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The Chronicles of Garp, Vol. 1

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Rainbow Bridge Day

January 1st 2012 9:56 am
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Written by Garp’s female human:

Thank you Caster friends for all of the rosettes and kind words on Garp’s Rainbow Bridge Day!

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year now since Garp left us. I still think about him every day. My husband and I went to a friend’s house for New Year’s Eve. They have a 16 year-old cat that reminds me so much of Garp. That same damanding meow full of complaints and commentary. I really miss hearing Garp’s meow.


Memorial Bush

April 2nd 2011 9:20 am
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Thank you to all my friends for the wonderful birthday wishes. My humans are feeling a little sad today, but I know your kind words have cheered them up. They’ve decided to plant a special shrub in the front yard as tribute to me. Now they just need to decide on the perfect shrub for an area that has poor (clay) soil and full sun (which in Kansas summers, can get very hot). They have a couple of lilac bushes near where they want to plant my tribute bush, so they want to get one that will complement them. Perhaps they can find a special lilac variety.


Angel Dreamboat#3

February 16th 2011 11:13 am
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The beautiful Miss Samoa has selected me to be her Angel Dreamboat #3! Miss Samoa is well known around Catsterland for being a very discerning diva, so I never imagined that I’d be dreamboat-worthy! And best of all—she mentioned my “rugged, manly side”! Thank you for the honor, Miss Samoa!

Oh, did I mention I have a new favorite Catster diary? *wink*


Final Volume

December 30th 2010 1:28 pm
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Written by Garp’s female human:

This morning we had to say goodbye to Garp. A couple of years ago, Garp was diagnosed with a mild heart murmur. For the most part, it didn’t get in the way of everyday activities—he just moved a little slower. The last couple of weeks, though, have been increasingly difficult for Garp. His heart was getting weaker and weaker, making it difficult for him to jump up to his favorite places or even walk at a normal pace. His appetite also declined quite a bit. Tuesday, he quit eating. We had the option of force feeding him, but I could tell that he was already so uncomfortable. I felt that forced feedings would make an already painful existence worse and it wouldn’t give us much additional time with him. So this morning our vet and his staff helped us say goodbye to Garp. Although a very sad and painful experience, they made it a peaceful one. He was given valium/ketmine first to make him sleepy and we were able to say our final goodbyes then. Although not a “natural” death, it seemed very much like he comfortably fell asleep before passing.

Garp was with me when I started college, I adopted him when he was 6 weeks old--really too young to be separated from his mother. He was raised by a large red/white cat who liked to use him as a soccer ball but also sometimes snuck in a snug or two. Garp enjoyed getting into dried pasta and rice for some reason. He was with me when I graduated college, when I got married, when we bought our own house, while I went through several career changes, and he helped raise his three siblings. He was a good friend and will be missed.


Be Gone, Cone!

March 5th 2010 7:18 am
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Today is shaping up to be wonderful day:

1) I no longer have to wear that ridiculous cone.

2) I’ve escaped the dreaded puppy crate (although it is holding my litter box prisoner for some unknown reason).

3) Due to bad renal scores, I am being fed yummy moist food 3x/day on instructions from my vet. Apparently I will be offered my own selection of “fluids” after my vet visit on Monday. Dilemma, dilemma. What to choose: salmon water or tuna water? My know-it-all sister HM says I won’t get to select the type of fluids I get. That doesn’t make any sense. Sisters!

4) My siblings know I’m being fed yummy food and are hideously jealous (they only get wet food 1/day and dry food 2/day).

5) Although I am still in isolation, I am being held in my siblings favorite hangout: the “sun room.” No sun spots for them to lounge in. They are jealous x 2!

6) And best of all: I’m one of the featured cat diaries of the day! I guess my little friend Newman is right: the diary gal likes to *ahem* get to the bottom of things. Thank you friends for all of the good wishes and rosettes!


Two Dreaded Words

February 24th 2010 1:31 pm
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Yes, friends, those dreaded words are *whispers* anal abscess.

Our vet says it's rare for cats to get these. My sister Hilda had one awhile ago, and my humans never considered that any other family cat would get one. I like to challenge my humans' expectations and add a little excitement to their world. I forgot about that damn cone, though. And I've been placed in a "crate" made for puppies until I heal. Puppies!

To make matters worse, I now have to visit Uncle Dr. Kraft every couple of months to be "expressed."



August 14th 2006 6:53 pm
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Things are getting very ugly around here. It is becoming apparent that Hetty Miep has addiction issues that are going to have to be addressed.

First she chewed off Elvin and Hilda’s right eyebrow whiskers (I was never foolish enough to get close enough for her to do this to me!).

Now, it’s the catnip.

I received my catspa prize from Catster today. Although I was very eager to try it out, I’ve learned that it’s best to be a gentleman where my siblings are concerned. They have no manners, as was proven when they rudely pushed me out of the way and all rushed over to try out my spa. Hilda was also quickly elbowed out of the way by Elvin and Hetty Miep.

Hetty Miep let Elvin do the dirty work (ie, dig the crushed catnip out of the top of the spa), and then turned on him. She repeatedly batted at his head like it was a basketball (amazing how long it took for him to back off). Then she sprawled all over my spa. Whenever my siblings or I tried to approach it, should would reach out and smack us. Eventually, her attention was diverted to food.

Still, it is obvious that an intervention will need to be staged.


Little Sister

July 10th 2006 5:42 pm
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I’m so relieved that my little sister Hilda is okay. I was really worried about her this weekend, and I could tell her mouth was hurting her. I would have been very sad to lose Hilda; she is the only one who doesn’t try to nip me on my hind legs. She also cleans my forehead for me. I really like that in a little sister. Every cat should be lucky enough to have a sister like Hilda.



July 31st 2005 5:38 pm
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H.'s investigation into Hilda's new scar isn't going well. She is obviously getting desperate: today, she blamed me for Hilda's scar!

After Hilda cleaned my forehead, I lightly smacked her on the cheek to let her know that I'd had enough. I didn't even use my claws. H's eyes bulged out of her face and she yelled, "Garp! Are you the one that maimed poor Hilda?!"


We all know that Elvin is the only one around here who does that kind of thing.

I'm innocent.


Who Is This Garth Fellow?

June 6th 2005 4:38 pm
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My sisters keep calling me Garth. I don’t know why, but they sure are getting a kick out of it.

I finally had it with Miep bullying me. Every evening when she gets hungry, she gets mean. If H. doesn’t feed her early enough, Miep takes it out on me or Hilda. She likes to pounce on our necks and nip us. Tonight, I could tell she was getting ready to pounce and nip. I thought, “I bet this Garth fellow wouldn’t stand for this.” Empowered, I stood on my hind legs and boxed her on the head. I got nervous when I was done, though. Garth was nowhere to be seen—I had no backup! So I ran away. Miep took this as an invitation to chase me.

Garth, help!

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