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Whatever you're doin, I WANT IN

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contest or drawing?

February 13th 2011 2:47 am
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Hey everybody!
My mom thought it would be fun to give away a collar and bow tie from her etsy store for free to one of my Catster friends (you!) that might want one but are on a tight budget. Times are rough but we all want to be fabulous! So a contest of some sort? Maybe a random drawing? I thought it would be fun to have a little contest or something, but I don't have any ideas yet...


fish breath

February 11th 2011 9:32 pm
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Mom made a tuna steak in the toaster oven for dinner tonight. I was really excited while it was baking because I could smell that tuna-y goodness. I waited around in the kitchen.
I got to eat lots of yummy tuna. I thanked mom by breathing fish breath in her face. "THHHHHAAAAAnks for the TUNAAAAHHHH mom"
It was a big steak, so mom only took 2/3rds of it, and left the rest in the toaster oven. After dinner I kept opening the toaster oven door and peering into it, which made mom giggle. She said I looked like a human peering into the refrigerator. She gave me another little piece of tuna then put it away in the refrigerator. Darn! Maybe we can eat the leftovers later...


playing tag and cross-dressing

February 1st 2011 10:36 am
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I was tagged by 3 of my fine kitty friends, Pipo, Skylar, and Marrakech, but my mom was too busy to go on my diary with me until today! I'd say that is number 1 on my list of annoying things my mom does.
1. She neglects my Catster needs!
2. I don't like it when she opens the refrigerator and doesn't get anything out for ME! such a tease!
3. It is really annoying when she reads! Soooooo boring. I have to jump on her or tap her on the back or shoulder to get her attention. like, "um, EXCUSE ME..." taptap "Look at ME"
4. it is annoying when she oversleeps instead of joining me in my early morning birdwatching. Even though I am busy doing my thing, I want mommy to WATCH me doing my thing.
5. and THE MOST ANNOYING THING OF ALL: when mom dresses me in stuff for pictures!

Speaking of which... My mom has had me cross-dressing! It's true! Girl-cat stuff! Lace and Ribbons! My mom made a bunch of things to sell on, and poor me, I am the model. Curse my good looks. Surprisingly, I have been taking it with good humour. Maybe because before each photo session I get some chicken, and then afterwards I get some more. Getting paid in chicken for my modelling services seems pretty cool. So do you guys want to see the stuff mom made? She made some things for Valentines Day, some are up for sale already, and a few more will be put up in a couple days. Her store is called Cat Atelier.
There are several collar styles, bow ties, and a hat. I hate wearing hats, and unfortunately she has 3 more styles of hats coming soon. Oh dear. I'm going to post a few pictures on Catster. Please take a look on Etsy, if only to see my cute face ;)


Pet me in the Morning

January 11th 2011 7:05 am
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I've been feeling very lovey-dovey in the mornings. I wake up my mom with sweet kitty kisses on her hand and tuck my head under her hand, trying to get the petting started. I press her face with my paw. Sometimes on her mouth, her nose, her cheek. My new thing is to press right between the eyes with my paw, or even right on top of her eye. I try to lift her arm with my paw (impossible) and continue tucking my head under her hand. I sing her sweet love songs in my perfect pitch meow. For some reason she doesn't like the singing part of this morning ritual. She actually interrupts my concert with muttering. This morning I added a special double paw hair combing with my claws. That woke her up. Mom said it's time to trim my claws (she does that every 2 weeks or so).
When mommy finally gets up, she serves me my yummy wet food and I sing praises to my food. When I finish eating, I clean my face and come back to mommy (who is back in bed) and tuck my head under her hand again. Pet me in the morning.


so RUDE, mommy

December 29th 2010 4:37 pm
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My mom just peeled and ate 3 clementines, and then WITHOUT EVEN WASHING HER HANDS, picked me up and gave me a kiss. SO RUDE. I hate oranges and clementines. I turned my head away and squinched up my eyes. Mom put me down and said, "Sorry Toki, I forgot."


we found a portal to Bubastis- and mom vaccuumed it up

December 27th 2010 4:21 pm
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It all started with the blizzard. We got almost 2 feet of snow over here! Luckily mom was able to stay home, so I was all amped up and ready for some fun. Mom filled up the bird feeders, and a feeding frenzy began. They came in droves! All types- even a hairy woodpecker (don't you love that name) and another bigger woodpecker with a pretty red head. They were pecking at the seedcake. At the feeder that sticks to the window, a big wild pigeon settled it's fat body down and started eating. I leaped up and put my face and paws right there, and the pigeon didn't even fly away! That pigeon and I were eye to eye for like 10 seconds! I was so excited! I've never been so close to a bird that big. it was so plump! Mom thought it was smart to know that I couldn't get through the glass, but i think it was pretty stupid because it came back later and sat on the clear plastic hood and started pecking at it. Mom got the idea to pour some birdseed on the windowsill, and I had a blast jumping at the birds there too. I spied on the birds and jumped at them for hours. Whenever the pigeon came, I got a wild maniacal look in my eyes.

