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Minko's Mewsings

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The End of a Long ,But Fun Day!

June 25th 2010 10:08 pm
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Well, it certainly has been a long and busy day...Meomy had to be my catretary a lot, because there were lots of messages and then she had to open presents for me. Thanks so furry much to all who sent messages and comments and gifts.
Furry much appawsiated!
Then she started to put up the results of a torture session from a few days photos. She just gets all carried away with this 'work'...I think she took 5000 or something...whatever! So now you can see little me in some dual citizen outfits, for the upcoming holidays. 2 birthdays for 2 countries! OMC! Double the fun and yums!
Then I had a great time being a pest with the props...from a picture session meowmy was doing with Pipo...the best stuff was feathery and fuzzy, I stole one and ran away with it! MOL! MOL!
Have a nice Weekend!


Ice Cream Moocher

June 27th 2010 8:20 pm
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Meowmy was having an ice cream cone while she was perusing catster things...I almost always sit on the CPU while she is there, and tonight wasn't any different, except there was this yummy smell coming from her I got up and climbed on the desk...nothing I sniffed the air for directional assistance...OMC! Meowmy has the yummy smell, in her hand!So I stretched out my neck and tried to get a better whiff or best, a taste! MOL! Well, just out of reach. So then I put my paw on her chest and went with the other one to do some selfscooping...I just HAD to get some of that yummy ice cream...finally, meowmy relented and put some on her finger for me to lick off. Pipo was too far away to get any...MOL!
Then she did the worst thing ever, and gave the last little bit of the cone with some ice cream still in it to the dog! Humpf! I just had to stalk off...


Skittish, Scaredy Cat!

June 28th 2010 8:44 pm
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Well, meowmy was getting perturbed and annoyed with one of my unfurbros. I was on the CPU as usual. Pipo was in a love seat nest, nearby and the dog-guy was under meowmy's chair.
All of a sudden she banged her fist down on the desk, which of course made a loud BANG! I took off in a huge hurry, looming like a chimney brush, Pipo had to hiss and spit at the dog-guy, because he took off after me1 What a zoo! What do you expect, meowmy, when you scare me like that! I thought a bomb had gone off, right beside me! Please Meowmy, have more patience, and pay attention to who is around you, when you need to make your opinions known with the other peeps in here...
Well after Meowmy had the audacity to giggle at what she made us all do, she just went back to the 'puter stuff and all was peacefur again...


Grad Kitty?!

June 29th 2010 8:33 pm
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I am a smart kitty, too. Yesterday meowmy wrote on Pipo's page about how he was rubbing and carrying on around the set of encyclopedias.
Well, my unfurbros grad gown was still hanging up where he left it...boys, always need reminders to clean up!...So today I was under it, and I could just see myself wearing that purple I jumped up into the bottom of a cuckoo cat!
Over and over I did this, but somehow or other I never seemed able to get that thing on me...MOL!
So Eventually I gave up on that activity and went on to look for more fertile grounds fur mischief!
Now where did unfurbro put his cap...?! I could probably put my little self into that quite easily! MOL! And I would have a tassel to amuse myself with, too.I wonder why meowmy didn't give those tassels to Pipo and I to play with? Would be great kitty toys! MOL!


Mean and Bad!

June 30th 2010 8:26 pm
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Well, today my furbling, Pipo was a DDP.
I grudgingly give him my concats. Even though I had that honor not that long ago, myself...MOL!

Today was still nice weather, so I got to enjoy open windows. The best part about that is, when they are open, there are actually window seats...because they are flush with the walls when they are closed! There are now lots of buzzy humming birds. I don't know why they are called humming birds, because if you pay attention, they make more of a buzzing sound when they fly and flit past. There are lots of bee balm plants in a garden just under one of our windows, and that is where they like to go and sip the nectar...and provide fun entertainment fur us kitties.

This evening being a bit coolish, Pipo and I decided that windows were not the best place...esp since the sun has gone down. So I decided that since I was jealous of his honours, I was going to pester him. He went behind the couch, and I followed. To be in the same place...but there is only room for one of us to be comfy I ignored his warning meowling and had a scuffle with him. So much so that all of a sudden I felt a wetness in my face! The nerve! Meowmy can't you see that I need to be there, and Pipo can just go somewhere else?!
Humpf! Meowmy used the spray bottle on I just had to leave and Pipo got to stay...well whatever. I am now sleeping in my proper kitty nest...which I stole from the dog-guy! MOL!

Happy Canada Day everyfur! And Happy 4th of July, too!


Cat Condo Crazies

July 2nd 2010 11:39 am
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I do some truly silly things when I get break the boredom I guess.
Well I was lurking around looking fur some good mischief...and I picked up an old hunk of a long 'dead' mouse toy. I batted it into the cat condo. Then I didn't know where it was anymore. So I got on the top of it and looked down into the 1st level...not there. I climbed into that hole, turned around, meweled and stuck out mt little grey/blue paw to see if it was hiding around the edge...nope. So I jumped out and went into level 2. Same thing...then I tried level 3, the bottom. OMC! Just where did that thing get to. I kept going in and out, exploring all around with my paw, batting at other imaginary prey, and meowmy thought I was having fits by the sounds she was hearing...Meowly, mreorow, etc...not my usual type of catspeak!
She came over to look and maybe she thought she was going to help me find my lost mousie...but heeheehee! I had not actually put anything in the condo!I was just having some antiboredom fun, with an imaginary furendly mouse! Gotcha Meowmy!She even lifted the condo up to check under it...MOL!

