back into the bedroom. I think if I would have gotten out, they would still be looking for me. MOL!! Now the door remains closed.

Zack and I want to thank Courtney at Cat Connection Rescue Network in Fountain Valley, CA for rescuing us and sending us home with our new Mommy and Daddy.

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