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Feelin' Frisky

October 28th 2011 2:30 pm
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Okay so I am an old girl and unfortunately had to have all of my teeth removed. Now that worried Daddy at first but, now he is better with this. I have been toothless for three months now and I sometimes still pick at my mouth because, I use to have stitches there and I am just use to it. Well other then that I am back to being a 5 year old cat at heart.

Daddy is a vegetarian and so I can't beg off of him but, Mommy however likes meat and I beg all the time. Well here lately I have decided to be a Parrot and sit on her shoulder to steal food from her right before it gets to her mouth. Now she isn't fond of this idea and puts me down a lot but, in the end I get a treat and so do all of the others including the dogs.

I have also started to play again which is nice because, I hadn't wanted to do that in a long time. I got to clean Monty's face without any pains and smack Missy in the face without any issues.

I love feeling frisky.

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