Meowmy and all my furmily went out last night to watch a balloon launch. One of them was named 'Alley Cat', and it has little black cats all around it! Meowmy managed to get a pic of it! Flying!

Today meowmy is flying a Dutch flag in honour of the Dutch soccer team which won their world cup quarter final game. Yeah!
Meowmy sure has a collection of flags...

Wishing everyfur a safe and happy 4th of July holiday!


Happy Fourth Of July!

July 4th 2010 8:11 pm
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Well, the boom-booms are almost over and the lingering smokey odors are decreasing. And things can be 'normal' again...whatevfur that means! MOL! I got to be a lap kitty fur the fireworks, because it was simply too hot, and muggy and full of bugs fur my pawrents to want to go outside to see the official balloon festival ending display. Which is evfurry year, so they will try next year!
Meowmy doesn't do well in those sultry conditions, makes her have headaches. And add the noise and thanks...we all watched them in airconditioned comfort, with no help from bugs...or noisy a big recliner on pawppy's lap...(meowmy had her own chair of course)...we had the TV display of the D.C. show!
During the past week we were able to enjoy some open windows, but for now, they are all shut tight, and the airconditioning is on. Howevfur did they manage in the past before they had this AC!
We heard a lot of very noisy fighter jets passing overhead, the airport is about 8 miles from our den, and when these planes which were there fur a show would do their display, then they fly out a ways to regroup for the next part of their display.
Those jets go by so fast, they look like big flies or bees to me...but there is no hope of me even trying to snag one...the Raptor was part of the show, and one of the tricks it did...(meowmy saw the show yesterday),it reminded meowmy of a huge moth! Imagine! MOL!!
Glad I was at home...that would have been far too noisy fur me!
Have a great evening. Hope that you all had a wonderfur and safe 4th of July.


Ungainly Kitty Antics

July 5th 2010 9:30 pm
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My unfurbro took gymnastics fur several years. So maybe I should have asked him to help my flycatching endeavours, tonight.
I knocked over the cat condo, almost knocked over the lamp and just made a big rumpus all over. Twinkletoes would be a better name, I think...and I still didn't get that pesky fly! Who knows what meowmy will find clunked over in the morning?! MOL!
I think I would have done better in the back porch, this evening. There was a chickadee in there, and he was confused by the big picture windows in there. The dog-guy was trying to catch it...OMC! He's even more of a klutz with that than me. Sure he can catch coons and bunnies, but they don't fly!
Anyways, meowmy was able to convince the bird to find the window with the pushed back screen...and then she closed the door, and put the screen back. This house is not a bird sanctuary! MOL...More like a bird trap! If us critters had anything to say about that...


Litterbox Ettiquette Failures

July 8th 2010 9:03 pm
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I used to be called Stinky Minky by meowmy when I first came to live in this den...but no longer...
I have noticed that Pipo would be more suited to being called something like this...Creepo-Pipo, didn't sweepo, so now we have major stinko...
It seems that I have to clean up after Pipo a lot. By doing the 'sweepo' part that he doesn't...
What happens is that Pipo goes into the litterbox, does a big doodie, and then just hops out, he doesn't sweep any litter overtop of his doodie. The we all just about keel over when we get close to I will go in and investigate...and cover up HIS doodies, man what a stinky kitty he is. He eats premium foods, but OMC! Years and years ago, long befur me, meowmy didn't know about how the good foods made for less smelly doo-doo, less of it and firm easy to clean up doodies, too. So when Groucho made the house become unbearable she asked around and found out how to feed us cats so that this wouldn't be a problem. But that doesn't mean that there is NO smell...P. U.
Pipo, can't you read the kitty etiquette journal?
After You Go...Not covering up, Is a NO-NO!
Maybe that is why, once in a while the dog-guy is very curious about our box,Meowmy has caught him on more than one occasion helping himself to our buried treasure.YUCK!
She just sighs, and says with disgust: 'Animals'!

OK, its pretty bad when I have to fill a diary page with mewsings about poopies, doodies and other yucks..., but truly there hasn't been a whole lot happening at our den lately.

My grandmeowmy is doing quite poorly, so soon will be going into a nursing home. You can read more about that on Pipo's page...

Purrs and mews!



July 9th 2010 8:04 pm
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WOW! Meowmy goes to the 'puter this morning and what do you know! I am one of the DDP's. All because my furbro made some smelly doodies!
He was so jealous of me today, that he did a lot of chasing. Usually I do that to him...But do you think that he changed his ways...NOPE!

Thanks evryfur that sent pressies, messages and comments. They are so appawsiated! I hope that meomy remembered to send out thank yous for each pressie, but if she didn't , forgive her, pawlease...and consider this as serving the same purpose.

Dog guy had to have a bath more than once this week, can you imagine! He WAS the stinky dude, much worse than Pipo.
Meowmy is trying to learn how to make video clips with her camera...HAH! Lots of cut off kitty heads...and no kitty in the picture at all! MOL!!

Other request:
Is there anyfur out there in Catsterland who can take one of any of my pics and photo shop it to make me look like I am in camp? I would like that fur Pipo and my doggy brofur, too, purrlease. and thanks. Meowmy is just too 'puter dumb to be good with that...but she knows that there sure are a lot of talented cat peeps out there. Just send me a p-mail if you are willing to volunteer this. Meowmy would like these pics for another thing she does with us...

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