At one point, mom got bored and started doing stuff in another room and left me to my hunt. Suddenly, mom heard the crash of a breaking dish and ran into the kitchen. I took off running away from the scene of the crime. I gave mom a very funny look: it was like- "d'oh!" See what happened was, I felt like having a snack. Mom didn't put away her dish from lunch, which was coated with roasted garlic olive oil. Mom doesn't let me eat that because she heard garlic isn't good for cats, but I love that stuff. This is not the first time I got caught licking it. Mom yelled "Toki!"
I ran into my old pyramid bed and stared at mom. I actually looked pretty worried by that crash. She felt bad and said, "Its ok, it's not your fault Toki." She picked up the large pieces and put them into a paper bag, then got out the vacuum. I stayed in my pyramid and watched her vacuum the whole kitchen. Finally, she got down on the floor and peered under the refrigerator. I watched with interest. My stuff always disappears in there. Mom gets all agitated when I start digging around under there. I can reach really far with my long front paws, and mom sees me in there up to my "armpit" and stops me. It's warm and dark under there, and I can feel crumply things. and when I pull my paw out it has some strange grey dust on it. So anyway, here's my mom peering into the dark crevice under the refrigerator, where I'm never allowed to go. It's too dark, so she gets a flashlight, and when she looks under the refrigerator, she screams. She gets a yardstick and starts sweeping stuff out from under there and screams some more. I see grey thick dust and sandy stuff. like a mummy's tomb. I see crumply things. Mom said it looks like garlic and onion skins. It looks to me like ancient spices. I see dusty mice, my missing pipe cleaners, and other cat toys. In my head, I'm connecting the dots. It IS a mummy's tomb! It's a portal to ancient Egypt! Why else would it be filled with my cat toys, sand, dust, and ancient spices? And it's warm and mysterious. I'm dreaming of Bastet and my glorious past. Hey Pharaoh Loki! It's here! Come on over!
Meanwhile, my mom is fiddling with vacuum cleaner attachments. Before I know what's happening, she starts sucking up all the dust and ancient spices. She vacuums my mice and other toys and throws out my pipe cleaners. She sticks the vacuum attachment under the refrigerator, and it's all over.



December 26th 2010 5:59 pm
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It's snowing! It's all frosted like yummy icing or whip cream outside! It looks delicious! Earlier, my mom decided to carry me just outside to take a look. Since my fur is so short and not much protection from the cold, she decided just a peek would be good. But as soon as we stepped outside, I saw some weird bundled-up creature/snow man scraping the ground with a shovel, and I freaked! I struggled and mom quickly brought me inside and let me go. It's funny, because I'm usually not afraid of anything. I'm not even afraid of the vaccuum cleaner. The only thing that used to scare me was my own reflection in the mirror! Especially if I had a hat on- heehee- I didn't recognize myself. But that strange bundled up man with his scraping shovel scared me. I was okay once I got inside though, and I wanted to peek outside. but from the floor, sure of my own feet.
Right now mom is really annoyed because something happened with her computer power adaptor and it won't go on. She is writing this for me on her iPhone. She wanted to go online to order me some more toys. Seeing everyone's great toys made her feel like a bad mommy for getting me boring presents. Ahem ahem... nothing like GUILT to motivate a mommy in the right direction! I know what I want: more fishing fly toys! I've demolished 4 since she first got me one. They are still my fave. Mom can still order stuff on her phone, it's just a lot smaller.
Well the snow keeps coming! Maybe mom should make me a snowsuit so I can go outside! She doesn't want me to get sick though. I think I prefer to lounge on my old self-heating mat and cushion on top of the bookshelf. I still haven't tried the new bed, but I've circulated the room to my other old bed and mom's bed. Hehe. I'm a classic kind of cat.


HO HO HO! Santa Claws came!

