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A day in the Life of Milo

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July 9th 2010 5:51 pm
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It's here! It's time! The last and final overall contest is here! Dis gwoup iz pawmazing! Here's what we got's!

(Dis wuz posted in our gwoup site)-
Okay! The titles are won but we still have Overall Winner to do! You will have MUCH more time to vote for this one! The cats and dogs cateogries are kept separate but everything else is altogther!

Let's start with the kitties!
Will it be...
-Simone? (Winner of Best Eyes)
Find Me Here-->

- Milo? (Winner of Best Smile)
Find Me Here-->

- Angel? (Winner of Best Coat)
Find Me Here-->

- Luna? (Winner of Most Photogenic)
Find Me Here-->

Now here are the dogs!
Will it be...
- Ginger? (Winner of Best Eyes)
Find Me Here-->

- Bingo? (Winner of Best Smile)
Find Me Here-->

- Honey? (Winner of Best Coat)
Find Me Here-->

- Peaches? (Winner of Most Photogenic)
Find Me Here-->

Vote at dis site:

NOW PAWLEASE vote fur ME-MILO!, but let me tell ya Luna and Simone r da gweatest efur too! If dey win I'z be so happy!

This iz a survey through Monkey survey:

Hard choices I KNOW! I will jus keep on a smilin' wide and weird! MOL Does ya tinks I'z funny?! Mom sez I haz da biggest Smile around!

Hope and wish eferyfur da best of luck! Love and lots of paw hugs to all of dem and doggies too! We haz some really gweat furs in competition here. I jus LOVE "Always in our Hearts" and a big tankies to Kenna, Jaz, Angel, Koby & Nakota fur all their hard werks and efforts to bring us all together for loads of fun and enjoyable communications!!!!

Furefur purrs and enlightment,



Halp! Mom iz so sad!

July 17th 2010 10:08 am
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Hi Catster furiends! OH I jus dun't no's wat ta do! Momcat iz so unhappy and her cried last night and this mornin'~! Troubles at werk and her boss said something weally rude to her while she was askin' a co werker a business related question. In front's uv da whole office! An' peeps were mad. Coz mom didn't deserve that! Another g/f took up fer hers and went into da boss's office! An' now her computer is so messed up her's can't eben make pishures for me anymore's!! Her tried on Imikime but it just shuts down all by itself! Oh an' her's dun't no's wat ta do, but can't get another computer soon. Her want's ta take it into Compusa, her furiend's son werks dare so maybe. But her's dun't want's ta leave her puter for vewy long! Ugh. I tried to helps, I weally does! Last night her wuz cryin' again, and I layed on her chest and pawed her lips. I did da 'kneading' thing. I rubbs my nose on her chin and hands. Her pets me lots but I no's her still sad. Her haz so mush fun on Catster wit all my most delightfur furiends, but iz gettin' harder and harder fur her to eben git's da puter to turn on. I want's ta go ta da beach SOOO BAD! But her's can't get me pishure made. And my brofurs, well dey jus habs mom and dey r sad too! I hazn't seen Timmy or Ziggy all week long. Their momcat werks on da weekends now. Iz so sad. I want's ta help mommy be happy again! I not like ta see's her cry. Her's a weally nice lady and her does her job weally good at werks. Her's weally down now. So let's cheer her up, ok? Meowsers, MOM! I love you! I like's it wen u hold me like a widdle baby! I'z here fur u's! Always! I no's u miss Smokey Joe too and cried fur him last night. An' I no's u cried fur granma & grampa, coz u miss dem so vewy mush. Iz ok, mom! I iz here fur u! Now pawlease be happy! Coz if u didn't rescue me I wudn't be here wif u! An' I so happy to be wif u! I lubbs my home. I lubbs my Catster furiends!

*snugglin' up close to mom and purring, kneading and knowing her's loves me vewy mush*


P.S> I does hope's efuryone haz a lovely weekend!



July 18th 2010 11:42 am
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Milo’s Summertime Song:
Tune to “Those were the Days”

Milo’s version:

Once upon a time there was a Shelter
Where dare I didn’t haz a clue..
Memmer how I pawed away da hours,
Deamed uv all da gweat tings I could do.

