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Why Me? Was I bad?Was I not pretty enough

My first vet visit as Augustus Hodge

December 17th 2009 5:28 am
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I knew the human was up to something when she came down and started talking to me.. as she was talking she was taking my food and litter and rugs out of my huge crate. I watch with keen, thought, I worried, is she going to throw me away like the others. She petted me and then set a thingy that looked like black luggage, then (she had not picked me up yet, only petted me) she pulled me in my cat bed towards her. Then she lay a blanket over me cause her knows I likes to hide. Wait, What, Hey, I felt hands pick me up and put me in the luggage.. she kept talking very softly.. ok, this ok, then we went outdoors. brrrrrrrrrrrrrr, I must get out, she will throw me away. nope, in a car, warm her still talking, I feel the car stop. Start to dig, must get away, her throw me away, but she did not she took me in a big room filled with nice people. I actually sat up and watched. Then we went in a smaller room and I heard a voice I knew. It was the nice people who fixed my legs and gave me a operation not to have kittens. I was a very good girlie, they said so. I let them do ever thing to me. and never even tried to scratch them. She say I doing good, three of my toes will never heal right cause they got broken when I was tossed out in moms yard. meow. I thinks I likes it heres. not to get to know Miss Bluie, I hear, she is quite the bossy kitty cat..


What does deaf mean? Mommy thinks I am deaf?

December 15th 2009 5:08 am
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I have been inside for almost a week now. It is so much warmer and I have lots of food and my human insists on petting me and the man human to. I give them the snakey look and a little hissy but they just smile and keep petting me. Mommy say I not got a mean bone in my body.. Ifs I get scared, she say I do the ostrich and possum trick. I put my head down under something if I can and my bum up in the air and I donot move a muscle.. cause you see I am invisible and noone can see me.. really, her just giggle and say, peeks a boos, I see you, but I know her cannot . I invisible, I am.
Her say, she does not think I can hear, at least not well as I donot respond to noise.. but I not know what she mean. I know I has to look at her to know her is there. but that ok.. mom thinks I so fearful cause I cannot hear.. when I get more social her taking me back to see Dr K. Goodnes catwhiskers ever time I see them, they give me sleep medicine.. I have not met Bluie yet, I use to see her through the window when I was outdoors but now mom say I has to wait til we are both ready. That Bluie is a little alpha what ever that means. but I donot think she hides her head like I do.. what you think?


Day one of my nightmare and day one of my fairy godmother

December 10th 2009 11:14 am
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I believe I was a very happy kitty in a nice home, I had had some chiildren, I was a good girl, I did not mess on the floors and I did not scratch furniture and I love my humans. My life was so good. One day they said I was going for a ride. I was a little nervous cause I thought it might be the VET. They put me in a carrier and off we went. It was getting dark out. We rode for a very long time and I was purring for them but something inside me made me nervous. I felt the car slow down an soon it was not moving.. I heard them yelling and saying hurry. One of them took me out of the carrier, I thought they were going to hold me, all of a sudden the car door came open and I was so so scared, I gave the one holding me a frantic look, be careful , you could drop me. He looked at me and tossed me in the air, oh, my catstars, what is happening, please, catch me,I landed very hard on my front legs and face. It hurt very bad, big kitty tears came down my face.. I looked for the car, I ran up the road behind them but they go to fast.. I run into a yard under a bush, my legs were hurting so bad and my face.. I see a woman come out and call out to me. I could not move, I was frozen in fear , I had never been outdoors before. I did not know where I was. I hid out and soon found this lady put food out in a compost pile and some good food for another cat living out back in the woods. They call him a feral. I was afraid of him, so I hid out all day. One day I could not walk on one of my legs. I heard the lady cry and say oh, no. she is hurt.. One night I came for food and it was in a cage, I was very afraid it but I was so so hungry I finally went in,and I could not get back out. This lady, came and picked the cage up and took me to her vet.. I was so so afraid I could not pick my head up ,I kept it under my legs.. the vet was very nice, they put me sleepy and when I woke up my two front paws were fixed and I had lots of medicine.. I had a hard infection they said. The lady kept me in a huge doggie crate and gave me meds next week I go back and to sleepy I go again, I wake up and I have stitches in my tummy. I never have any more children. The vet said someone took care of me but then just tossed me away.. why? what did I do? Nice lady took me home again and she fix me with a beautiful big crate with beds and food and rugs and blankets. ever thing and toys. she say when I not fraid any more I can come out and walk around the housie, She has adopted me. I have a new sissy , her name is Azurine, but ever one calls her Bluie and she is quite bossy.. I kitty pray they not throw me away too.. you pray for me too.. it is so nice to meet all you kittys.. Auggie,

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