December 25th 2010 8:27 pm
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Hurray! Santa Claws came! We don't have a fireplace, so mom said he snuck in through the heating ducts. Mom thinks he drank the milk she left out for him, but it was me. I left him a couple licks though.
I got some new catnip toys that look suspiciously like the ones mom made for the shelter cats. I also got a new bed that I am so far completely ignoring. It takes me a while sometimes to try out a bed. I like to do it on my own terms. I also got a new stainless steel water fountain, but mom gave me that a couple of weeks ago. I've been drinking a lot more water, and I like it a lot. I always liked drinking from the faucet, so that's mom's big present to me.
MEOWY CHRISTMAS everyone! A blizzard is heading our way- I'm thankful I'm inside and warm. Mom and I are worried about any strays outside. I hope they will be ok. :(


happy and sad

December 22nd 2010 4:43 pm
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My mom went to the shelter yesterday to bring the catnip toys she made. She got to watch the cats receive them and play. They really liked them. Everyone there said the organic catnip smelled really potent, and even a cat that never played with toys was playing with one. She had mixed emotions, because she felt happy to see them enjoying the toys, but sad that they had no forever home. There was one tortoiseshell kitten with no eyes- too damaged, and it broke mom's heart. but the kitten did sniff at a toy and play a little. One black kitten was hoarding his toy and hissed when another one wanted to play. It was funny. Then mom went to watch the adult cats with their toys. There was a really big tabby male that seemed to be in charge of the shelter. He meowed in a very opinionated way. Very cute. It was a nice visit. Mom saw another lady bring in a big box of blankies and supplies to donate and was happy. The woman said she didn't want to see the cats though, and mom kind of understands, because it was hard seeing them.
Mom also dropped off some toys to a thrift/resale shop called CATS- Caring About the Strays. They rescue strays and ferals. They keep many cats in the store, and mom likes going there. In the past, mom has found a lot of great stuff there. One time a very cool old woman who used to be a dancer donated all her things to the shop and mom bought a fabulous 60s cheetah print coat which is now one of her favorites. The woman (dancer) must have been TINY though, because mom had to lengthen the sleeves as far as they would go, and mom is only 5'2"! Anyway, mom talked to the CATS people about making more toys for their fundraisers in the future.
I hope all of you guys are having a good Eve of Christmas Eve! heehee. Tonight mom put some frozen sugar snap peas in the microwave. I love sugar snap peas, and I also know that many other good things come out of the microwave. Mom always has to shoo me away. This time mom went to the bathroom after putting in the peas, and when she came back into the kitchen, I was sitting in front of the microwave staring in at the spinning peas. She is afraid I'm getting radiation from the microwave. Silly mom, doesn't she know that radiation will give me superpowers? I will get laser eyes and then maybe I can shoot lasers at the squirrels and birds outside. Santa Claws, I want superpowers for Christmas!


cat's moon on the longest night of the year

December 21st 2010 8:21 am
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It's a beautiful day out here! Last night was the winter solstice and total lunar eclipse. My mom slept through it, or tried to. Because I sure wasn't asleep. I was raising a ruckus ALL NIGHT. Something was definately happening, because my whiskers were tingling. My mom read once that in India, when you can't sleep-- they say it's because there's a cat's moon. All I know is that I was meowing and knocking things over all night trying to get mommy up to play. Maybe it was all the catnip in the air! Last night mom finished stuffing and sewing the catnip toys for the shelter cats. So much catnip even she felt slightly light headed. And I was bananas. BANANAS, I tell you. After spazzing out, I passed out asleep for a while. Actually mom thinks that is why I was so awake later. The truth is though I felt that cat's moon magic coursing through my veins and making my eyes glow and butt wiggle. And I always love to knock things down. There is a special stuffed toy that mom keeps on a shelf. It is a beaver with patches of plush fur missing and fang marks. It belonged to her last cat Spooky, and Spooky used to carry it around like it was a kitten, and lick it and cry over it. Mom used to find it all over the place. Spooky loved her "kitten". It is a very special toy. But I love knocking that beaver off the shelf. Mom has moved it several times, but I keep managing to find it and knock it down. Mom doesn't want to put it away, so she just keeps moving it. Last night I knocked it down again, along with many many other things. Mom puts up little plastic figurines on shelves for the specific purpose of giving me something to knock off with my paw. Sometimes we play a fun game where she keeps putting out little plastic figures in front of me, one by one very fast, and knock them off with my paw as fast as she sets them up. Mom laughs and laughs. It's fun!

Today mom is going to drop off the toys to the no-kill shelter. She is very excited. We'll post a pic later. Hope you had a great winter solstice, my friends!

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