Den my mommy finally came to get me
I nefur efur knew wat her’s wud bring,
I dun’t no more tinks uv dat Shelter
I smile at me’s mommy and I sing…

Dese r da dayz my furiends,
I hope’s dey neber endz..
We sings and dance furefur an’ a day,
I lives’ me’s life fur fun,
And it neber come’s undone
Dese r da dayz, oh yesh, dese r da Dayz!!

Meow mow mow…mow mow mow..mow mow
mow mow mow mow mow,
These r da dayz, oh yesh…

I hope efuryfur iz habin’ a gweat Sunday, mommy feels
Mush better today! Tankies vewy mush!



Mio talks fur his Mommy

July 21st 2010 5:04 pm
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Hey efuryfur! First off, I love's u all and I love's Catster! Mom haz been so sad and I'z weally tired uv seein' her cry! If not werk, iz dis terrible computer! Her's want's so mush fur me to play and haz fun in our CATSTER world. But alas, dis puter is really not running an' iz very sick. If'n iz not shutting down efury few minutes, da mousie quits. Her not want ta part wif it ta take it in to da shop, but her will haz to vewy soon, iz drivin' her crazy. I hope's her takes it in dis weekend. An' den we won't no's wen her git's it back. But gotta be done. Mommy pawlease git's it fixed. I not want ta see's ya cry no more's! Werk her can sumtimes come here, but iz hard fur her, coz it wud be so bad if'n her got caught doin' dat at werk.
Tankies fur listenin'!!

Love, Milo



July 23rd 2010 6:13 pm
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Hey glorious furiends! First uv all, I lubbs u!! Vewy mush!

Now mom's puter iz finally goin' into da shop in da mornin', her's takin' it to CompUSA and gonna tell 'em ALL dat's wrong. We not no's wen it will be outta da shop. Jus as long as dey fixin' it right!!!So me, Smokey Joe, Timmy & Ziggy will not be online til it git's outta da shop. Hope it can be's fixed fur gud. OR mom might get a new one, but not shur on dat. Anyway...

I haz so mush fun in da KIT KAT CLUB and want's ta thanks all da kitfurs dare! I eben got to dance wif my precious furiend, ZOEY!!! Her's a saweet kitfur! We won best dance last Friday and I haz a blast wif her tonight!!!~wat fun we had, til...Timmy wuz about ta dance wif Kitty Kitty and shucks, da puter went gone, bye bye, nothin'. Her gots it back up, BUT da dance wuz ofur by den. Shucks.

I will misses u so vewy mush, but I no's u will be here's wen I comes back, won't u?!?! Pawlease dun't forget's me?!

Da puter haz really worn out my mom (My mom, Kathy is aunti to TImmy & Ziggy and does all our typing fur us AND fur Smokey joe, our fur angel, my furbro).

Wishin' u happiness and a joyous weekend, many lovin' purrs and thoughts go out to u's, my Catster furiends!!!

Peace and love,



TAGGED! Read wif Caution! MOL MOL!!

July 26th 2010 6:40 pm
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HI Furiends! I finally made it to answer the Tag GAME!
Here we go! I was Tagged by my great furriends:
and REX Thanks fur tagging me!!!

1. Do you ever wake your parent up in the night?

Well actually most uv da time's, mommy wakes wen I does. We go potty at da same time durin' da night too. Sumtimes I eben wait in da bed fur her, coz I not want's ta get's outta dat warm bed's!!!If'n I does wake's her up, means I needs some sweet an' gental lovin' and I will 'tap' her face/cheek wif my huge paw and her will open her eyes to see's me starin' at her's. Her's always smiles and I get's lottsa lovin' an' pettin' den. I dun't play much at night, I am always in bed wif mommy. On occashon I will get fired up and row meow row mmmmow, which jus means I am strolling da window and lukin' out ta see's wat's goin' on out dare. But I dun't stay away long, her's sweeps and I come backs ta bed vewy soon, ta cuddle wif her. Her's a excellent cuddler! I mostly just sweep all night long.

2. Do you ever tear up things?

Welpers, sumtime's I does. But I use me scratchin' post quite regularly and her's let's me stretch and paws on her puter chair (Understand dis iz a diver dumpster puter chair and her's jus dun't cares mush about it! MOL Gud fur me's, Huh?) So now I dun't claw on furnitures or anyfur else. But I Does lubbs ta chew on stringies, rubber bands and anyfur I can find dat's not gud fur me! Jeez, I am a cat, right? I like to chew on stuff's. Just sumtimes I does dat. Especially wen mom haz companies over! MOL I just like ta show off, me guess.

