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Tails of a Pretty Pretty Princess

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Lost German Shepherd has been Claimed!

February 16th 2011 7:26 am
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Heidi found her family. They came to pick her up Sunday night! Her real name is Cookie that's why she answered to Heidi. The "Y" sound is very pronounced in both. Her Mate Fonzi is still missing. So anyone in Chicagoland if you come accross a black and red male GSD let us know.

I'll be searching from above. You know with these wings I've got a pretty good view up here!


Found Lost German Shepherd Dog - Looking For Her Family

February 7th 2011 6:44 pm
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Please Copy this message into your Dogster Page ESPECIALLY IF YOU LIVE IN OR AROUND ILLINOIS!!! 883.html

During the Snow Storm Today I found a Female GSD near Harpo Studios -The Oprah Show. Specifically 2 blocks down at Carpenter and Lake.
She is a black & Tan - slightly grizzled but NOT sable. Wearing a Collar with no tags. I drove for an hour and a half through the traffic caused by the storm to my house and during that time I called out every name I could think of. I got no reaction to any name except Heidi - she picked up her head and moved toward the driver's seat from the back of my SUV for a head scratch. So, that's what I've been calling her.

The vet said she is at least 3 years old and she does not have a micro chip.

I'm told she's looks like she's been out for over a week.

She is dog friendly and cat friendly because I have 3 German Shepherd Dogs and a cat and she reacted well to seeing all of them.
She is very sweet and curious. If we lived in a city that didn't have a pet limit we might be considering keeping her if her owners are not found. But unfortunately this cannot be the case. So we need to find he owners ASAP or we'll have to turn her over to someone.

Here are some Photos posted on the Craigslist advertisement that we took really quickly before giving her the bath. She looks a little nervous in them but she's not a nervous dog. She was very curious and couldn't stop sniffing and investigating to take a good photo. We know her family is searching for her.

Please call or Contact us through Heidi's page on Dogster

or Facebook 65214113?v=wall#!/photo.php?fbid=187591024608217&set=o.11510 0465214113

Look at the Sadness in her Eyes! Your Dog misses you.


Sending Snowflakes

January 20th 2011 6:58 pm
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I know my family loves snow so I send it every chance I get so they can play in it.
Sometimes it comes down as snow and sometimes it comes down as rain. I have no control over the weather temperature.
Today it came down as snow then the weather got warm and it melted just to freeze as ice.
I saw my Mom slip and "whoa whoa whoa" in voice and with arms circling in the air. She almost fell.
Luckily she caught herself. I wonder if she still wants snow? She loves it but the ice is so bad and thick on the ground right now.
-Princess Aurora



January 16th 2011 8:39 am
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I am so excited to be diary of the day. I didn't ever think I would get this honor because I passed away before I ever made it to Catster!

This day is the best. I know my Mom will be thinking about me and sending me love all day :)

Thank you Catster for honoring me today and thank you friends for helping me celebrate.

Princess Aurora


Catster & Dogster Grant Us This Request

January 12th 2011 1:19 pm
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I think Catster & Dogster should send email messages to all our pals when a new family memeber is added to our Catster & Dogster accounts so your friends can quickly be friends with the new member.

If you agree please copy and paste this to your Diary page.


Bandit Joined me at the Bridge!

January 31st 2010 4:10 pm
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Although every one is sad about Bandit's Passing. I have a happy story to tell. Bandit and I are having more fun at the bridge than we ever had at home. We have not been able to play in a while because Patch didn't like him. Now we have lots of fun times ahead.


I got my Wings!!!

January 6th 2010 1:28 pm
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I am so happy. My Canine friend Princess gave me my wings. Would you like to see them!

My Wings

This flying thing is fun and I am starting to get the hang of it!


Princess’ Stroke

December 23rd 2009 2:25 pm
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Princess had a stroke May 2009. We didn’t think she’d pull out of it, but Princess was a fighter and loved life.
The first day after the stroke she couldn’t get her balance. She would walk a step or two and tumble over. The next couple days she would walk in circles because of the stroke affecting the left side of her body.
A few days later she decided she wanted to jump on the couch. She got her first paws on the couch and when she tried to finish the pounce she rolled off the couch and fell flat on the floor.
Her eyes wouldn’t or couldn’t stop rolling around and she would move her head a lot to compensate. This made her look like an inquisitive kitten.
Princess also lost a lot of weight during this time. She was close to 20lbs and round then she lost maybe 7-9 lbs and was skinny but still eating regularly.

Watching her these first few days was very difficult. Every day we considered euthanasia. We thought about her and how difficult it was to watch her in this condition. But she was improving every day.

We are so glad we got another 6 months with her.


Outdoor Life!

December 21st 2009 5:27 am
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Princess loved to watch out the window. She would sit on the windowsill for hours just looking out the window and sunning herself. We would occasionally set up our step stool near the backyard window when it was open so she could get up to the window (the back window did not have a window sill) and she would stand there with her tail wagging just soaking up the breeze. She loved the smells of outdoors.
Princess did not like the door though...sure she would sit by it if it was open and sun and look at the squirrels and stray cats but she would always scurry away from the door farther into the house when the door was opened. One Tuesday Princess somehow found herself outside. The world was very foreign to her and she knew she didn't belong out there. We looked for her throughout the house and then went outside and she was sitting aside the garbage cans that were waiting for the garbage pick up on the side of the road. She was scared as a mouse. She wouldn't move. She waited for us to pick her up and bring her inside.
So, concluded Princess' outdoor life!



December 15th 2009 9:15 am
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Princess was an expert fly catcher. If a fly ended up in our house she was the first of the 3 (Princess, Patch & Bandit) cats to locate it, catch it, and eat it!
One day there was a wasp in the house. It found it's waspy way upstairs to my sister’s bedroom. We moved a blanket and it started flying at us looking for a target. We didn't want to mess with it. So, we closed the floppy bedroom door...which happened to be a folding partition door because the bedroom door frame was not of regular size for a normal door. Then we headed downstairs immediately to get Dad to catch and release or Kill the wasp. No one wants to mess with those guys.
When we came back upstairs with Good Ol' D-A-D we couldn't find the wasp anywhere. Huh! We even checked under the covers and around the furniture. Nowhere to be seen!
We walk away and later in the day we are petting Princess when we feel three bumps on the back of her neck and one on her head. She had tangled with the wasp and WON but not without some battle scars so to speak.
Luckily she wasn't allergic to the wasp. She had a nice little snack though. MOL!

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