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Short Changed on My Birthday

August 31st 2012 9:54 pm
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Jeepers, mama was sittin here in front of the computer, and all of a sudden she realized I am gonna be three whole years old tomorrow, September 1. I guess there won't be much celebratin cuz daddy is goned this weekend for the Hangin of Jack Slade in Nevada City, and mama is gettin the campster ready for us to leave again. Maybee when daddy gets back, we can have a party. Oh, wait a minute. No... Mama and daddy will be shopsterin and packin and stuff. Maybee they are plannin a late sprise party when we get to Helena.

Mama sez she remembers the first time she saw me. I was just a baby, and I was playin with a buncha bigger kittens at my foster mom's house. There was a toy I wanted, and some of the nuther kittens were tryin to take it. I got the toy in my teeth and started playin tug of war, and mama sez I was growlerin like a junk yard dog. That is when mama knew my purrs-nality would be good for travelerin cuz I was so bold.

Mama had already picked out a name for me by lookin at my picture on the Pet Paw-See website. She named me Gunnarr with two R's cuz that is the old Norse spellin. It means warrior or battler. It seemed to fit right from the very beginnin. My great-great grammie camed to this country on a ship from Norway, so that is my Norsky connection. The T in my name is for Tiger cuz I am one of those too. I guess there are Bengal tigers, Siberian tigers, and Norsky tigers.

Daddy did not get to go meet me at the foster mom's house. When he first saw me I was already his and mama's little boy. Mama brought me out and put me in daddy's arms, and daddy got this look of wonder on his face. Then he started playin real cool games with me. When he put me down on the floor and could see my markins, he said to mama "He looks like a wild thing." It is funny now cuz he did not know then just how right he was. I was a wild thing. I was reckerless and crazy. I did all sorts of ummmmmm, well kinda naughty stuff. I would probly still do some of it, but I would make sure mama and daddy were not around to see me.

I am so lucky cuz I do not ever remember a time when I was not loved and taken cares of. Some people might even think I am spoiled, and they are RIGHT! Little Gunnarr T grew up to become Gunnarr T, mancat, and all is right with the world.

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September 1st 2012 at 2:24 am

Happy birthday!
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September 1st 2012 at 7:54 am

You knew the purrfect forever home for you Gunnie! i know how you are loved and spoiled, but that is what cats are for after all MOL! Have a wonderfur birthday my furiend.


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