3. What is your favorite treat?

Oh dat wud be ma spawcial treat chicken temptations. I like dose softy kinds, war I can play soccar wif 'em and den eat's em up. Yesh, I lubbs ta pway wif ma foodage! MOL

4. Can you fetch something when asked to do so?

MOL MOL Wat does ya tinks I am, A DOG?! Daat part is left up to ma sweet mommy. Her's fetch and rolls it round and pways wif it til I see it not movin' anymore's! MOL, huh if'n it wuz efur movin'?!? I kinda git's ocnfuseded MOL MOL But I does pway Soccer weally well! Mom sez I funny! Coz I roll and tumble wen I pway!

5. Have you ever lived any place other than where you live now?

Uh huh fur shur, but I not like to memmer it too well. Dat Shelter place was not a happy pwace. Dey yelled at me dare. I wud scratch and paw at dat newspaper dat wuz in my prison cell, thinkin' I cud dig ma way out. Fur weeks dat neber worked, until Mommy came to rescue me. Her got's me outta dare in a hurry! I'z be so purroud of me's furefur home now. My mommy's da gweatest in da whole wide world fur rescuin' me. I got really lucky.

**Here is what you have to do now. You need to copy & paste this entry into your diary. Delete my answers and Tag furriends names and add yours. Be sure to mention or thank the furriend who Tagged you ! You need to send a message off to the furriend/s you would like to Tag. You may copy and paste my original Paw Mail/ message I sent to you. You may also send your message in a Zealie. That's it! You may want to read your furriends Diary entries afterwards and thank them for playing. Have fun!

For anybody who may be reading this who has not been tagged /yet... consider yourself Tagged by me! :)

Have a wonderful SUMMER!!

I’m going to tag a few furriends of mine now.





July 27th 2010 5:36 pm
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Welpers, I jus wanna sez dat I haz da GWEATEST FURRIENDS EFUR!!! UR DA KEWLEST AN' NEATEST AN' SAWEETEST! CATSTER haz make me so happy! Iz a wonerfur PWACE to hang out wif da KLAN! TANKIES BOOTSIE fur da YUMMY ICE CREAM CONE!! I eat's it all up! YUMMY!

An' TANKIES TATE ma gweat man cat furiend fur da CUPPY CAKE!! Yeah, we must pawty wif U and BUGSY and da gwirls (Dat wud be FLO & FLOSSIE & PRESLEY & PARIS, right??) OMC! Bootifur gwirls!
PIGEON, let's go! Guessin' me's and Pigeon haz ta fin' dates too?! Ok, Lez ask da girlies, wanna pawty wif BUGSY, TATE, MILO & PIGEON!? Let's go! TWO WEEKS by hizself, dat TATE, luk's at him! MOL We does HAZ ta go!!! HIZ MOM IS GONE ON VACATION! OOOOH LA LA! CATINI & CATWEIZER TIME!!! MEET YA AT TATE'S PWACE SOON!!!

I jus wanned ta cleer up's a few tingies. Now mom din't git's HER puter fixed, da muvver bord got kilt dead, so's...her got's a NEW ONE, yeah, a NEW computer! Iz so nice. Iz windows 7, her sez, an' I still get's ta lay in frunt uv da monitor. I purrs LOUD here and I'z helps her type! U belive's dat? MOL MOL Mom sez dey call our new puter a 'GATEWAY'. Haz 1 TB, mom not eben no's wat a TB wuz, but da nice man at CompUSA sez iz lik 1000 GB's! I guess her neededed more room's fur more pishures of me an' Smokey Joe an' Timmy an' Ziggy! Me's hazn't seen Tim Tim nor Ziggy in a long time. They're mommy's been house sittin' fur a furiend. Not shur wen her's comin' home. Iz been a couple weeks almost now. So far I'z been weally gud and hazn't biten or eaten any uv da wires or cords next's ta dat puter. But I lays by it and takes vewy gud care of it's and makes shur's dat MOUSIE doesn't get loose! MOL I will catche's it if'n it does! Coz, why? Coz, I iz a GWEAT mousie hunter and catcher!

Anover day in PURRADISE! Mom lubbs u, I lubbs u!

