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"More white furs keep showing up on my face and muzzle. Sometimes I feel like an Olde Furt. *sigh* [photo March 8, 2014]"

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Age: 15 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 8 lbs.

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Pawsome DDP photo from WeBeesSiameezers! Thanks!

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"Pawsome DDP photo from WeBeesSiameezers! Thanks!"

Trying to get back above 7 pounds.  I

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"Trying to get back above 7 pounds. I'm getting there! [March 30, 2014]"

Thanks for the great picture, WeBeesSiameezers!

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"Thanks for the great picture, WeBeesSiameezers!"

Thanks, Big Harry and family, for the great DDP picture!

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"Thanks, Big Harry and family, for the great DDP picture!"

Thanks, Friday and family, for the cool DDP picture!

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"Thanks, Friday and family, for the cool DDP picture!"

My bare leg from being in the hospital. [March 17, 2014]

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"My bare leg from being in the hospital. [March 17, 2014]"

Being very good! [Sept. 8, 2013]

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"Being very good! [Sept. 8, 2013]"

Getting some sun!  [March 2, 2014]

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"Getting some sun! [March 2, 2014]"

Wishing for Spring! [Feb. 26, 2014]

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"Wishing for Spring! [Feb. 26, 2014]"

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Beepers is a nickname derived from his 'official' name. Also: Beeps, "handsome", and Buddy.

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Quick Bio:

September 15th 1998


Petting, brushing, affection... Ashlynne.

He's really very easy going, although he's not always fond of being held.

Favorite Toy:
Loves a catnip fortune cookie made by Jack Kayden's mommy. He also loves home-made pipe-cleaner "bug" toys, and strings, ribbons or feathers on a wand.

Favorite Nap Spot:
His heated bed and the window perch heated by the sun. Wherever Ashlynne is napping is a favorite spot, too.

Favorite Food:
Fancy Feast-turkey or chicken in gravy. He loves Halo Liv-a-Littles freeze dried chicken and Bravo freeze-dried turkey, but he inhales them so fast, I'm not sure how he even tastes them.

Does a Dreamboat need skills?


Arrival Story:
It was a little Burmese sweetie, Lola, who helped mend our hearts after Scooter went to the Bridge. Lola's time with us was so short, though, before she, too, went to the Bridge that I felt there must be a purpose. When a Catster friend offered to help us locate a "retired" Burmese show cat -- if we were interested and when the time was right -- I wondered if that was the 'purpose,' so I accepted her offer but told her it was still too soon. I wanted to see where it led, though. We really wanted to adopt two older cats and our 'ideal' was a bonded pair, but I doubted that came available often. It WAS available! Her friend had a pair of older Burmese that she wanted to place in a good home: a male, Beepers, age 11, and his daughter, Ashlynne, age 9 1/2. They had a home with her and always would have if she couldn't find another good home to take them, but they were confined to one room because Beepers didn't get along with her other cats and picked on some of them. He got along well and was bonded with his daughter Ashlynne, though. Their owner wanted them to have the run of the house and be able to sleep with their people at night -- something she couldn't provide them. She would not separate them, so it had to be a home with no cats that would take two older cats. That was us! I felt that was the 'purpose': we were meant to give these two Burmese a chance for a better life... for Lola, for Beepers and Ashlynne, for their owner as well as for us. They were a long way from us, in Cleveland, Ohio, though. We weren't comfortable having them flown to us in pet cargo because they couldn't get from Cleveland to Albuquerque without a transfer. So on January 9, 2010, we flew to Cleveland and returned home with them the next day. Huge thanks to my Catster friend -- the mom of PJ, Callie Jean, Velvet Rose and Katrina -- for telling us about Beepers and Ashlynne and for immeasurable help in carrying out the mission to bring them home.

Beepers is a pedigreed Burmese, registered in both CFA and TICA. He attained his Championship title in CFA in 1999, then was a "sire" at Vindouro and Laki Catteries in PA. In July 2004 he earned the title of Outstanding Sire in TICA for having produced 10 offspring who earned TICA Grand Championships. After being retired as a sire in Dec. 2004, he lived at Ringapurr Cattery in OH, where he returned to the show ring and went on to attain his Supreme Grand Championship Alter in TICA (March 2005) and Grand Premiership in CFA (May 2005). In July 2007 he was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award in TICA, for having at least 2 Regional and 1 International wins in a 3-year period (2005-2007). All those achievements were prior to the time we adopted Beepers in January, 2010, though. He now enjoys his life of total retirement! His main achievements now are sleeping, eating, playing, licking Ashlynne, snuggling (with Ashlynne and with us) and purring, while retaining the handsome good looks that earned him so many titles. He's a sweet boy and a good boy (except when he's not!), and we couldn't be more happy that we can provide him a retirement home. He and Ashlynne bring a lot of happiness to us.

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Jeepers, Beepers!

Stuck on me!