Haz a gweat night, Purrs and Love,




July 28th 2010 7:20 pm
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Meowsers efurfur! It's official! Pigeon just notified me dat our NEW group is finally open! We will add to the group as we go. We're still in the learning stages, but we want this group to be the most fun and exciting pwace to visit's! War u can meet new furiends, enjoy urself, chat and soon to have more forums as we go along. It will be's an Adventure. More to come.

Check it out: -17959

It's late so mom's just going to put da url in here for now.

YEAH PIGEON, thankies fur all ur research and hard werks getting out group up and running. Several of us, including meself will be group admin's.

Haz a gweat nite nite!!!!




Takin' Care of Mommy - Again

August 4th 2010 12:44 pm
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Howdy! I hope all my wonerfur furiends r habin' a good day and gweat week. I iz takin' care's uv mommy again. Her needs me.
Mom hasn't felt gud dis week, her doc sez iz an infekshon. Her Doc sez wif da med's her will be better in couple uv dayz. I protect her. I take VEWY GUD care's of her! I am her Home DOC fur da week. I right next to her while I tell's her wat to type. MOL I iz always right by her, or I sit's right in frunt uv da Monitor. I got's my own spot dare! Mom put me soft blankie in frunt uv dat monitor! U no's how mush I weally LUBBS dat blankie? Mom haz been keeping it weally nice & Kewl inside fur me. I be's a gud doc an' makes shur her's takin' dem med's on time! Her takin' dis BIG ol' Horsie pill, iz giant! I'z GWAD it's NOT ME!!!!~No no no no, not like pills...course, neber weally had pills before! *Kitty shrugs* Anyfur, mom and me gonna take a nappie now. Sooo after dat, I'z gettin' a CATNIPPIE treats!!! YAY!!! YAY!!! I goes crazy wif dat Nippy! MOL but dat iz anober story! Nighty.

to my CATSTER FURIENDS, one and all!




August 8th 2010 11:05 am
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Meowello! Wat a gweat dayz dis iz! Let's me tell ya all's bout wat's been happenin'! Welpers, mom's been gettin' new tingies put inside da apartment, finally dey doin' dare jobbie! Mom got's a brand new ceiling fan an' iz KEWL! Her got's new ice maker! YAY! We haz ICE now! Her's got new BLINDS! YAY! But I haz a pwoblem wif da one on da door! Iz locked at da bottom, an' I can't see's outside! Welpers, mom fixed dat! Her unlocked it an' opened it fur me ta see outside! I not see's mush from da patio vershon, but; I can's see da Pigeons! No not u Pigeon my furiend! MOL MOL! We haz birdies, an' butterflies, an' hoomans walkin' round like dey haz notin' better ta do! MOL! Oh wen mommy raised da new blind in ma bedroom dis mornin', ya wudn't believe I had dis DOGGIE IN MA FACE! Rrrrowwww! It wuz right dare! My tail was all BUSHED out! I wuz in fightin' mode fur shure! Welpers, it wuz jus Ruby, our next door neighbor's doggie and her's lubbs ta chase kitties! BUT her's wuz on my Pawperties! My house! I took care of her an' showed my teethies BIG! An' I hissed! MOL her's ran away! Now wat else did I does today? I always eat wif mommy in da mornin's, ya might tinks dis is GROSS, but her's make's cream uv wheet wif a delightfur sauce in it, an' her's gives me droplets in frunt uv da puter! I eat's it all up! Den ya no's wat I does? I go an' cover it up! COZ it stinks to high Heaven!! Whew! MOL! We pwayed wif me's fav toy, ma racoon! I got's two uv 'em, one brown and one lighter color's jus like me! I lubbs dat one best! I kickeded it wif my back paws and I rolls sum'pen fierce! I soccered it all ofur da dinin' room an' into da livin' room (we not got mush spwace here but I can's still run and HIGH DIVE across da couch!! WHEEE!). Welpers, I be's tired now frum all dat werk, so Iz time to take's a nappy. Mom got back from doin' laundry, and let's sum uv dat hot air inside! No MOMMY! BACK! Ugh, I does hate summer hot's in Texas! I'z so happy I be's a inside kitty! I lubbs my mommy fur dat! I tinks I'z go nappy in da saweet smellin' clothes basket! YEAH!

Stay kewl, my furiends!


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