April 12th 2014 7:19 am
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She likes me! She really, really likes me! Diary Gal picked me two days in a row and I didn't even write anything new. That crazy gal!

This new diary entry should really ring her bell. MOL!

I'm still feeling good! 'Nuff said about me.

Miss Pansy is one of Today's Picks in Diary Central today, too, and so is one of our new friends, Buzz. Congratulations!

beep beep!


eye test over!

April 7th 2014 12:47 pm
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We're back from my test at the ophthalmologist vet. Gosh, I do not like them putting stuff in my eyes, not even water! I'm glad that's over!

I think I did pretty good on my test. He said there is no inflammation and nothing active going on in my eyes. That's good news! Since the last time he saw me 2 years ago, there has been a mild progression of the affected areas in my right eye, but that could be age-related degeneration. The left eye is about the same as 2 years ago. The affected areas are hypo-reflective and a bunch of other technical terms that Dreamboats like me shouldn't have to be concerned with!

He doesn't know what has caused those areas of lesions or scarring in both my eyes, but he does not think I could possibly have any of the diseases -- especially the fungal diseases -- that are sometimes responsible for doing such things to eyes because I'm too healthy. Well, yeah, there was that stupid seizure, but if I had one of those diseases bad enough to cause a seizure, I wouldn't feel and look as good as I do. So he doesn't see the point of doing a bunch more blood tests to rule out all those things. So I guess that's more good news, isn't it? No more blood tests!

The ophthalmologist vet didn't turn into Frank today, the way he did when Ashlynne saw him. Instead, he changed to Honest. Mr. Honest said he felt obligated to tell Mom and Dad that the seizure could have been caused by a brain tumor. Mom said all the vets have mentioned that, first thing. He was relieved he wasn't the first one to have said that to them. He was probably very relieved Mom didn't burst into tears the way she did 3 years ago when he turned into Frank and said he needed to remove Ashlynne's eye.

To find out whether I have a brain tumor, I could go to a neurologist and have a CT scan or an MRI, but I would need to be put under anesthesia for those tests. Mom asked if there is even a neurologist in the area and he said there is, in Algodones. I have no idea where Algodones is, but I hope I don't have to go there!

If the neurologist did find something wrong in my brain, he said they might or might not be able to do anything about it. The tests would cost a lot, in dollars as well as in stress and possibly other costs to me . . . and I'm almost 16. Mom told him I have insurance and she could probably find out if it would cover it, but she's pretty sure they wouldn't make me take those tests, regardless . . . because I'm almost 16.

He'll try to talk to my regular vet on the phone today. I sure hope they don't come up with any more tests for me to take!

Then I peed in my carrier on the way home. :( These old kidneys just couldn't hold on any longer. Mom tried to get me to pee before we left home this morning, but I didn't know why she put me in the litter box, so I just jumped out and walked away. Last week when I went to the vet, I peed in the carrier on the way home, too. Mom said next time, they'll set up something in the car so I can have a litter box to pee in. We have a big double-compartment soft cage that's big enough for a litter box in one half and a bed in the other half, so I have a feeling I'll be traveling in that.

The Beepers will travel in style from now on!

beep beep!


another one?

April 4th 2014 6:40 am
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Can't they give an Olde Furt a break? I already passed a bunch of tests but I still have to take one more.

A few days ago, I went to the vet for my post-seizure exam. He really gave me a going over!

The first test was on the scale. I had gained a little bit and officially weighed 7.0 pounds. I was off to a good start!

The vet took my blood pressure. I passed that.

He felt me all over, looked in my mouth and ears and listened to my heart. My left ear was slightly red, but not enough to treat unless it starts bothering me. Everything else was good, so I passed all those tests.

He tested my blood to see if the numbers that were high after the seizure were better. They were! The numbers were in the normal range again, so I passed the blood tests, too.

That seemed like enough tests to me, but he still wasn't done. He looked in my eyes using a light. Then he got a different light and looked. He turned the lights in the room off and looked. He turned the lights back on and looked. He looked and looked, from this angle and that angle and every which way! Uh-oh. He thinks my left eye looks different than the other times he has examined me and he was concerned about it.

So, I'm going to the ophthalmologist on Monday. Another test! The ophthalmologist examined my eyes a couple years ago because the vet saw odd things. That time, the ophthalmologist said it was scarring from an old illness but nothing was going on currently. I hope it's as easy this time to pass his test! Mom said she's sorry I have to take another test, but she and Dad would rather err on the side of caution -- whatever that means.

The only preparation I need to do for the test on Monday is take lots of naps and finish all my meals. I can do that!

beep beep!

p.s. I just found out I'm a Daily Diary Pick again today, too! Hazel Lucy and Mazie already sent a funny message in a big trophy:

"Jeepers Beepers!

MOL! Thanks HL and Mazie!

I'll never catch up with all the thanks I need to send for the purrs and gifts I've received recently. I'll try, but I have all those naps to take...

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